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Helen Hots is a woman issued a speeding ticket by Sonny Bonds. She tried to flirt with him but when Bonds proceeded with issuing a ticket, she complained angrily.


See also[]

  • Hellen Hots (Casebook)

Behind the scenes[]

She is based on an actual person that Jim Walls pulled over, who kept trying to convince him to let her go without a ticket, and got progressivly irate he continued to fill out the ticket, and threatened to have his job, if he issued the ticket to her.

If the player flirts with her and does not give her a ticket, she will give him her phone number (555-4369); however, it is revealed it belongs to another Helen, Commissioner Hacker's wife. If the player calls it, the game is over.

There is an additional 'chapter' of Death Angel, Sweet Angel novel in the 1st Edition of the Police Quest Casebook called "Ding Dong, the Witch is Dead", that details Sonny's encounter with Helen Hots. it was cut from the 2nd edition. See Helen Hots (Casebook).

Helen Hots does not appear in Police Quest VGA, instead she was replaced with Tawnee V. Helmut.

Her name resembles those of Bond girls and may have been inspired by the fact that the protagonist is named Sonny Bonds.