"Boss", Badge No. 3187, is the nom de guerre of the player character in SWAT 4.


He is described as a sergeant with the Fairview Police Department's SWAT Team. Furthermore, his in game bio mentions that he is a recent transfer from Los Angeles at 15 Years Of Service.

Personality and traitsEdit

He is also described as being cool under fire and always business like, which has helped him gain the respect of his new element. Unlike his squadmates, the element leader does not usually make comments about his observations, instead only speaking to give orders, issue compliance, or to notify the team's tactical operation center. He does show anger at the lack of containment in the Fresnal Street Station and when a news reporter broadcasts SWAT entry at St. Michael's Medical Center. He does also show hints of sadness upon discovery of the basement in the Tarrone Tenement.

Behind The ScenesEdit

Given that Los Angeles was the setting for the previous SWAT game, the player character's background serves as a refrence to the game's predecessor, suggesting that this is the same officer players controlled in SWAT 3. However, given that the backstories for various characters in SWAT 3 who can be chosen in place of the Officer do not mesh with Boss's background, with some being on the force for over twenty years. See Kenneth Thrasher (callsign: Sunshine) and Harry Smith (callsign: Weasel) for the default Officer characters in Swat 3's main and campaign/multiplayer modes respectively.