1. message 1 "\n Police Quest\n\n in Pursuit of the\n Death Angel\n\n by Jim Walls\n\n Ver 2.0G 12/3/87 \n"
  2. message 2 "On the back of your hand?"
  3. message 3 "You can't write with a radio!"
  4. message 4 "You see nothing special."
  5. message 5 "How can you do that?"
  6. message 6 "Using what?"
  7. message 7 "%m8it."
  8. message 8 "You don't need "
  9. message 9 "Just do that yourself."
  10. message 10 "What would you do with it?"
  11. message 11 " key is documented in%m17 Please refer to it for proper usage."
  12. message 12 ""
  13. message 13 "call"
  14. message 14 " "
  15. message 15 "Note: "
  16. message 16 "Once you tasted it, you wouldn't want it!"
  17. message 17 " your \"LPD Policeman's Indoctrination Guide.\""
  18. message 18 "You shouldn't have done that!"
  19. message 19 "It's more valuable to you as it is!"
  20. message 20 "Please refer to%m17"
  21. message 21 "%m8to close it."
  22. message 22 "%m87 Please review proper gun handling procedures in%m17"
  23. message 23 "%m87 You'll blow out a window!"
  24. message 24 "My, what a filthy mind you have!"
  25. message 25 "%m8to open it."
  26. message 26 "If you climb that, Sgt. Dooley will climb your back!"
  27. message 27 "\"Hey, thanks a lot!\""
  28. message 28 "But now you'll NEVER get it back!"
  29. message 29 "\"Hello.\""
  30. message 30 "%m8to move it."
  31. message 31 "There's no one nearby."
  32. message 32 "That's not necessary at this time."
  33. message 33 "Save your writing for reports."
  34. message 34 "You are wearing blue polyester and gabardine trousers, a long-sleeve shirt, and shiny black shoes."
  35. message 35 "Not here!"
  36. message 36 "You're not close enough."
  37. message 37 "You already have it."
  38. message 38 "You don't have it."
  39. message 39 "Ok."
  40. message 40 "Your clothes are stylish, but the pockets are empty."
  41. message 41 "Locals missed it!"
  42. message 42 "Everybody missed!"
  43. message 43 "Captain Whipplestick comes on the air and advises you to review proper radio procedures in%m17"
  44. message 44 "Caught undressed in public, you spend the rest of your life in shame!"
  45. message 45 "Thanks for playing\n\"Police Quest.\"\n\nNext time, don't make\nthis mistake again!"
  46. message 46 "Since you're dead...\n\nall you can do is restore a saved game or start over."
  47. message 47 "\"'Bye.\""
  48. message 48 "\"You're welcome.\""
  49. message 49 "There's no answer."
  50. message 50 "What's a "
  51. message 51 "%m50%w1?"
  52. message 52 "%m50%w2?"
  53. message 53 "%m50%w3?"
  54. message 54 "%m50%w4?"
  55. message 55 "%m50%w5?"
  56. message 56 "%m50%w6?"
  57. message 57 "%m50%w7?"
  58. message 58 "%m50%w8?"
  59. message 59 "You find them quite illuminating!"
  60. message 60 "It holds you up (which, in this case, is not a felony)."
  61. message 61 "Yep, it's still up there!"
  62. message 62 "You are carrying a blank notebook."
  63. message 63 "Just a moment, please..."
  64. message 64 "The F4%m11"
  65. message 65 "The F6%m11"
  66. message 66 "The F8%m11"
  67. message 67 "The F10%m11"
  68. message 68 "With what, Sonny?"
  69. message 69 "Your beat covers from Palm Street to Parkway Drive, and from River Road to Clearwater Drive."
  70. message 70 "Your briefcase IS closed."
  71. message 71 "A police officer without a weapon, is like being..."
  72. message 72 "...up a creek without a paddle!"
  73. message 73 "As Chief Whipplestick would say, \"A cop without ammo is like a bullet without powder!\""
  74. message 74 "These walls do a fine job of holding up the ceiling."
  75. message 75 "Do you have a kidney problem?"
  76. message 76 "My gawd! Do you have a weak sphincter?"
  77. message 77 "You don't have time to relax."
  78. message 78 "You can't see the Help Screen right now. Try again elsewhere."
  79. message 79 "%m8to do that."
  80. message 80 "You don't have them."
  81. message 81 "Fastest%m85"
  82. message 82 "Fast%m85"
  83. message 83 "Normal%m85"
  84. message 84 "Slow%m85"
  85. message 85 " speed."
  86. message 86 ""
  87. message 87 "Now?!"
  88. message 88 "As you blow off your right leg, you resolve that, in the future, you will DRAW your weapon before you FIRE it!"
  89. message 89 "Go where?"
  90. message 90 "You rip out the speed loader and load your weapon."
  91. message 91 "It is loaded. You have %v34 shells left."
  92. message 92 "What are you going to load? %m93"
  93. message 93 "You're unarmed."
  94. message 94 "Click! (Dry firing an empty gun is good practice for proper grip.)"
  95. message 95 "Why do that?"
  96. message 96 "You have no ammunition."
  97. message 97 "Nah. Just wear it."
  98. message 98 "An interesting approach -- but fatal!"
  99. message 99 "What are you going to do? Scream, and pray that Dispatch will hear you?"
  100. message 100 "Handling your weapon while driving is dangerous."
  101. message 101 "Your backups ARE listening."
  102. message 102 "This car has a tape player, but no police radio."
  103. message 103 "\n\nYou've been playing for\n"
  104. message 104 "Notebook? What notebook?"
  105. message 105 "You don't have one."
  106. message 106 "Jim Walls, Greg Rowland, Al Lowe, Mark Crowe, Scott Murphy, Ken Williams, Jerry Moore, Jeff Stephenson, Chris Iden and Bob Heitman."
  107. message 107 "%m1%m103%v14 days, %v13 hours, %v12 minutes and %v11 seconds.\n"
  108. message 108 "%m1%m103%v13 hours, %v12 minutes and %v11 seconds.\n"
  109. message 109 "%m1%m103%v12 minutes and %v11 seconds.\n"
  110. message 110 "Sierra"
  111. message 111 "About PQ "
  112. message 112 "Help <F1>"
  113. message 114 "File"
  114. message 115 "Save <F5>"
  115. message 116 "Restore <F7>"
  116. message 117 "-------------"
  117. message 118 "Restart <F9>"
  118. message 119 "Quit <Alt-Z>"
  119. message 121 "Action"
  120. message 122 "Inventory <Tab>"
  121. message 123 "See Object <Ctrl-S>"
  122. message 124 "Dispatcher <Ctrl-D>"
  123. message 126 "Special"
  124. message 127 "Sound On/Off <F2>"
  125. message 128 "Graphics Mode <Ctrl-R>"
  126. message 129 "Joystick/Mouse <Ctrl-J>"
  127. message 130 "Joystick <Ctrl-J>"
  128. message 131 "Pause Game "
  129. message 133 "Speed"
  130. message 134 "Normal "
  131. message 135 "Slow "
  132. message 136 "Fast "
  133. message 137 "Fastest"
  134. message 138 "-------"
  135. message 139 "Slower "
  136. message 151 "Give away your handcuffs?"
  137. message 152 "No way!"


  1. message 1 "Adventure Game Development System"
  2. message 2 "(C) 1987 by Sierra On-Line, Inc."


  1. message 2 "load gun"
  2. message 3 "draw gun"
  3. message 4 "fire gun"


  1. message 1 "As you look into the car, you wonder, \"Can this be happening?\""
  2. message 2 "The young lady has a smile that could melt the polar ice caps, beautiful flashing eyes, gorgeous hair, and her unbuttoned blouse makes it obvious she has nothing to hide!"
  3. message 3 "In a soft, seductive voice she murmers, \"Why, officer! I'm just sure I didn't do anything wrong.\""
  4. message 4 "\"I'm truly sorry, sir. I honestly did not even see that red light. Is there anything I can do to convince you to let me off? And, I DO mean anything!\""
  5. message 5 "You quickly trade your integrity for a shot at cheap thrills and torrid sex!"
  6. message 6 "\"Who cares?!\""
  7. message 7 "\"My phone number is 555-4369,\" she says with a smile, \"Give me a call some time.\""
  8. message 8 "Being the veteran you are, you overcome temptation and stare the young lady straight in the eyes, \"May I please see your driver's license, Ma'am?\""
  9. message 9 "\"Again??\""
  10. message 10 "She's hopping mad as she yells, \"Oh, you cops are all alike! All you care about is making your quotas! Well, come on, snap it up. I am in a hurry, Mr. Bigshot Traffic Cop!\""
  11. message 11 "\"Guys like you make me want a big dip of snuff! You never give a decent girl a break! You just hassle people!\""
  12. message 12 "You can't write a ticket without your pinch book."
  13. message 13 "What a pair of headlights!!"
  14. message 14 "She verbally pounds you again, \"Officer, did your mother have any children that lived?\""
  15. message 15 "You must see the violator's driver's license in order to write a ticket."
  16. message 16 "She hands your ticket book back and suggests with a sarcastic smile, \"Why don't you shove that pen where the sun don't shine, Officer? 'Mommy and Daddy,' really!\""
  17. message 17 "She hasn't signed it, Sonny."
  18. message 18 "You're holding it."
  19. message 19 "As your eyes meet, you're momentarily stunned."
  20. message 20 "\"My name is Helen. Helen Hots,\" she says as heat detectors go off for miles around. \"What's yours, Handsome?\""
  21. message 21 "\"I'm truly sorry, sir. Is there anything I can do to convince you to let me off? And, I DO mean anything!\""
  22. message 22 "\"Why, I've never heard of anyone by that name, Officer!\""
  23. message 23 "Helen Hots"
  24. message 24 "Female 5'2 105"
  25. message 25 "HAIR Black"
  26. message 26 "EYES Blue"
  27. message 27 "DOB 2/14/66"
  28. message 28 "202 Gyrate Ct"
  29. message 29 "Lytton, CA"
  30. message 30 "RESTRICTIONS"
  31. message 31 "None."
  32. message 32 "Politely, you tell her, \"You ran a red light back there, Miss.\""
  33. message 33 "\"Thanks for not giving me a ticket, Officer!\""
  34. message 34 "\"What? And, as nice as I have been to you! Why, I gave you my phone number and everything. If you do anything to me, Turkey, I'll file rape charges on you so fast it'll make your head swim! Gawd, what a BUM!\""
  35. message 35 "Your briefcase is in the car."
  36. message 36 "\"Why, Officer!\" she smiles coyly. \"Please don't stare there!!\""
  37. message 37 "First, return her license."
  38. message 38 "What a face. What a pair of eyes!"
  39. message 39 "You hand her the ticket book and your pen. \"Please sign at the 'X,' Ma'am,\" you politely instruct her."
  40. message 40 "You haven't written her up yet."
  41. message 41 "You can only write one ticket per violation, Sonny!"
  42. message 42 "You can't write a ticket without your pen."
  43. message 43 "\"Well, how rude,\" she says, attempting to be offended. \"But, if that's what it takes, I suppose it's all right with me!\""
  44. message 44 "\"Why don't you look at my license?\" she asks."
  45. message 45 "\"Good day, Ma'am,\" you say, trying to keep your glance high. \"I'm Officer Sonny Bonds.\""
  46. message 46 "Your heart slips up into your throat! %m5"
  47. message 47 "\"Short memory, Officer?\" she snickers."
  48. message 48 "\"What did I do wrong, Officer?\" she says, showing her best smile."
  49. message 49 "That is unnecessary for a simple traffic violation."
  50. message 50 "Nice try, but unfortunately, unnecessary in a traffic violation."
  51. message 51 "You carefully fill in all the necessary information on the citation."


  1. message 1 "Where!?"
  2. message 2 "This is the pulpit from which Sgt. Dooley delivers his words of wisdom and inspiration to his troops. Listen and take careful notes during each briefing."
  3. message 3 "The pigeonhole is a police officer's mailbox. He can receive love letters, subpoenas, nasty messages, and even departmental memos. You ought to check yours."
  4. message 4 "It's just an everyday, run-of-the-mill, rosewood, report-writing table with four legs, three drawers, and 243 pieces of gum stuck underneath."
  5. message 5 "It's a regular blackboard, but Dooley keeps all his chalk and erasers locked up so you can't leave any cute messages."
  6. message 6 "You see nothing special about this drawer."
  7. message 7 "There's nothing on the podium that opens."
  8. message 8 "You open the drawer and observe various tools used in diagraming traffic collisions. Nothing here will aid you."
  9. message 9 "Don't get any ideas, Sonny!"
  10. message 10 "There is no chalk available."
  11. message 11 "How nasty!"
  12. message 12 "It is not wise to leave just as briefing is ready to start!"
  13. message 13 "Sgt. Dooley will play \"kick the can\" with yours if you leave when he's ready to begin his briefing. Get to your desk!"
  14. message 14 "There is a newspaper lying on the table."
  15. message 15 "The briefing room contains a single podium and four report writing tables. %m16"
  16. message 16 "On the far wall are eight pigeonholes. On the front wall there is a blackboard."
  17. message 17 "R. J. Jefferson, the Department's janitor, does good work. Don't mess it up!"
  18. message 18 "You see a textured ceiling with florescent lighting."
  19. message 19 "Anyone caught climbing tables is automatically directed to the locally-contracted Departmental Psychologist."
  20. message 20 "You don't need anything in the drawer."
  21. message 21 "Under the table, 243 pieces of gum defy gravity."
  22. message 22 "If you mess with his blackboard, Sgt. Dooley may verbally assault you with his highly-acclaimed, personal collection of four-letter words."


  1. message 1 "You are looking at the latest in locker room benches. Don't slide after sitting or you'll spend the evening plucking wood chips out of your tail!"
  2. message 2 "The wooden bench is securely attached to the floor."
  3. message 3 "You can't move something that's anchored to the floor."
  4. message 4 "This shower is unique. It will give you all the hot water you want for two minutes, or all the ice water you want forever."
  5. message 5 "The shower IS on!"
  6. message 6 "The shower IS Off!"
  7. message 7 "The spigot is out of reach."
  8. message 8 "Congratulations. Most players don't enter a shower while fully-clothed. You've just lost a point."
  9. message 9 "You'd better unlock your locker first!"
  10. message 10 "You've been docked one point for leaving the shower running."
  11. message 11 "There's no doubt that somewhere in your life you fell off a high porch and landed hard on your head!"
  12. message 12 "Grown policemen don't climb on benches, Sonny."
  13. message 13 "Your locker is too far away."
  14. message 14 "Your locker is closed."
  15. message 15 "This shower is already occupied. (And you're not that kind of boy!)"
  16. message 16 "Morris Fudley has worn out this shower!"
  17. message 17 "Aaah... there's nothing like a nice, hot shower!"
  18. message 18 "Sorry, but your crime-stopping just can't wait!"
  19. message 19 "You look at the ceiling and observe a lighting system that adequately illuminates the locker room. (Otherwise, it'd be dark in here!)"
  20. message 20 "You look down and note a very clean, blue-tiled floor."
  21. message 21 "Yuck!"
  22. message 22 "\"Hey! Somebody die in there?!\""
  23. message 23 "Hearing the sound of rustling paper, you accurately surmise this stall's occupant is concentrating deeply!"
  24. message 24 "Grunts and groans encourage you to leave this area!"
  25. message 25 "From behind the door you hear the occupant whistling a familiar tune. At least he enjoys his handiwork."
  26. message 26 "A disgusted voice snaps back, \"Don't be so impatient!\""
  27. message 27 "\"Use the next stall! I'm giving birth to a sergeant in here!\""
  28. message 28 "\"I'd love to visit with you, Sonny, but there just isn't enough room in here for both of us!\""
  29. message 29 "\"I'm taking time out from any discussions right now, buddy boy!\""
  30. message 30 "You see uniform trousers crumpled on the floor around a pair of bare legs, and conclude the stall is occupied."
  31. message 31 "The Lytton PD locker room has two rows of full-sized, double-stacked lockers with a bench between them, two showers, and three toilet stalls."
  32. message 32 "If you had any points, you would have lost them for leaving the shower running. Remember, Sonny, \"waste not, want not!\""
  33. message 33 "Don't you feel foolish standing in the shower fully clothed? If you had any points, you'd have lost some for this!"
  34. message 34 "That would be best done in the shower."
  35. message 35 "Good idea!"
  36. message 36 "At last, you'll find out if blondes really have more fun!"
  37. message 37 "One of these all-metal, double-stacked lockers is assigned to you. Finding it is up to you."
  38. message 38 "You carefully pour the bleach on your hair. Now what?"
  39. message 39 ""
  40. message 40 "What are you going to rinse out?"
  41. message 41 "Your hair is wet."
  42. message 42 "With great anticipation, you carefully rinse the bleach from your hair."
  43. message 43 "Aaahhh! That feels good."
  44. message 44 "Pervert!"
  45. message 45 "\"Strangers in the night, la da de dee dah...\""
  46. message 46 "Not in a towel that size!"


  1. message 1 "Around the hallway is a key board, a table holding radio extenders, a photograph on the far wall, and a barred window to the evidence room."
  2. message 2 "The table holds hand-held radio extenders that work in conjunction with your police car radio, when you are not near your patrol car."
  3. message 3 "This key board holds the keys to the squad cars that are presently operable."
  4. message 4 "This the most recent photograph of Lytton's Chief of Police Randolph \"Brown Nose\" Whipplestick. Appointed to the department only ten years ago, \"Ol' B. N.\" rapidly manipulated his way to the top."
  5. message 5 "On the far wall is a photograph of Chief Whipplestick. On another wall, you see a key board."
  6. message 6 "Good cops don't take city property without permission. Besides, what kind of nut would want the Chief's ugly face?"
  7. message 7 "That thing is screwed into the wall so tight, it would take you half a shift to remove it!"
  8. message 8 "Come on. You only need one!"
  9. message 9 "You pick up a squelchy, noisy, but workable extender."
  10. message 10 "You look down and note a very clean, gray-tiled floor."
  11. message 11 "Whew! At least you have enough time to change clothes before briefing!"
  12. message 12 "Why would you need a radio extender when you're off duty?"
  13. message 13 "A radio extender is too bulky to carry on an undercover assignment."
  14. message 14 "You imagine that Russ must feel like a prisoner inside the tiny, evidence lockup."
  15. message 15 "You return your radio extender to the recharge stand."
  16. message 16 "Fluorescent lights illuminate the hallway."
  17. message 17 "You can't drive two cars at once."
  18. message 18 "You take the patrol car's keys from the key board."
  19. message 19 "\"We lock it up, not give it out.\""
  20. message 20 "The evidence lockup is operated by officer \"Russ Dinkle.\""
  21. message 21 "You hang the keys on the key board."
  22. message 22 "\"Hi, Sonny,\" says Russ. \"What do you need?\""
  23. message 23 "\"Sonny, you should have seen Sgt. Dooley when he first discovered that chicken! He threw a screaming fit and wanted the Lieutenant to dust for prints.\""
  24. message 24 "\"If that 'Gremlin' keeps messing with me,\" says Sgt. Dooley, \"I'm going to notify Internal Affairs to start an investigation!\""
  25. message 25 "\"When I find out who the little weasel is,\" says Sgt. Dooley, \"you'd better believe that he or she will be walking a footbeat from the river all the way to Joe's Junkyard!\""
  26. message 26 "Walking out on Sgt. Dooley's words of wisdom is unwise! You are hereby found guilty of \"Contempt of Dooley.\""
  27. message 27 "It sure clears out quick around here."
  28. message 28 "\"Look at Dooley! The man has gone berserk! I thought that new desk decoration was rather comical.\""
  29. message 29 "\"Hey, Sonny! Dooley says he's gonna start a big Internal Affairs investigation just because some fool put a stinkin', smelly bird on his desk.\""
  30. message 30 "\"Take a look in my office, Sonny. Maybe you can shed some light as to how that creature made his way to the top of my desk!\""
  31. message 31 "\"This door to remain open during business hours.\""
  32. message 32 "The locker room has a partition but no door!"
  33. message 33 "\"Why, Sonny!\" Russ says. \"You know I don't keep them here!\""
  34. message 34 "It is open."
  35. message 35 "The door is closed."
  36. message 36 "Russ says, \"What can I do for you, Fly Boy?\""
  37. message 37 "\"Now, Sonny, you know this is official evidence. Don't go running off with it!\""
  38. message 38 "Russ, the keeper of the evidence lockup, says, \"Howdy, Sonny! Haven't seen anything with your name on it come in lately.\""
  39. message 39 "Since you're not in uniform, you don't need keys to a patrol car."
  40. message 40 "You see Russ looking back at you."
  41. message 41 "Detective Laura Watts wanders into the room, giggles, then compliments you on the handsome towel you're wearing. \"Boy, are YOU out of uniform,\" she laughs!"
  42. message 42 "\"Hey, Sonny! You're off duty, aren't you? Some of us are going by the Blue Room to throw Jack a little surprise party. After you change clothes, why don't you stop by?\""
  43. message 43 "\"The dancer we hired for Jack's party is something else!\""
  44. message 44 "\"See you there!\""
  45. message 45 "\"Move outta the way!\""
  46. message 46 "You look under the table just to satisfy your curiosity. You find nothing."
  47. message 47 "\"Another day, another dollar! Write some tickets and Dooley won't holler!\""
  48. message 48 "\"How do you do, Officer? Welcome to the Lytton PD Pharmaceutical and Weaponry Lockup.\""
  49. message 49 "\"I've got zip guns, shotguns, rockets and dope,\n\nsmack and crack, knives and coke.\n\nA little of this and a lot of that.\n\nIt's all locked up and that's a fact!\""
  50. message 50 "\"Detective Bonds, it appears you've been on a roll lately!\""
  51. message 51 "Dooley ain't fit to talk to now!"
  52. message 52 ""
  53. message 53 ""
  54. message 54 "You lost your radio extender and now you want another?"
  55. message 55 "Forget it!"
  56. message 56 "You lost those keys, remember?"


  1. message 1 "The car door is open."
  2. message 2 "The car door is closed."
  3. message 3 "Since you're not assigned to this vehicle, there's no need to safety check it."
  4. message 4 "The back seat is reserved for prisoners and you have none!"
  5. message 5 "Trying to crawl through the window? %m2"
  6. message 6 "Hmmm! This side looks ok!"
  7. message 7 "You don't have the keys to this car."
  8. message 8 "There's no need to safety check your personal car."
  9. message 9 "There is no reason to open the passengers' doors."
  10. message 10 "The parking lot is surrounded by brick and chain link."
  11. message 11 "It looks like Laura is waiting for you. You wonder what's up."
  12. message 12 "\"Hold on, Sonny. We've got work to do.\""
  13. message 13 "\"Sonny, one of my informants just told me a drug deal is going down soon in Lytton City Park\" says Laura, getting into your car. \"Lieutenant Morgan wants us to stake it out and see what we can do.\""
  14. message 14 "\"Well, Cowboy, let's roll!\""
  15. message 15 "There's no need to safety check the patrol car unless you're going to use it."
  16. message 16 ""
  17. message 17 "The PR-24 must remain in the vehicle."
  18. message 18 ""
  19. message 19 ""
  20. message 20 ""
  21. message 21 ""
  22. message 22 ""
  23. message 23 "Having performed the prescribed, walk-around safety check of your vehicle, you're now ready to hit the streets."
  24. message 24 "You don't need to double check the car!"
  25. message 25 "The parking lot holds three patrol cars, an unmarked car and a shiny, clean Corvette."
  26. message 26 "Your marked patrol car features a powerful \"V-8\" engine choked down with the very latest in smog devices, and purchased from the lowest bidder! It is capable of attaining speeds of up to 87 (or more) miles per hour."
  27. message 27 "This is an unmarked vehicle used in undercover operations. It was confiscated in an earlier arrest."
  28. message 28 "This is your sports car! You can't really afford one, but it's your one real luxury in life! Besides, you have few other financial obligations."
  29. message 29 "Laura says, \"Sonny, I'll go write up this arrest.\""
  30. message 30 "\"I'll bet Jack is over at the Blue Room,\" says Laura. \"Why don't you go tell him we nailed the rat who was dealing dope at Jefferson High!\""
  31. message 31 "It seems you have missed one briefing too many. Sgt. Dooley places you on administrative leave, without pay, for five days. Next time, attend briefings!"


  1. message 1 "Marvin Hoffman"
  2. message 2 "Male 6'0 194#"
  3. message 3 "HAIR Black"
  4. message 4 "EYES Blue"
  5. message 5 "DOB 6/2/56"
  6. message 6 "31 W 104th St"
  7. message 7 "Chicago, IL"
  8. message 8 "RESTRICTIONS"
  9. message 9 "None."
  10. message 10 "Leroy Pierson"
  11. message 11 "Male 5'10 187#"
  12. message 12 "HAIR Black"
  13. message 13 "EYES Blue"
  14. message 14 "DOB 4/28/55"
  15. message 15 "1134 Beach St"
  16. message 16 "Newport, CA"
  17. message 20 "You open the note book."
  18. message 21 "Your partner will impound these items into evidence, along with the car."
  19. message 22 "You observe a black notebook, and two driver's licenses."


  1. message 1 "You open the trunk and discover a clear plastic bag containing a white powdery substance resembling cocaine and another clear plastic bag containing a green leafy substance resembling marijuana."
  2. message 2 "As you start to examine the evidence, you hear Jack's voice behind you, \"Just leave that stuff in the trunk, Sonny. I'll impound it along with the car.\""
  3. message 3 "\"Ok, Jack,\" you say, \"See you back at the station.\""


  1. message 1 "This is a quiet, residential area of Lytton."


  1. message 1 "You're outside the beautiful \"Hotel Delphoria.\""


  1. message 1 "You patrol the streets near \"Carol's Caffeine Castle,\" and the famous \"Wino Willey's\" beer joint."


  1. message 1 "The freeway leaves the City of Lytton here."


  1. message 1 "To the west is the entrance to Lytton City Park."


  1. message 1 "This is a commercialized area of Lytton."
  2. message 2 "In the battle of building vs vehicle, the vehicle has lost!"


  1. message 1 "The pollutants of this industrialized area give the air a pungent odor."


  1. message 1 "The Blue Room is in this part of town."


  1. message 1 "This is a quiet, residential area of Lytton."


  1. message 1 "Freeway traffic passes over this sparsely industrialized area of Lytton."


  1. message 1 "You skipped the required safety inspection of your vehicle prior to leaving the station yard. You're now disabled here with a flat tire!"
  2. message 2 "The Lytton Police Department is located here."


  1. message 1 "The Clearwater River borders the eastern edge of this residential area."


  1. message 1 "The freeway stretches out above this quiet neighborhood."


  1. message 1 "The Clearwater River borders the southern edge of this neighborhood."


  1. message 1 "You are near the Lytton Courthouse and the City Jail."


  1. message 1 "Cotton Cove is located here, near the lovely Clearwater River."


  1. message 1 "Being a highly trained observer, you immediately notice a smashed coupe on the sidewalk, and a crowd of rubberneckers milling around nearby. The crowd includes one particularly anxious young man."
  2. message 2 "The broken glass of the driver's window has a strange pattern for a car wreck. It appears to be a bullet hole!"
  3. message 3 "You take a deep breath, look in the car, and see a male slumped motionless over the steering wheel."
  4. message 4 "A closer look reveals a bloody injury to the left side of his head, and a gaping hole in his lower-right jaw!"
  5. message 5 "No pulse. No breathing. No vital signs."
  6. message 6 "There is a bullet hole in the driver's window. This is not your normal, everyday traffic accident. In your opinion, this man was murdered!"
  7. message 7 "You use your radio to advise Dispatch of the apparent homicide."
  8. message 8 "The car radio crackles a response..."
  9. message 9 "Without a radio extender, you can't use your car radio from here."
  10. message 10 "\"10-4, 83-32. We copy 187pc homicide.\""
  11. message 11 "\"Be advised, one homicide unit is en route, and the Coroner's Office has been notified. Continue investigation.\""
  12. message 12 "You have nothing to report. Investigate the accident scene to see if you can discover something."
  13. message 13 "If you were closer, they might notice you."
  14. message 14 "An excited young man approaches you."
  15. message 15 "\"Officer,\" he says, \"I saw what happened! I saw everything!!\""
  16. message 16 "\"I was buying a paper at the newsstand across the street when I heard the scream of tires,\" he tells you. \"I looked down the street, and here comes this car and a light blue, late-model Cadillac racing down the street side-by-side!\""
  17. message 17 "\"When they got closer, I heard a 'bang.' I thought one of 'em had a blowout!\""
  18. message 18 "\"But, right after that, this car here lost control and crashed. The light blue Caddie just kept on jammin'!\" he finishes breathlessly."
  19. message 19 "\"I think I saw part of his license plate number, 'L964.'\""
  20. message 20 "You notify dispatch of the vehicle information."
  21. message 21 "Homicide Detective Oscar Hamilton arrives with Sergeant Dooley."
  22. message 22 "Dooley tells you, \"Bonds, Detective Hamilton will handle the investigation from here.\""
  23. message 23 "\"Hit the streets and try to find the rat responsible,\" says Sgt. Dooley. \"I'll introduce the witness to Hamilton.\""
  24. message 24 "This guy won't be doing anything soon!"
  25. message 25 "To whom are you speaking?"
  26. message 26 "The little old lady in the crowd cries out, \"Officer, do something. That man is hurt bad! Help him!!\""
  27. message 27 "They can't hear you from here."
  28. message 28 "This man is beyond help."
  29. message 29 "The sign reads, \"Colonial Van and Storage.\""
  30. message 30 "The bricks won't do you any good."
  31. message 31 "Hold on, Sonny. It seems Sergeant Dooley has something to tell you."
  32. message 32 "\"All I know is,\" says the witness, %m19"
  33. message 33 "You can't see the driver very well from here."
  34. message 34 "The green coupe will require a major front-end job!"
  35. message 35 "Dooley reminds you, \"Ok, Sonny, move it out! That's an order.\""
  36. message 36 "Dooley tells you, \"Resume patrol now, Officer Bonds.\""
  37. message 37 "Dooley says, \"Anytime now, Bonds. Hit the street!\""
  38. message 38 "There's a man slumped over the steering wheel."
  39. message 39 "Dispatch will not hear you unless you use the radio."
  40. message 40 "You assess the damage to the building."
  41. message 41 "That's a job for the coroner."
  42. message 42 "It's obvious the radiator was damaged from impact."
  43. message 43 "\"Why doncha get some help?\""
  44. message 44 "\"10-4, 83-32. We copy light blue Cadillac, partial license 'L964.'\""
  45. message 45 "You have nothing further to report."
  46. message 46 "\"10-4, 83-32. Hamilton and Dooley are in route. Estimated time of arrival is momentarily!\""
  47. message 47 "This door is jammed."
  48. message 48 "It would be more professional to wait until the homicide detectives arrive before leaving the scene."
  49. message 49 "Forget it! Just walk around to the other side."
  50. message 50 "You see a man slumped over the wheel."
  51. message 51 "The crowd appears to be fixated on the wreck."
  52. message 52 "Sgt. Dooley honks his horn and yells out the window, \"Hey, Sonny! Move out of the way, I need to park there!\""
  53. message 53 "\"10-4, 83-32. We copy 187pc homicide. Continue investigation.\""
  54. message 54 "%m20 \"Dispatch, this is 83-32. Be advised description of suspect vehicle is late-model, light blue Cadillac.\""
  55. message 55 "It's difficult to see though the smoke and debris, but you feel certain you can see programmers working on adventure games inside."
  56. message 56 "The wreck victim's license plate appears to have been lost during the accident."
  57. message 57 "This car smells of death."
  58. message 58 "Someone in this crowd smells of musk and cheap perfume."
  59. message 59 "The inside of this building smells of flatulence."
  60. message 60 "Yes, the tailpipe smells of exhaust."
  61. message 61 "Ah! The air of Lytton."
  62. message 62 "%g79"
  63. message 63 "You can't. It's sprung."


  1. message 1 "\"Hey, Sonny! You sure missed a good one while you was off duty,\" says R. J. Jefferson, Lytton PD custodian. \"Someone filled a pair of pantyhose full of cotton balls and crammed 'em into Sgt. Dooley's pigeonhole.\""
  2. message 2 "\"Sonny, my man, you keeping 'the fat boy' off your back?\" asks Jefferson. \"I sure felt sorry for Jack yesterday. Ol' Dooley was really reaming him about his low activity!\""
  3. message 3 "\"Say, Sonny!\" says R. J. \"Better keep your eye on that female officer. She was eyeballin' you the other day like a rat lookin' at a piece o' cheese!!\""
  4. message 4 "\"Mercy, mercy, mercy! If it ain't Sonny 'Big Man' Bonds! How is my favorite cop? You should have been with me last night! I had such a good time, I had to come back to work just to get some rest!\""
  5. message 5 "\"Saaaay, fool! Back out of here just a shade? You gettin' close enough to dance with and lord only knows I did enough dancin' last night!\""
  6. message 6 "\"Sho' would be nice if the city fixed some of these vents in here. Smells like one, big, cattle yard after every shift change!\""
  7. message 7 "\"Come on, Man! Give me some room before I mop a shine onto those big feet of yours.\""
  8. message 8 "\"Say, Man! I heard the word from the bird last night. I heard that a fine little lady of the evening by the name of Sweet Cheeks Marie thinks you are the finest, 'USDA Prime Cut' in blue she ever did see!\""
  9. message 9 "\"I heard the 'Gremlin' got to ol' Sarge again last night. What a shame! He should learn to leave you people alone.\""
  10. message 10 "\"Well, if it ain't Sonny 'My Main Man' Bonds!\""
  11. message 11 "\"Hey, Brother! You can see I'm still sloppin', moppin', and hoppin' on clothes. I'm gettin sick of this job and I'll bet it shows!\""
  12. message 12 "\"That's close enough, Turkey. Quit trackin up my floor!\""
  13. message 13 "Say baby, what it is!! Watch out for that wet floor. The last man that came in here, he fell right straight down on his tail bone."
  14. message 14 "R. J. Jefferson yells, \"I sho' do wish you'd walk 'round where I'm workin'!\""
  15. message 15 "\"All right, Sonny, my man! I hear you're now assigned to the Narc Division. You better watch them dudes loadin' up on all that dope. They get real crazy!\""
  16. message 16 "\"I'll tell you one thing, Sonny. You be signed up with the finest looking partner in this whole police force!\""
  17. message 17 "\"I see you's still workin' Narco and you's still in one piece,\" says Jefferson, the janitor. \"You be careful with those dope people. I knew a dude, he got so high, he thought he was a buzzard. He sailed off a five-story building and broke his back in ninty-nine places.\""
  18. message 18 "\"Mr. Plainclothes Bonds, himself.\""
  19. message 19 "\"Sonny, you been swipin' dope from the lockup, or are you tryin' to walk over me just 'cause you wants to?\""
  20. message 20 "\"Watch out for the floor, man! It's so slippery, you'll look like one of them dudes in the Russian Ice Follies.\""
  21. message 21 "\"Sonny, you should have been here an hour ago,\" says R. J. \"The boys were crawlin' over each other like rats on a sinkin' ship lookin' for a porthole, when they found out the Chief was a'coming through.\""
  22. message 22 "He doesn't clean very well, but he sure cleans slow!"
  23. message 23 "\"Woooo wheeee! Lookee whats we gots here!\" laughs Jefferson."


  1. message 1 "Look: her license plate says \"OHMYMG.\" Isn't that cute!"
  2. message 2 "Dispatch returns with the information you requested, \"'OHMYMG' is currently registered to Helen Hots. No wants.\""
  3. message 3 "She's inside her car; you can see her, but not very well."
  4. message 4 "Cautiously, you approach the vehicle. The driver appears to be a female in her early twenties. Very female!"
  5. message 5 "%m3 Try moving closer to her door."
  6. message 6 "She looks deep into your eyes, and says, \"What may I do for you, Officer?\""
  7. message 7 "She replies in a heated voice, \"Just remember, Fish Breath: I'm gonna file a complaint on you! I'll cheat, lie, and do anything possible to get your little fuzz butt in trouble! YOU HEAR ME?\""
  8. message 8 "\"Dispatch, this is 83-32. Run wants%m14"
  9. message 9 "Your briefcase is in the car."
  10. message 10 "\"Dispatch, this is 83-32. Check registration%m14\""
  11. message 11 "\"The car is registered to Helen Hots.\""
  12. message 12 "Well, well. Just what every poor, little, rich girl needs; a little red sports car."
  13. message 13 "You can't see the %w2 from here."
  14. message 14 " on Ocean, Henry, Mary, Yellow, Mary, George.\""
  15. message 15 "There is no reason to do so."
  16. message 16 "\"Get lost, jerk!\""
  17. message 17 "She sounds very grateful as she says, \"Thank you, Officer! Please call me, and soon!\""
  18. message 18 "call"
  19. message 19 "Dispatch responds, \"83-32, 10-4. You must have been away from your radio. Repeating, 'OHMYMG' is currently registered to Helen Hots. No wants.\""
  20. message 20 "\"Thanks for not giving me a ticket, Officer!\""
  21. message 21 "You should look at her before you talk to her."


  1. message 1 "The gentleman responds to your request, \"Da, yas ssshir.\""
  2. message 2 "The drunk reminds you, \"Es-cuse me, butt cher bloc'in' da door, Ociffer.\""
  3. message 3 "Proper police procedure indicates the suspect should do that!"
  4. message 4 "You're not in the car."
  5. message 5 "You can't do that with the suspect inside his car."
  6. message 6 "You correctly administer the Field Sobriety Test, and are amused as your subject gives his best imitation of a young swan attempting its first takeoff."
  7. message 7 "There's no need to question him; his problem is obvious!"
  8. message 8 "The man fumbles with his wallet, \"My license? Uh, yeah, uh, it's, uh, it's right... Here it is!\""
  9. message 9 "Reluctantly he says, \"Uh, ok, wh-where we goin'?\""
  10. message 10 "So as not to excite him, you say, \"Oh, we're just going to take a little ride to see some friends of yours. It's ok, buddy. Come on.\""
  11. message 11 "\"I am!\""
  12. message 12 "You're not close enough."
  13. message 13 "The drunk begs you, \"Could ja 'cuff me in front, please? I'm not feelin' sssho goods.\""
  14. message 14 "You think, \"He doesn't look dangerous. Sure, why not?\""
  15. message 15 "Not wanting to take a chance, you explain, \"I'm sorry, sir, but Departmental Policy dictates all custody arrests shall be restrained by proper handcuffing procedure, and that means 'behind your back.'\""
  16. message 16 "You just fell victim to an old trick. There are two rules to remember: always follow procedures, and never trust a drunk!"
  17. message 17 "You look into the glassy, watery eyes of a middle-aged man. He is certainly feeling no pain!"
  18. message 18 "You hear a voice that sounds like Tiny Tim singing through a mouthful of crackers..."
  19. message 19 "...\"I didn't do nossshin' wrong, Ociffer.\""
  20. message 20 "You take a whiff and detect a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage."
  21. message 21 "You place your subject under arrest for the violation of Lytton City Vehicle Code VC23502, \"driving while under the influence.\""
  22. message 22 "You cautiously approach the vehicle and observe one male seated behind the wheel. Rolling down his window appears to be quite a challenge to him!"
  23. message 23 "It's in your car."
  24. message 24 "Art Serabian"
  25. message 25 "Male 5'8\" 199#"
  26. message 26 "HAIR None"
  27. message 27 "EYES Blue"
  28. message 28 "DOB 12/14/47"
  29. message 29 "2 MacIntosh St"
  30. message 30 "Lytton, CA"
  31. message 31 "RESTRICTIONS:"
  32. message 32 "Programmer"
  33. message 33 "He can't hear you from this distance."
  34. message 34 "The fresh air smells good!"
  35. message 35 "It looks like a possible DUI."
  36. message 36 "Since the information on the driver's license matches the subject, you return his license to him."
  37. message 37 "You radio Dispatch, \"Run check on personalized license plate 'PRGRMR1.' It appears to be currently registered.\""
  38. message 38 "Dispatch returns with, \"'PRGRMR1' is clear, with valid, local registration in the name of Art Serabian.\""
  39. message 39 "\"Record check shows two prior DUI convictions.\""
  40. message 40 "\"Why, Occifer!\" lisps the drunk, \"I'm as ssssober assss a judge! HIC!\""
  41. message 41 "You pat down the gentleman, and find no weapons."
  42. message 42 "The car belongs to the driver."
  43. message 43 "You key the radio, \"Dispatch, this is 83-32. Request one 11-85 at my 10-20.\""
  44. message 44 "83-32, 10-4. One tow truck in route."
  45. message 45 "This vehicle has personalized plates, \"PRGRMR1.\""
  46. message 46 "He is handcuffed!"
  47. message 47 "call"
  48. message 48 "Just put him in the car."
  49. message 49 "That is unnecessary."
  50. message 50 "You'd better do more than just write this one a ticket."
  51. message 51 "Sonny! How could you?"
  52. message 52 "It's too late to do that now."


  1. message 1 "Dispatch responds, \"Be advised, 83-31 is responding Code-3 to your location.\""
  2. message 2 "Review the \"Levels of Force\" section of your \"LPD Policeman's Indoctrination Guide.\""
  3. message 3 "The license plate is \"UL6942.\" Hmmm. You remember the partial plate seen by the witness to the Lonnie West murder was \"L964.\" You may have found your man."
  4. message 4 "Officer Jack Cobb arrives on the scene. Cobb radios Dispatch, %m5"
  5. message 5 "\"Dispatch, be advised. Hold all radio traffic until Code-4 confirmed.\""
  6. message 6 "Dispatch responds, \"Affirmative.\""
  7. message 7 "\"83-32, this is 83-31. Sonny! I'll cover you from the passenger side of your patrol car while you make contact with the suspect.\""
  8. message 8 "\"83-31, out.\""
  9. message 9 "Well, that's certainly one way to save the taxpayers' money: mow 'em down instead of taking 'em to court."
  10. message 10 "While some may applaud your exercise in street justice, democratic societies have no place for \"trigger happy\" cops. Sorry, Sonny."
  11. message 11 "Be careful! This dude's dangerous."
  12. message 12 "The suspect falters for a moment, then slowly raises his hands. He realizes he does not have a chance and follows your order."
  13. message 13 "\"Ok, ok. I'm lying down!\""
  14. message 14 "Your partner just punched that punk's ticket."
  15. message 15 "But, a little too late for you, pal. Remember, proper procedure promotes police preservation."
  16. message 16 "Cranking off a few live rounds at this particular time is not recommended."
  17. message 17 "Jack says, \"I've got him covered, Sonny. Go ahead and 'cuff him.\""
  18. message 18 "You apprehensively approach the suspect, sensing his desperation."
  19. message 19 "Attempting to handcuff the suspect while holding your weapon could be hazardous to your health!"
  20. message 20 "You feel relief as you close the handcuffs around his wrists."
  21. message 21 "Stand him up, first."
  22. message 22 "You order the suspect into your patrol car. He submits with a sarcastic, \"All right, &!#$%&.\""
  23. message 23 "\"Good job, Sonny!\" says Jack. \"I'll call Dispatch and put out a Code-4.\""
  24. message 24 "You must be in your car or have a radio extender."
  25. message 25 "You'd better handcuff him first!"
  26. message 26 "This guy may be armed!"
  27. message 27 "Place him in physical custody before entering his car."
  28. message 28 "You do not need anything from the trunk."
  29. message 29 "You're not close enough to Jack to obtain the gun."
  30. message 30 "This vehicle almost matches the description of the vehicle mentioned by the witness to the fatal car crash."
  31. message 31 "You can't see it from here."
  32. message 32 "Your radio crackles to life with a message from Dispatch, \"83-32, license plate 'UL6942' not listed as stolen. Registered to a '79 Cadillac junked in 1983.\""
  33. message 33 "You think, \"The odds of finding a legit registration for this car are slim to none.\""
  34. message 34 "This door is locked."
  35. message 35 "It IS open."
  36. message 36 "It IS closed."
  37. message 37 "Something about the interior of this car just doesn't feel right."
  38. message 38 "You look at the floorboard, the seats, and even under the seats, but you find nothing."
  39. message 39 "The door IS closed."
  40. message 40 "There's nothing special about the door."
  41. message 41 "Say! The doorjamb of the suspect's vehicle is black instead of light blue!"
  42. message 42 "A closer examination of the doorjamb reveals the vehicle's VIN plate. A quick rub with your thumb uncovers its number: C03456218!"
  43. message 43 "You must first locate its VIN."
  44. message 44 "\"Dispatch, this is 83-32,\" you radio. \"Run VIN C03456218 through the computer.\""
  45. message 45 "Shortly, Dispatch returns with..."
  46. message 46 "\"Suspect vehicle is confirmed 10851! Lytton PD holds a signed stolen report on this vehicle.\""
  47. message 47 "\"Vehicle information, 1983 black Cadillac deVille.\""
  48. message 48 "\"Registered owner, Malcolm Washington, 234 W Center St, Lytton, CA.\""
  49. message 49 "You search the suspect and find only pocket change."
  50. message 50 "The suspect is already in the car. You'd better take him to jail!"
  51. message 51 "The suspect cuts you off short as he says, \"I know my rights, you jackass!\""
  52. message 52 "\"This is harassment. You'll hear from my attorney!\""
  53. message 53 "\"You wanna get out of the way??\""
  54. message 54 "What are you talking about?"
  55. message 55 "You radio, \"Dispatch, this is 83-32. Request wants on license plate 'UL6942.'\""
  56. message 56 "You don't know the license plate number yet."
  57. message 57 "To be safe, you read his rights to him anyway."
  58. message 58 "Then, you remember the glove compartment."
  59. message 59 "Plus, a loaded, Smith & Weston .45-caliber, semi-automatic handgun."
  60. message 60 "The suspect pipes up, \"Honest, Officer. I only carry that for self-defense on the freeways!!\""
  61. message 61 "\"Quiet down,\" you order him. \"Hey, Jack,\" you yell to your backup, \"how's about booking this evidence?\""
  62. message 62 "\"Ok,\" Jack replies."
  63. message 63 "Attempting to apprehend the suspect single-handedly was brave but fatal. Review the \"Felony Stop Procedures\" section of your \"LPD Policeman's Indoctrination Guide.\""
  64. message 64 "You'd better get him in the car, first."
  65. message 65 "You carefully handle the gun so as not to smudge any possible fingerprints."
  66. message 66 "You key your radio, \"83-32, backup has arrived.\""
  67. message 67 "He can't hear you when you're inside your car."
  68. message 68 "He IS!"
  69. message 69 "He's still inside his car."
  70. message 70 "He doesn't have his hands raised yet!"
  71. message 71 "You'd better get him under your control, first!"
  72. message 72 "If it's a tie, you lose!"
  73. message 73 "\"Oops, I must have forgotten it!\" says the suspect."
  74. message 74 "Jack took it with him."
  75. message 75 "\"I place you under arrest!\""
  76. message 76 "Once is enough."
  77. message 77 "You nervously key your radio, \"Dispatch, this is 83-32. Request backup Code-3!\""
  78. message 78 "\"Shove it, Pig!\""


  1. message 1 "The door swings; just push on it."
  2. message 2 "It's a real swinger."
  3. message 3 "You look at the patrol car, and wish that it ran as well as your 'Vette."
  4. message 4 "You love your cherry 'Vette."
  5. message 5 "This Caddie is just not your style."
  6. message 6 "\"The Blue Room\" is the local, police officers' watering hole. It is owned and operated by retired traffic officer, \"Big Bobby\" Lopez."
  7. message 7 "Whew. Have you had some good times here over the years!"
  8. message 8 "\"Bud\" who?"
  9. message 9 "You peer through the department store window, but see nothing of interest."
  10. message 10 "The mini-blinds prevent you from seeing inside."


  1. message 1 "You see your friend, Jack, seated alone at a table. There is a jukebox against the wall to the left."
  2. message 2 "Jack speaks, in a very depressed voice, \"Oh, Sonny! I just discovered my daughter is doing drugs! It's really screwed me up!\""
  3. message 3 "\"I know she's getting 'em at school, but I just can't finger the punk who's supplying!\""
  4. message 4 "\"My life is going to crap. I can't talk to my daughter, she won't listen to me any more! My drinking has my marriage on the rocks, my wife's ready to leave me! Everything's a mess!\""
  5. message 5 "Jack is totally surprised as everyone sings \"Happy Birthday.\""
  6. message 6 "While everyone wishes Jack a \"Happy Birthday,\" you notice the front door open, as one wild-looking female enters the Blue Room."
  7. message 7 "%m64, a dancer from the local \"Rent-A-Gag\" business, enters the room, dressed in a grass skirt and balloons!"
  8. message 8 "You relax and enjoy the selection \"My Eyes Cross With Your Touch.\""
  9. message 9 "You select the latest in love songs, \"I Shoulda Bought A Monkey To Take Your Place.\""
  10. message 10 "You select that old instrumental classic \"My Nostrils Slam Shut When You Breathe.\""
  11. message 11 "In a depressed, slurred voice, Jack speaks to you..."
  12. message 12 "\"Sonny, I really do appreciate you nailing that filthy scum bag pusher, but I'm afraid it might be too late.\""
  13. message 13 "\"My daughter, Kathy, is in the Intensive Care Ward over at Lytton General Hospital!\" he explains. \"She's in a coma from a drug OD! There's nothing I can do!\""
  14. message 14 "\"Oh, Sonny! There's nothing anyone can do!!\""
  15. message 15 "\"That's it for me, Sonny. I'll see you later.\""
  16. message 16 "Jack motions you to the chair on his left."
  17. message 17 "This table is occupied."
  18. message 18 "Move closer to the chair."
  19. message 19 "Jack says, \"I can't hear you, Sonny. Come over here\"."
  20. message 20 "Keith pipes up, \"Ohm'gosh, Sonny! Did you forget? We swapped shifts last week! You're due at the station for swing shift briefing in fifteen minutes!\""
  21. message 21 "\"You'd better get moving, boy!\""
  22. message 22 "The bartender says, \"For your information, Sonny, I have a cab on the way for Jack.\""
  23. message 23 "This is \"The Blue Room\", a popular lounge for cops. Behind the bar stands the owner, retired LPD officer Bobby Lopez."
  24. message 24 "Please don't sit here."
  25. message 25 "escaped"
  26. message 26 "been released"
  27. message 27 "Morgan wants to see you back in his office, ASAP!"
  28. message 28 "There is a city-wide dragnet out on him right now and..."
  29. message 29 "\"%m27\""
  30. message 30 "You are looking at the latest in jukeboxes. This machine features a one-touch, fully-automated selection system."
  31. message 31 "Its sound system features light amplification by stimulated emissions of radiation..."
  32. message 32 "...and fully-computerized, video reproductions of your favorite artists, which thankfully are inoperative at this time!"
  33. message 33 "In her most seductive voice, %m64 whispers, \"Here's a little something so you'll have a happy birthday, Jack, baby!\""
  34. message 34 "\"Wow!\""
  35. message 35 "Keith says, \"Well, Jack, you ol' codger. What did you think of %m64?\""
  36. message 36 "\"You know, Keith,\" Jack answers, \"I think I'll ask Santa to put her under my tree this year.\""
  37. message 37 "Jack invites you to join him, \"Hi, Sonny. Come on over here, and have a seat.\""
  38. message 38 "\"See you later, Sonny. I have business to take care of.\""
  39. message 39 "Jack speaks, \"Boy, what a depressing day I've had today, Sonny!\""
  40. message 40 "\"Hey, Keith!\" you say. \"How's it goin'?\""
  41. message 41 "\"Oh, my God!\""
  42. message 42 "\"Happy Birthday, Jack.\""
  43. message 43 "Jack says, \"Oh, no! Now what?!\""
  44. message 44 "You say, \"It's time to stand up and face the music, Jack!\""
  45. message 45 "You enter the Blue Room and see Jack seated at a table. He appears to be quite intoxicated."
  46. message 46 "Jack says, \"Have a sssheat, Sssshonny.\""
  47. message 47 "Trying to cheer Jack, you tell him about the Victor Simms arrest and how he was responsible for selling dope at the high school."
  48. message 48 "It seems to be a happy, but quiet, group."
  49. message 49 "\"Ain't it great! Some big-city lawyer shows up and, pop, out he goes.\""
  50. message 50 "This couple is so engrossed in conversation they don't hear you."
  51. message 51 "\"I sure would love to stretch the neck of that sorry dope-pushing scum-sucker that hurt my little girl!\""
  52. message 52 "The cab driver shouts out, \"Hey, who called for the taxi?\""
  53. message 53 "The cabby says, \"Right this way, Buddy Boy, and don't fall down!\""
  54. message 54 "\"Whew, man! Is this boy in bad shape!\""
  55. message 55 "\"I'm sorry to have to tell you this, Sonny,\" says Keith, \"but I have some bad news for you!\""
  56. message 56 "\"Lieutenant Morgan sent me over here to advise you that your boy, %s2, has %s3 from jail.\""
  57. message 57 "\"%s2 jumped a guard, then made it to the exercise yard, where he escaped by climbing over the fence.\""
  58. message 58 "\"There is a city-wide dragnet out on him right now! %m27\""
  59. message 59 "For some reason, they're ignoring you."
  60. message 60 "\"Hello, Bonds!\""
  61. message 61 "\"Hi Sonny! Long time, no see.\""
  62. message 62 "\"Well! If it ain't Super Cop Bonds!\""
  63. message 63 "On the walls is Bobby's personal collection of photographs, taken when he was still with the Department."
  64. message 64 "Hoochy Coochy Hannah"
  65. message 65 "Taselli"
  66. message 66 "Hoffman"
  67. message 67 "\"Good, Sonny,\" he replies."
  68. message 68 "Try sitting down first."
  69. message 69 "\"Hey, Bobby,\" you shout, \"what's the word?\""
  70. message 70 "\"Nothing 'round here, baby,\" he replys."


  1. message 1 "From a distance you hear, \"We've got your number, Pig!\""
  2. message 2 "This is the front entrance of Carol's Caffeine Castle, and the \"lovely\" Wino Willy's Cocktail Lounge."
  3. message 3 "You see a beautiful, blue, cloudless sky."
  4. message 4 "You see an oil-stained asphalt street, bordered by a hot concrete sidewalk."
  5. message 5 "As you peer in the window, you see a couple of Carol's patrons giggling and pointing out at you."
  6. message 6 "Looking in the window, you see Carol waiting on some customers."
  7. message 7 "A quick scan of your partner's patrol car interior clearly shows he is not in it."
  8. message 8 "When the department bought these cars, they had a choice between comfort and power. They picked comfort."
  9. message 9 "You wonder if Carol's designer once worked for a cab company!"
  10. message 10 "The new, red, brick facade at Wino Willy's sure dresses up an otherwise depressing joint!"
  11. message 11 "Your partner's car is locked."
  12. message 12 "Oooops!"
  13. message 13 "Somebody is gonna have to answer to four angry people!"
  14. message 14 "Parked in front of Carol's are four bad-news motorcycles."
  15. message 15 "You can't see through translucent glass."
  16. message 16 "Get closer."
  17. message 17 "The plates on these hogs appear to be currently registered."
  18. message 18 "Forget it!"
  19. message 19 "You radio dispatch and request checks on the license plates."
  20. message 20 "Your radio sings out, \"%m23 All plates are clear and currently registered.\""
  21. message 21 "\"%m27 copies %s3 at Carol's Caffeine Castle.\""
  22. message 22 "\"%m23 %m27 copies 10-8.\""
  23. message 23 "83-32,"
  24. message 24 "You key your radio, \"%m27, %m23 complaint resolved.\""
  25. message 25 "10-97"
  26. message 26 "10-7"
  27. message 27 "Dispatch"


  1. message 1 "Carol says, \"Hello, Sonny! Have a seat. I'll bring your daily coffee fix right over.\""
  2. message 2 "Can't you see someone is already sitting here?"
  3. message 3 "Come on now, you don't want to sit on the floor."
  4. message 4 "Where?!"
  5. message 5 "Carol yells at you from across the room. \"Officer Bonds, there's a Detective Hamilton on the phone for you.\""
  6. message 6 "You take the phone and hear, \"Bonds, this is Detective Hamilton. We identified the 187 victim in the car as Lonny West, a local, small-time drug dealer. Believe it or not, he's the second small-timer to get his ticket punched in the last two weeks.\""
  7. message 7 "\"I just wanted you to know about West since you worked the scene. Gotta run, got another call waiting. Don't spend the whole day drinking coffee!\""
  8. message 8 "Steve says, \"Well, guess it's time to get back to the business of crime fighting!\""
  9. message 9 "Carol has rigged this old pay phone so local calls are free."
  10. message 10 "This is your favorite coffee shop. Carol, the busy, but friendly, waitress, makes the strongest coffee in town. There is a menu on the left wall and a telephone on the far wall. The restroom is down the hall from the phone."
  11. message 11 "Carol sets your coffee down and says, \"Here you go, Big Boy. One caffeine I.V.\""
  12. message 12 "There's lots of ketchup, pickles, onion, and fries on the side -- but there's not a lot of meat!"
  13. message 13 "Carol is a very busy woman."
  14. message 14 "You are now in the restroom."
  15. message 15 "Steve says, \"You'd better not keep Detective Hamilton waiting on the phone, boy.\""
  16. message 16 "\"Hey, Sonny! It's good to see you.\""
  17. message 17 "\"Boy, this weather's been great!\""
  18. message 18 "You can't reach the phone from here."
  19. message 19 "The empty paper towel dispenser hangs over the sink."
  20. message 20 "The white porcelain sink is clean enough for who it's for!"
  21. message 21 "Don't bother to get up. Carol answers her own telephone."
  22. message 22 "\"Hi, Sonny,\" says Carol. \"No time to talk today, this joint's really jumpin'!\""
  23. message 23 "You can't reach the counter from here!"
  24. message 24 "\"This is a coffee break, not your dinner hour.\""
  25. message 25 "Carol likes officers to frequent her establishment. Many items are \"on the house.\""
  26. message 26 "Steve says \"Don't run off, Sonny. You just got here.\""
  27. message 27 "You look over Carol's \"Blue Plate Specials du Jour.\""
  28. message 28 "\"Filet of Hummingbird Breast\""
  29. message 29 "Panic fills your heart as you watch the nasty fluid nearly breach the rim, before it slowly subsides."
  30. message 30 "You quietly relieve yourself."
  31. message 31 "You whistle a happy tune as you clear your mind."
  32. message 32 "There is a toilet, a sink, a paper towel dispenser, and an overflowing wastebasket."
  33. message 33 "You soap up, rinse off, and dry your hands."
  34. message 34 "\"Is that all you guys do: 'take coffee breaks?'\""
  35. message 35 "\"Please, Officer! I don't want to be bothered.\""
  36. message 36 "\"Make your quota for the day yet?\""
  37. message 37 "\"Hello, Officer. Nice day, isn't it?\""
  38. message 38 "\"I'd like you to know that my family and I really appreciate the job you police officers do.\""
  39. message 39 "\"Hey, you're that guy I read about in the Tribune! Weren't you nominated for Officer of the Week or something? Good luck!\""
  40. message 40 "\"Don't order the Hummingbird. Carol must have made it last week!\""
  41. message 41 "\"Boy, if the local police have to come here to eat, they MUST need a raise.\""
  42. message 42 "\"I sure don't envy the job you men have to do.\""
  43. message 43 "\"I wish someone would patrol my neighborhood more often! The teenagers are going crazy!\""
  44. message 44 "\"Why don't you guys quit writing so many speeding tickets and take care of a few of those slow-moving Sunday drivers that keep traffic so screwed up!\""
  45. message 45 "\"Something should be done about those jaywalking pedestrians! I almost ran over two of them yesterday and they had the nerve to act like it was my fault!\""
  46. message 46 "\"Well, well, well. If it isn't the city's finest!\""
  47. message 47 "\"Officer Bonds, I know you're a good man, but the officer who gave me that ticket yesterday is a real rat!\""
  48. message 48 "\"Most cops I don't like, but you're one of the good ones! And, I mean that sincerely.\""
  49. message 49 "You're not in the bathroom!"
  50. message 50 "You're here on a complaint, not for a snack."
  51. message 51 "There is a time and a place for everything, but this is not the time for a coffee break!"
  52. message 52 "Carol is obviously upset as she blurts in a loud tone of voice..."
  53. message 53 "\"Oh, Sonny! Those drunken bikers in the bar next door are taking up all the parking places in front of my cafe! They just have no consideration for others! Where are my customers going to park? Would you ask them to move their motorcycles, please?\""
  54. message 54 "\"Thanks, Sonny!\""
  55. message 55 "\"Come on now, it's your job!\""
  56. message 56 "Carol sounds relieved as she says, \"Thanks for getin' those bikes removed, Sonny.\""
  57. message 57 "Steve says, \"Boy! It sounded over the air like you had a real mess on your hands at that 187 scene!\""
  58. message 58 "Steve says, \"This coffee'll blow your socks off!\""
  59. message 59 "Steve tells you, \"Man, that murder makes a guy wonder what's going on around this town!\""
  60. message 60 "Steve says, \"Boy, you earned your coffee after that mess!\""
  61. message 61 "You wonder why some people don't learn to flush!"
  62. message 62 "You push the handle down and flush the toilet."
  63. message 63 "\"Did we do something wrong?\""
  64. message 64 "\"We're too busy to talk!\""
  65. message 65 "\"Get lost!\""
  66. message 66 "\"Pig Sty Stew\""
  67. message 67 "\"Fried Pork Rind\""
  68. message 68 "Yum?"
  69. message 69 "You see people outside admiring your car."
  70. message 70 "There isn't one!"
  71. message 71 "Great. Another chapter in your life of big-time crime stopping -- parking space hogging!"
  72. message 72 "Whoosssshhhh!"
  73. message 73 "You've discovered where all the paper towels went!"
  74. message 74 "It looks like each person has his own greasy spoon."
  75. message 75 "She can't hear you from here; that grill must be loud!"
  76. message 76 "\"What are you doin' back here again, Sonny?\" Carol asks."
  77. message 77 "This formerly public telephone formerly belonged to LT&T."
  78. message 78 "You don't have any coffee."
  79. message 79 "You slam back the entire mug of Jamaican Java. Your eyeballs roll back in your head."
  80. message 80 "Steve looks like he's on a caffeine high."
  81. message 81 "Bye...\n\nClick!"
  82. message 82 "\"I've talked to my informants,\" says Steve, \"have you seen Sweet Cheeks Marie yet?\""
  83. message 83 "\"No, but I'm keeping both eyes peeled for her,\" you respond."
  84. message 84 "They look choked up from too much hummingbird."
  85. message 85 "You find a lot of dirty towels."
  86. message 86 "You key your radio,\"%s3"
  87. message 87 " 83-32,%s4%m91"
  88. message 88 " 83-Nora-10,%s4%m91"
  89. message 89 " 10-97 "
  90. message 90 " 10-7 "
  91. message 91 "at Carol's.\""


  1. message 1 "You feel your stomach grow tense when you hear, \"Hey, Flat Foot! Move it!!\""
  2. message 2 "\"You're in my way Mr. PO-lice.\""
  3. message 3 "You radio in, %s2"
  4. message 4 "BULLSEYE!"
  5. message 5 "You've been nailed by a 4-gram dart, tossed by a 250-pound biker. Good job!"
  6. message 6 "Next time, watch where you're walking!"
  7. message 7 "The leader of this bunch, comes over to you and says, \"Well, well! If it ain't the Tidy Bowl Man!\""
  8. message 8 "\"What the (*&^$(# do you want, PIG?\""
  9. message 9 "\"Lose somethin', son?\""
  10. message 10 "\"This ain't the kind of place for do-gooders, Chump!\""
  11. message 11 "\"83-32, %s3"
  12. message 12 "The animal in the black-leather jacket says, "
  13. message 13 "%m12\"Hey, Pal! I'm da leader 'round here! Ya wanna talk? Come over here and talk to me!!\""
  14. message 14 "\"How do ya plan to make us move our %w2, wimp?\""
  15. message 15 "%m12\"We don't talk to no pigs.\""
  16. message 16 "\"Say goodnight, Pig! We're gonna kick the S!@#$^&* out of you!!\""
  17. message 17 "%m53 If only you had your PR-24!"
  18. message 18 "You remove your PR-24 and take a defensive stance. The head biker quickly backs down, saying, \"Excuse us, Sir! If you're going to be rough with us, we'll just leave quietly!\""
  19. message 19 "It appears you are just what these low-lifes wanted..."
  20. message 20 "...a cop to pound on!"
  21. message 21 "As he heads for the back room, the bartender mumbles under his breath, \"Here comes trouble!\""
  22. message 22 "\"Com' on, guys. Let's blow this joint!\""
  23. message 23 "The local working girl seated at the bar seems to know you! She hops from the stool and shouts..."
  24. message 24 "\"SONNY BONDS! 'Zat you?\""
  25. message 25 "\"My hero! Boy, am I glad you showed up. Those guys had some pretty strange ideas!\""
  26. message 26 "\"What's cookin', good lookin'?\" asks your old friend, Sweet Cheeks Marie. \"It's been too long, Sonny. I haven't seen ya around lately; I just know you want something!\""
  27. message 27 "\"Well, you know, Sonny, I'm yours any time you're ready!\""
  28. message 28 "Sweet Cheeks' eyes brighten, \"Oh, Sonny! You know I'd just love that, but I'm meeting someone in a few minutes.\""
  29. message 29 "Obviously, you have come to the right place. Sweet Cheeks Marie spills her guts to you..."
  30. message 30 "\"You know what I heard the other day?\" says Marie, \"there's a big dope man tryin' to take over Lytton. He likes to call himself 'The Death Angel!' I don't know no more about him, but this john was sure a peculiar duck.\""
  31. message 31 "\"I only seen him once, and I'm not sure about his name. I think it was Coffman, or Hoffman, or something like that. He's a real spiffy dresser, but the funniest thing: the guy has a sweet, little, flower tattoo above his left nipple. It was kinda cute, really.\""
  32. message 32 "\"That's the only real news in town, Sweet Thing!\""
  33. message 33 "\"Any time, Sonny.%m62"
  34. message 34 "Sweet Cheeks steps back into her office and says, \"See ya later, Sonny!\""
  35. message 35 "Where are you looking?"
  36. message 36 "%m64July, '65%m65Donna Lovely%m66"
  37. message 37 "%m64June '86%m65Sweet Cheryl%m66"
  38. message 38 "A boss plaque on the back wall reads, \"Give Me Harley or Give Me Death!\""
  39. message 39 "The bar's speakers sound like they've been \"rode hard and put up wet!\""
  40. message 40 "The only thing in the cracks of these walls is an occasional cockroach."
  41. message 41 "The table is covered with scratches, dents and cracks. It looks like it was salvaged from Joe's Junk Yard."
  42. message 42 "You see a well-used dartboard, and, being a trained observer, you conclude by the pattern of holes around the bulls-eye that local competition isn't that tough."
  43. message 43 "The best way to play darts is to save your game, turn off your computer, and buy a dart board! (Maybe you'll get to play darts in \"Police Quest II!\")"
  44. message 44 "In return for the information on the Death Angel, you tell Sweet Cheeks of the upcoming undercover crack down on prostitution called \"Operation Trick Trap.\""
  45. message 45 "This is the worst dive in town. Everything that crawls lives here!"
  46. message 46 "Lots of blood, sweat and tears (and other things) have been deposited in Wino Willy's!"
  47. message 47 "\"83-Nora-10, %s3"
  48. message 48 "\"Why, Sweet Thing!\" says the hooker. \"You'd arrest your old sweetie, Sweet Cheeks Marie?\""
  49. message 49 "Keep moving, you don't need to sit here."
  50. message 50 "The barkeep isn't very talkative as he says, \"Nice day outside.\""
  51. message 51 "The bartender sums everything up by saying, \"Looks like a good day for fishing.\""
  52. message 52 "It's Willy Wily, in the flesh."
  53. message 53 "You can't use your gun here, with all%m63around."
  54. message 54 "Why hurt%m63?"
  55. message 55 "Once was enough; they're on their way."
  56. message 56 "\"What for, Man? We ain't done nothin' wrong!\""
  57. message 57 "\"So long, Sweetie!%m62"
  58. message 58 "You recognize Sweet Cheeks Marie as an old chum from high school. She obviously failed stewardess school!"
  59. message 59 "Probably the lips of those ugly bikers have been wrapped around these bottles."
  60. message 60 "These rickety old stools have seen better days."
  61. message 61 "All they've done is hog Carol's parking."
  62. message 62 "\" says Sweet Cheeks Marie. \"Come see me some time when we can spend more time, Darlin'!\""
  63. message 63 " these (presumedly) innocent people "
  64. message 64 "On this wall hangs the centerfold from the "
  65. message 65 " issue of \"Gnarly Biker\" magazine, \""
  66. message 66 ", Gnarly of the Month.\""
  67. message 67 "These are some pretty rough-looking dudes!"
  68. message 68 "10-97%m71"
  69. message 69 "10-8%m72"
  70. message 70 "10-20%m71"
  71. message 71 " at Wino Willy's.\""
  72. message 72 ", complaint resolved.\""


  1. message 1 "You already are looking in the briefcase."
  2. message 2 "Your pinch book isn't here."
  3. message 3 "You take your pinch book from your briefcase."
  4. message 4 "Nothing else in the briefcase would be use to you."
  5. message 5 "You take the notebook from your briefcase."
  6. message 6 "The case is fresh out of books."
  7. message 7 "This pen was a high school graduation gift."
  8. message 8 "It IS in the briefcase."
  9. message 9 "You place your pinch book into your briefcase."
  10. message 10 "Which book?"
  11. message 11 "You place the notebook back in the briefcase."
  12. message 12 "You put your pen back into the briefcase."
  13. message 13 "There's nothing left of importance."
  14. message 14 "Your briefcase contains your pen, a notebook, and your Official LPD ticket book."
  15. message 15 "Your notebook remains in your briefcase."
  16. message 16 "Your pen remains in your briefcase."
  17. message 17 "Your ticket book remains in your briefcase."
  18. message 18 "Where did you put it?"


  1. message 1 "\"Say, Sonny, do you know how to tell the difference between an oral and rectal thermometer?\""
  2. message 2 "\"By the taste.\""
  3. message 3 "\"Well, see you later. I'm late for a date to raise my caffeine level.\""
  4. message 4 "\"Can you believe that Morris Fudley? Every day he showers here, 'cause he's too cheap to shower at home!\""
  5. message 5 "\"Boy, what a hangover I have! I shoulda left the Blue Room earlier last night.\""
  6. message 6 "\"Do you know the best thing about this shower, Sonny?\""
  7. message 7 "\"It's free.\""
  8. message 8 "\"Too bad you have to work, Sonny,\" says Fudley. \"I'm 10-10. It's beer time for me.\""
  9. message 9 "\"You'd better get on your beat before Sergeant Dooley catches you blowing off department time.\""
  10. message 10 "This is the Lytton PD locker room."
  11. message 11 "\"You wouldn't enjoy it. I'd just lie there!\""
  12. message 12 "\"Sonny, I heard a rumor that Sweet Cheeks Marie has the hots for you! You'd better watch your step 'cause those hookers will put their hooks in you before you know it!\""
  13. message 13 "\"Speaking of girls, that 'Hoochie Coochie' Hannah is sure one spicy dancer! She drove the guys completely crazy!\""
  14. message 14 "\"Boy, you can sure tell there's a full moon out! You should see the nut I arrested last night for being under the influence of drugs."
  15. message 15 "\"This dude was so wired, he was nude break-dancing on loose gravel. His back looked like raw meat!\""
  16. message 16 "\"Can you believe that Morris Fudley? I hid all the soap and he's still in there showering. I wonder if his wife goes down to the river to bathe?\""
  17. message 17 "\"I'm going to write a memo about this hot water situation. This place never has enough hot water! I, for one, think we should be able to take longer, more comfortable showers.\""
  18. message 18 "\"You know as well as I do: Dooley doesn't like cops who waste time.\""
  19. message 19 "\"Hey, man! What're you staring at?!\""
  20. message 20 "\"Isn't it nice how affirmative action has helped guys like you get on the force?\""
  21. message 21 "That's good, old \"Morris Fudley.\" He's so tight, when he walks, he squeaks!"


  1. message 1 "\"Book him for what?\" asks the jailer."
  2. message 2 "The jailer does that electronically."
  3. message 3 "\"Hey, man, lemme outta here! I didn't know it was illegal to copy disks!\""
  4. message 4 "The man in the cell is upset by your presence here. He jeers, \"Say, fool, if you're not my lawyer, then get out of my face!\""
  5. message 5 "From behind the bars, you are verbally assaulted, \"That's all you sidewalk lizards do: pick on us poor little folks! If you wanna pick on somethin', try runnin' your finger up your nose to about the second knuckle, Captain Crime Buster!\""
  6. message 6 "\"Hey, Pig!\" shouts the prisoner. \"If you were on my side of these bars, I'd kick your mojo up between your shoulders!\""
  7. message 7 "\"Well, well, well!\" shouts the prisoner. \"If it ain't a wimp in cop's clothing!\""
  8. message 8 "%m15Well, well! Ol' Bonds is loose again.\""
  9. message 9 "%m15Oh, no! Here comes more paperwork!\""
  10. message 10 "%m15if you're selling tickets, I don't need any.\""
  11. message 11 "The jailer hollers, \"Get over there! I'll open the door!\""
  12. message 12 "The jailer has control of this door."
  13. message 13 "You need to get closer."
  14. message 14 "It seems you have some unfinished business here first."
  15. message 15 "The jailer greets you with a friendly, \""
  16. message 16 "The jail is drab and depressing. The only reason the jailer works here is the vast variety of lifestyles that pass through."
  17. message 17 "\"I'll have to process her paperwork before you can take her anywhere,\" says the jailer. \"I'll send her over to HQ as soon as possible.\""
  18. message 18 "You don't have a suspect."
  19. message 19 "The Jailer says \"Bonds, you oughta know better than to bring your gun in here.\""
  20. message 20 "You're docked two points."
  21. message 21 "Bonecrusher Gajarian stares back at you through the bars. You never realized software pirates were SO ugly!"


  1. message 1 "\"Book him for what?\" asks the jailer."
  2. message 2 "The jailer does that electronically."
  3. message 3 "\"Hey, man, lemme outta here! I didn't know it was illegal to copy disks!\""
  4. message 4 "The man in the cell is upset by your presence here. He jeers, \"Say, fool, if you're not my lawyer, then get out of my face!\""
  5. message 5 "From behind the bars, you are verbally assaulted, \"That's all you sidewalk lizards do: pick on us poor little folks! If you wanna pick on somethin', try runnin' your finger up your nose to about the second knuckle, Captain Crime Buster!\""
  6. message 6 "\"Hey, Pig!\" shouts the prisoner. \"If you were on my side of these bars, I'd kick your mojo up between your shoulders!\""
  7. message 7 "\"Well, well, well!\" shouts the prisoner. \"If it ain't a wimp in cop's clothing!\""
  8. message 8 "%m15Well, well! Ol' Bonds is loose again.\""
  9. message 9 "%m15Oh, no! Here comes more paperwork!\""
  10. message 10 "%m15if you're selling tickets, I don't need any.\""
  11. message 11 "The jailer hollers, \"Get over there! I'll open the door!\""
  12. message 12 "The jailer has control of this door."
  13. message 13 "You need to get closer."
  14. message 14 "It seems you have some unfinished business here first."
  15. message 15 "The jailer greets you with a friendly, \""
  16. message 16 "The jail is drab and depressing. The only reason the jailer works here is the vast variety of lifestyles that pass through."
  17. message 17 "\"I'll have to process her paperwork before you can take her anywhere,\" says the jailer. \"I'll send her over to HQ as soon as possible.\""
  18. message 18 "You don't have a suspect."
  19. message 19 "The Jailer says \"Bonds, you oughta know better than to bring your gun in here.\""
  20. message 20 "You're docked two points."
  21. message 21 "Bonecrusher Gajarian stares back at you through the bars. You never realized software pirates were SO ugly!"


  1. message 1 "You wonder, \"What did I do to fire Dooley's rockets?\""
  2. message 2 "\"I wonder if little Miss Bare Bosoms filed a complaint?\""
  3. message 3 "\"See if you can walk up those stairs without falling down!\" you order the drunk."
  4. message 4 "\"Hic! Whacha mean, Ociffer?\" he replies. \"I walk like this even when I'm sober!!\""
  5. message 5 "The gun locker is open."
  6. message 6 "The gun locker is closed."
  7. message 7 "You place your revolver in the locker."
  8. message 8 "You remove and holster your weapon."
  9. message 9 "You can't reach the gun locker from there."
  10. message 10 "You can push the buzzer, but the door is already open."
  11. message 11 "You push the buzzer. The jailer releases the electronic lock."
  12. message 12 "Only the jailer can open and close this door."
  13. message 13 "This is the officer's booking entrance to the Lytton City Jail. In the exercise yard, a prisoner dribbles continuously. (He also bounces his basketball!)"
  14. message 14 "There are gun lockers at the top of the stairs, a heavy, steel-plated door, and a pushbutton. A video surveillance camera slowly sweeps the area."
  15. message 15 "%m42What are you looking at, Porky Pig?\""
  16. message 16 "%m42A dude like you put me here and I'm going to sue your whole department for false arrest!\""
  17. message 17 "%m42Why don't you people go out and bust some real criminals, instead of messin' around with innocent folks like me? All I did was borrow somebody's car for a while!\""
  18. message 18 "\"Watch your step, Art! We don't want you falling down the stairs.\""
  19. message 19 "\"Hic!\" says Art."
  20. message 20 "You must open the gun locker before you can put your weapon inside."
  21. message 21 "The buzzer is out of reach."
  22. message 22 "\"The world would be a lot better off without cops like you!\""
  23. message 23 "\"I guess this is your big bust for the day, huh, Pig?\""
  24. message 24 "\"You're going to find out this was a big waste of your time, and mine!\""
  25. message 25 "\"Get up those stairs, Dog Meat!\""
  26. message 26 "\"Shut up and keep moving, Hoffman.\""
  27. message 27 "\"Seeing you in 'cuffs gives me a natural high, Punk!\""
  28. message 28 "The door IS open."
  29. message 29 "The door IS closed."
  30. message 30 "%m42Hey, baby! You boys play basketball?\""
  31. message 31 "If you close the door on this guy, he will doubtlessly sue!"
  32. message 32 "Laura says, \"Get the door, Sonny. I'll keep an eye on these boys.\""
  33. message 33 "Your service revolver is in the locker."
  34. message 34 "You don't have a gun!"
  35. message 35 "Your weapon is in your holster."
  36. message 36 "You won't be going anywhere until you finish booking."
  37. message 37 "\"Looks like you'll be a valued addition to narcotics, Bonds,\" says Laura."
  38. message 38 "\"Let's get back to the office. I've got work to do.\""
  39. message 39 "Perhaps you should remove your prisoner from the car first."
  40. message 40 "Around here, failure to secure the gun locker door can be hazardous to your health!"
  41. message 41 "First, close the door."
  42. message 42 "Slam Dunk Donny yells through the fence, \""
  43. message 43 "There is a pushbutton on the wall beside the jail door."
  44. message 44 "Smile pretty."
  45. message 45 "The steel-plated door is bulletproof and as solid as a brick shipyard."
  46. message 46 "These lockers are used to store officers' weapons while they're inside the jail on business."
  47. message 47 "The locker is empty."
  48. message 48 "He seems to be tireless! His stamina is only equaled by his sentence. From past encounters, you know his nickname is \"Slam Dunk Donny.\""
  49. message 49 "You have no business in the jail at this time. The jailer knows it, and he won't let you in."
  50. message 50 "So many prisoners escape from this jail, you wonder if anyone is ever assigned to that tower."
  51. message 51 "\"Ok, ok! I'm comin'!\""
  52. message 52 "You should have thought of that when you had him on his belly!"
  53. message 53 "\"Follow me,\" you order your prisoner."
  54. message 54 "You must open the gun locker before you can retrieve your weapon."
  55. message 55 "It belongs in your car."
  56. message 56 "Put your gun in the gun locker."
  57. message 57 "You were sent here to enlist Sweet Cheeks, and you leave after just a kiss?!"


  1. message 1 "\"Are you sizin' up my office, or what?\""
  2. message 2 "\"Sonny, you know you don't belong in this office without an invitation! Get to work!\""
  3. message 3 "\"Officer Bonds, your public awaits you!\""
  4. message 4 "\"I heard you were going undercover at Hotel Delphoria, Sonny!\""
  5. message 5 "\"CLUCK!!\""
  6. message 6 "You can hardly believe your eyes. A full-grown chicken, with its legs tied together, is flapping about and clucking raucously, right on Sgt. Dooley's desk! Feathers fly everywhere! But that's not the worst: unfortunately, the chicken has lost control of her bodily functions."
  7. message 7 "The mysterious \"Gremlin\" has struck Sgt. Dooley again!"
  8. message 8 "\"Sonny! If I find out you are that inconsiderate, worthless 'Gremlin,' I'll hang you out to dry!!\""
  9. message 9 "Nah, you don't want to do that. Who'd dirty their clean uniform by picking up a chicken that just relieved herself all over Sgt. Dooley's desk?"
  10. message 10 "Before you say anything, you think back a few years and remember that Lytton PD officer who received a disability retirement because the blood stopped circulating in his brain. He also talked to chickens!"
  11. message 11 "The office is furnished with a desk and chair, a file cabinet, and a bookcase with a trophy on it."
  12. message 12 "On one wall is a photograph of Sgt. Dooley with Chief Whipplestick. On the other wall hangs a Certificate of Accomplishment."
  13. message 13 "The inscription on the trophy reads...\n\n\"Sgt. John Dooley\n Third Place\n Fifth Annual\n Pygmy Goat Races\""
  14. message 14 "\"Sonny! Are you going to be late for briefing again?\""
  15. message 15 "In the bookcase are various volumes of Official Departmental Procedures and General Orders guaranteed to cure insomnia."
  16. message 16 "This file cabinet is crammed full of personnel records and officer evaluations."
  17. message 17 "\"Certificate of Accomplishment for Outstanding Achievement in the Leadership of City of Lytton Community Youth Programs\""
  18. message 18 "The file cabinet is off-limits to all except Sgt. Dooley, the Chief of Police, and the Department of Internal Affairs."
  19. message 20 "\"Well, hello, Mr. Bonds.\""
  20. message 21 "The photograph of Sgt. Dooley and Chief Whipplestick amuses you."
  21. message 22 "You see the brickwork of an exterior wall."
  22. message 23 "It IS open."
  23. message 24 "It IS closed."
  24. message 25 "You're too far from the door."
  25. message 26 "Closing the door now would be rather painful."
  26. message 27 "\"Hello, Sonny! I have a memo here concerning you. Let me read it to you.\""
  27. message 28 "As Sgt. Dooley starts to read, his eyes begin to sting and water profusely."
  28. message 29 "\"Get out of my way!\" screams Dooley. \"I think my eyeballs are comin' out of my head!\""
  29. message 30 "Sgt. Dooley races for the bathroom, cursing the \"Gremlin\" for spraying the memo with mace!"
  30. message 31 "On his way out, Dooley yells, \"Read the memo yourself, Sonny -- if you can.\""
  31. message 32 "From the hallway comes uncontrolled laughter, as Dooley declares, \"When I find who that 'Gremlin' is, I swear I'll kill him!\""
  32. message 33 "You can't; that thing is dripping with mace."
  33. message 34 "You think to yourself, \"This is one excited chicken,\" as you watch it flop, squirt and cluck around on Dooley's desk. You bite your lip trying to keep from laughing."
  34. message 35 "You may be smart, but you can't read a memo upside down!"
  35. message 36 "What a cruel thought."
  36. message 37 "\"Interdepartmental Memo\n\nFrom: Lt. James Morgan, Narcotics.\n\nRe: Officer Bonds\n\nOfficer Bonds' request for a temporary transfer to the Narcotics Department has been approved. Bonds is to report to my office ASAP in suitable street clothes.\""
  37. message 38 "Dooley shouts, \"I swear if I catch that 'gremlin,' whoever he is, I'm gonna make hamburger out of him!\""
  38. message 39 "You don't need the books."
  39. message 40 "They belong to Sgt. Dooley. Don't bother them."
  40. message 41 "Dooley keeps his desk neat and orderly."
  41. message 42 "Sgt. Dooley, the old veteran, barks a lot, but rarely bites."
  42. message 43 "This is Sgt. Dooley's office. Many butts have been chewed out in this room."
  43. message 44 "Forget it!"
  44. message 45 "\"Bonds!\" Dooley growls. \"Aren't you assigned enough work to do? Go on, get out of here!\""
  45. message 46 "Do that in \"King's Quest III.\""
  46. message 47 "\"Interdepartmental Memo\n\nFrom: Lt. James Morgan, Narcotics.\n\nRe: Officer Bonds\n\nDue to our extreme manpower shortage, Officer Bonds is hereby temporarily transferred to the Narcotics Department. Bonds is to report to my office ASAP in suitable street clothes.\""


  1. message 1 "This is %m85's office."
  2. message 2 "Lt. Morgan is a handsome, middle-aged man, with a winsome touch of gray to his hair."
  3. message 3 ""
  4. message 4 ""
  5. message 5 ""
  6. message 6 ""
  7. message 7 "You're in %m85's office."
  8. message 8 "%m85 keeps his desk neat and clean, with a place for everything, and everything in its place. There is a telephone on his desk."
  9. message 9 "You are talented, but there is no need to climb the desk!"
  10. message 10 "You don't have time to sit on the desk!"
  11. message 11 "\"I have a lot of paperwork and no time to talk!\""
  12. message 12 "\"555-6674\""
  13. message 13 ""
  14. message 14 ""
  15. message 15 ""
  16. message 16 ""
  17. message 17 ""
  18. message 18 ""
  19. message 19 ""
  20. message 20 ""
  21. message 21 ""
  22. message 22 ""
  23. message 23 "\"Sonny, you were selected because of your experience and years of good service to the force,\" says %m85."
  24. message 24 "You look under the desk and surmise that %m85 picks his nose."
  25. message 25 "%m85 keeps his window nailed shut!"
  26. message 26 ""
  27. message 27 ""
  28. message 28 ""
  29. message 29 ""
  30. message 30 ""
  31. message 31 ""
  32. message 32 ""
  33. message 33 ""
  34. message 34 ""
  35. message 35 ""
  36. message 36 ""
  37. message 37 ""
  38. message 38 ""
  39. message 39 ""
  40. message 40 "This file is locked!"
  41. message 41 "Only %m85 has access to this file."
  42. message 42 ""
  43. message 43 "Warming the chair would be all you accomplished."
  44. message 44 ""
  45. message 45 ""
  46. message 46 ""
  47. message 47 ""
  48. message 48 ""
  49. message 49 ""
  50. message 50 ""
  51. message 51 ""
  52. message 52 ""
  53. message 53 "You're not close enough."
  54. message 54 "It's a tile floor."
  55. message 55 "%m84's phone is not for your use."
  56. message 56 "There is nothing on %m84's desk that concerns you."
  57. message 57 "%m84 barks, \"Sonny, get out from behind my desk!\""
  58. message 58 ""
  59. message 59 ""
  60. message 60 ""
  61. message 61 "%v35"
  62. message 62 ""
  63. message 63 "This door opens out, so you must leave in order to close it."
  64. message 64 "%m83 jabs, \"Sonny! Can't you see I'm busy!\""
  65. message 65 "\"Please, Sonny! I've got a ton of paperwork to do, and no time for conversation.\""
  66. message 66 "\"Sonny, I don't have time for anything now!\""
  67. message 67 "It's a window with mini-blinds."
  68. message 68 "That would anger %m83, as he likes his office dark."
  69. message 69 "\"Lytton City Map\""
  70. message 70 "You do not need it."
  71. message 71 "Make your own map!"
  72. message 72 "The books on the shelves belong to the Lieutenant."
  73. message 73 "You don't need them."
  74. message 74 "It's a ceiling."
  75. message 75 ""
  76. message 76 ""
  77. message 77 ""
  78. message 78 ""
  79. message 79 ""
  80. message 80 ""
  81. message 81 ""
  82. message 82 ""
  83. message 83 "Morgan"
  84. message 84 "Lt. %m83"
  85. message 85 "Lieutenant %m83"
  86. message 86 "\"I'm waiting for a return telephone call, Sonny,\" says %m84. \"Keep working and see what you can discover.\""
  87. message 87 ""
  88. message 88 ""
  89. message 89 ""


  1. message 1 "\"Wanna bet five bucks on who gets the first arrest?\""
  2. message 2 "\"Get to work, boy!\""
  3. message 3 "Sergeant Dooley will have your can if you read a newspaper while on duty."
  4. message 4 "This is your assigned position for briefings."
  5. message 5 "Sergeant John Dooley briefs the 1300 shift, beginning with the latest hot sheet of stolen rides..."
  6. message 6 "\"Welcome back, men\" says Sergeant John Dooley. \"I hope you enjoyed the long weekend.\""
  7. message 7 "\"Now, listen up,\" he barks. \"We're looking for a black 1983 Cadillac, license number 'LOP1238,' VIN C03456218, reported stolen last week. Try hard to find it, so I can get that Malcolm Washington character off my back for a change.\""
  8. message 8 "\"Also, please contact any street informants that you may have. We need any line we can get on this stinking drug traffic.\""
  9. message 9 "Dooley continues, \"Now, hear this: last night, three teenagers were arrested in three separate arrests, each for drunk driving. Two of the three were in possession of cocaine, and all three attend Jefferson High School. That should tell you something, boys and girls!\""
  10. message 10 "\"Well, that's it for today. Watch your butts, kids. We don't want ol' Chief Whipplestick whining about our industrial injury stats going up again! Sonny Bonds, your call number will be 83-32.\""
  11. message 11 "You pick up this morning's edition of the \"Lytton Tribune.\""
  12. message 12 "You check your pigeonhole and find a hand-written message..."
  13. message 13 "\"Sonny:\n\nHow's about a 11-98 at Carol's Caffeine Castle later in the shift?\n\nSteve\""
  14. message 14 "You look in Steve's pigeonhole and see a stack of subpoenas."
  15. message 15 "You look in Jack's pigeonhole and see a message that reads, \"I shot the last sucker that nosed around in MY pigeonhole!\""
  16. message 16 "Sgt. Dooley runs a quiet, organized briefing. Wandering around and being a general nuisance just won't cut it. He demands respect for superior officers."
  17. message 17 "My, my! What a filthy little mind we have!"
  18. message 18 "Your pigeonhole is empty."
  19. message 19 "Not now! Sgt. Dooley is ready to start his briefing."
  20. message 20 "Quit snooping around in other officer's pigeonholes."
  21. message 21 "\"Hey, Sonny! That story in this morning's paper sure made you look good.\""
  22. message 22 "\"Sonny Bonds, please find your place. Briefing is about to begin.\""
  23. message 23 "Since you no longer need the message, you discard it."
  24. message 24 "Dooley yells, \"Sonny, find your desk!\""
  25. message 25 "\"You're gonna havta hump to catch me, boy! I wrote so many tickets while you were off duty, I wore down two pencils and ran a pen clear out of ink!\""
  26. message 26 "\"Did you hear? The 'Greasy Spoon' quit giving half-price meals!\""
  27. message 27 "\"Can you believe our flea-bitten jail lost another prisoner last night?\""
  28. message 28 "\"Dooley sure has been putting on the pressure for ticket activity.\""
  29. message 29 "\"Sonny, you look good enough to take home.\""
  30. message 30 "\"Man! That aftershave lotion is getting to me, Sweet Thing.\""
  31. message 31 "\"I had two arrests last night; it's a shame both of them wanted to go the hard way!\""
  32. message 32 "\"Step aside, boy!\""
  33. message 33 "\"It's guys like you that make me want to retire.\""
  34. message 34 "\"Better write some tickets, if you want to keep Dooley off your back.\""
  35. message 35 "\"You keep wearing that aftershave lotion, and I'm going to jump you.\""
  36. message 36 "Oh, no! Here you are for the 1300 briefing, and it's 1315! Once again, you've spent too much time goofing off."
  37. message 37 "Time to buy \"Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards,\" the new, adult-themed 3-D animated, graphic adventure from Sierra!"
  38. message 38 "Briefing should be starting soon."
  39. message 39 "\"Bonds, next time find your place and face this podium,\" shouts Sgt. Dooley."
  40. message 40 "There is a newspaper lying on the table."


  1. message 1 "Sgt. Dooley says, \"Men, we've received information from the Day Sergeant concerning a Missing Persons report filed earlier this morning."
  2. message 2 "\"It seems that a Mexican male (physical description of 5'8\", 145 lbs, black hair, brown eyes) by the name of Jose Martinez, was last seen by his wife two days ago, getting into a late-model light blue Cadillac. No one has seen or heard from Martinez since."
  3. message 3 "\"This person has some previous arrests involving narcotics sales,\" says Dooley, concluding the briefing. \"Be advised that this black Cadillac may be one and the same as the one involved in the recent murder of Lonny West. We have a partial license plate number of 'L964.'\""
  4. message 4 "You check your pigeonhole and find a sealed envelope."
  5. message 5 "Ripping it open, you read a message from an unknown informant, advising you of illegal, high-stakes gambling in the back room of the Hotel Delphoria Cocktail Lounge."
  6. message 6 "There are some messages, but they're not for you."
  7. message 7 "You vow to remember the information, and discard the envelope and message."
  8. message 8 "Your pigeonhole is empty."
  9. message 9 "Dooley then proceeds to give everyone their beat assignments for the day, concluding with yours, \"Sonny Bonds, your call number will be 83-32.\""
  10. message 10 "\"Keep it safe out there, boys and girls!\""
  11. message 11 ""
  12. message 12 ""
  13. message 13 ""
  14. message 14 "Sgt. Dooley cans your butt on the spot, \"Bonds, you're FIRED for insubordination!\""
  15. message 15 "In his firm voice, Dooley reminds you, \"Being punctual to briefings might keep some of those corrective memos out of your pigeonhole, Bonds! Now, find your seat!\""
  16. message 16 "\"I heard about that Honey you stopped last night who tried to negotiate her way out of a ticket by exposing the upper parts of her anatomy.\""
  17. message 17 "\"I'm late for court, Sonny. Catch you later.\""
  18. message 18 "\"You should buy a new watch, Sonny. You might show up on time, for once!\""
  19. message 19 "\"Boy, Sonny! Sgt. Dooley is hotter than a pistol at you!\""
  20. message 20 "\"Sonny, the next time you sign up for graveyard shift, I'd just love to be your partner.\""
  21. message 21 "\"The next time Dooley embarrasses you like that, you oughta tell him to go eat hub caps in the parking lot.\""
  22. message 22 "\"Boy, Judge Palmer sure ticked me off this morning by finding that sleazy dude not guilty. What a judicial jerk-ette she is!\""


  1. message 1 "Your message box, often called a pigeonhole, is empty."
  2. message 2 "It looks like Steve finally cleaned out his box."
  3. message 3 "Well, Sonny, an empty pigeonhole is better than one full of subpoenas."
  4. message 4 "Jack's pigeonhole holds several birthday cards."
  5. message 5 "You no longer receive your mail here."
  6. message 6 "The pigeonhole is a police officer's mailbox. He can receive love letters, subpoenas, nasty notes, and even departmental memos. You ought to check yours."


  1. message 1 "The department has gone to great lengths to organize this undercover operation. Your informant is in a dangerous situation. You're all dressed for the occasion. Now, go do it!"
  2. message 2 "You don't need it for this operation. Leave it here."
  3. message 3 "You carefully unload your weapon before returning it to your locker."
  4. message 4 "You see your weapon in your gun belt."
  5. message 5 "The policeman's tool belt! Don't leave home without it."
  6. message 6 "There is a speed loader of ammunition on the shelf."
  7. message 7 "You take a speed loader with six rounds of .357-magnum, hollow-point, silver-jacketed bullets."
  8. message 8 "Your briefcase rests on the bottom of the locker."
  9. message 9 "Your briefcase contains many items you'll need in the field."
  10. message 10 "You remove the ammunition from your revolver, place it on the shelf, then hang your gunbelt on the locker door."
  11. message 11 "The keys to your Corvette are hanging on a hook."
  12. message 12 "You replace your ammo on the shelf."
  13. message 13 "Your towel is neatly folded in the bottom of the locker."
  14. message 14 "It's already in the locker."
  15. message 15 "You return the contents to your briefcase and place it in the locker."
  16. message 16 "You store your personal gear in your locker."
  17. message 17 "Your Lytton PD uniform is hanging neatly on a hanger."
  18. message 18 "There's not enough room in that towel!"
  19. message 19 "Your gun is still in the jail locker! Perhaps you should get it first."
  20. message 20 "Your civilian clothes are hanging on a hanger."
  21. message 21 "You grab the keys to your 'Vette."
  22. message 22 "You put the keys in your locker."
  23. message 23 "An old T-shirt and a pair of jeans hang here."
  24. message 24 "Your new, white, pimp suit is hanging on a hanger."
  25. message 25 "You have no use for it if you're not in uniform."
  26. message 26 "You have your orders. Now, get with the plan and bleach your hair!"
  27. message 27 "Your cane with the derringer handle is leaning in the corner."
  28. message 28 "Where!?"
  29. message 29 "Regulations require a shower before changing."
  30. message 30 "You don't need the keys until you're off-duty."
  31. message 31 "How wonderful! Fifteen years of service have come to this: wearing a pimp suit to meet a hooker! Now, that's professional advancement!! (Wouldn't your Mommy be proud!)"
  32. message 32 "Where's your other briefcase?"
  33. message 33 "What did you do with the other ammo?"
  34. message 34 "Where did you put your car keys?"
  35. message 35 "Change clothes first."
  36. message 36 "Ok. Who'll know?"


  1. message 1 "\"What'll it be?\""
  2. message 2 "\"Hi, Buddy. What would you like to quench your thirst?\""
  3. message 3 "\"What's your pleasure, my boy?\""
  4. message 4 "\"How ya doing, Sonny? What can I get you?\""
  5. message 5 "\"One %w1, comin' right up.\""
  6. message 6 "\"Yes sir! A %w1 %w2? You've got it!\""
  7. message 7 "\"I think I can handle a %w1 %w2!\""
  8. message 8 "\"%m40Sonny. This one is on the house.\""
  9. message 9 "\"%m40Buddy. That'll be one dollar.\""
  10. message 10 "\"%m40Big Boy. Sit and sip.\""
  11. message 11 "\"Come back anytime, Sonny.\""
  12. message 12 "\"See you later, buddy.\""
  13. message 13 "\"Thanks, trooper. I appreciate your business.\""
  14. message 14 "\"Order? Order what?\""
  15. message 15 "\"Ok, one %w2 comin' right up.\""
  16. message 16 "There's no waitress. You'd better move over to the bar."
  17. message 17 "The bartender can't hear you from here."
  18. message 18 "Don't yell, move over to the bar."
  19. message 19 "\"My, aren't we thirsty today?\""
  20. message 20 "\"Hold on. It's comin'.\""
  21. message 21 "\"Hold your shorts. I'll be right there!\""
  22. message 22 "\"Thanks, my man.\""
  23. message 23 "\"Thank you, sir!\""
  24. message 24 "\"If you need anything, just come on back.\""
  25. message 25 "You don't have money?! Man, what a charmer! This creep stiffs me for a drink!!"
  26. message 26 "\"Sure, sure! You lost your wallet. Get lost, freeloader!\""
  27. message 27 "\"Ordering drinks without cash! What a cop!!\""
  28. message 28 "\"Gee thanks, Mister!\""
  29. message 29 "\"Feelin' flush today? Thanks for the tip, Bud.\""
  30. message 30 "\"You're outta money and you try to give me a tip? Sure thing.\""
  31. message 31 "\"If you can pay for your drinks, you can afford a tip, Jack.\""
  32. message 32 "The bar top is clean, well-worn, and horizontal. However, years of elbows and drinks have taken their toll."
  33. message 33 "Like most glasses, these are more attractive full."
  34. message 34 "The shelves behind the bar are well-stocked with spirits."
  35. message 35 "The %w2 are heavy duty and comfortable."
  36. message 36 "They're not bad, considering they were purchased ten years ago at a swap meet!"
  37. message 37 "\"Here ya go. That's on the house.\""
  38. message 38 "\"If you change your mind, just holler.\""
  39. message 39 "Sonny, you should know drinking in uniform is strictly prohibited!"
  40. message 40 "Here you go, "
  41. message 41 "You swig the rancid fluid until you see the bottom of the glass."


  1. message 1 "The bulletin board is filled with terminally boring stuff!"
  2. message 2 "Narcotics Detective Laura Watts says, \"Sonny, you'd better not let Lieutenant Morgan or Sergeant Dooley catch you killing time in here!\""
  3. message 3 "\"Are you lost Sonny?\" Detective Laura Watts asks. \"The patrol cars are out in the yard.\""
  4. message 4 "\"Shouldn't you be out on patrol?\" Laura asks."
  5. message 5 "The Department manuals won't help you."
  6. message 6 "\"Welcome to the Narcotics Division, Sonny,\" says Laura. \"I'm pleased you were selected for the position.\""
  7. message 7 "\"Allow me to show you around.\""
  8. message 8 "\"This file cabinet contains all our active narcotic cases, including Hoffman's file.\""
  9. message 9 "\"Walk this way.\""
  10. message 10 "\"This key board contains keys to the unmarked cars that are assigned to the Narcotics Division. I've been meaning to update that clipboard hanging there.\""
  11. message 11 "\"By the way, our radio call number is 83-Nora-10.\""
  12. message 12 "\"This will be your desk,\" Laura continues. \"Since you have your own desk now, your pigeonhole will be assigned to someone else.\""
  13. message 13 "\"Sonny,\" Laura says earnestly, \"I attended Hoffman's arraignment early this morning. He's being represented by some out-of-town, hotshot lawyer.\""
  14. message 14 "\"The jerk has convinced Judge Palmer that Hoffman is who he says he is. And, that's not the worst of it...\""
  15. message 15 "\"Judge Palmer set Hoffman's bail at only $500,000.00!\" Laura exclaims. \"We've got to show cause to justify a No Bail Warrant. If Hoffman gets out on bail, we'll never see his ugly face again!\""
  16. message 16 "\"Sonny, I have a meeting right now, and can't stay. Hoffman's your baby now and time is running out! I hope you can discover some information that will convince Judge Palmer to hold him without bail!\""
  17. message 17 "This file cabinet contains the files on the current Lytton PD active narcotics cases."
  18. message 18 "Ah, hah! A note from Laura."
  19. message 19 "\"Bonds,\n\nWe just received a fax from Chicago PD Detective Joe Taber. He says our man Jason Taselli, (alias Hoffman, alias Pierson), is linked to a big time drug dealer by the name of Jessie Bains. Taber included a mug shot of Bains, a high stakes gambler who recently dropped out of sight in the Chicago area.\""
  20. message 20 "You study the mug shot of Bains, and vow to remember it."
  21. message 21 "You remember the anonymous letter about big-stakes gambling at the Hotel Delphoria and realize you are onto something hot."
  22. message 22 "\"And,\" concludes the note, our Lab has matched the fingerprints on the .45-caliber automatic found in the stolen Cadillac to Taselli's prints.\n\nLaura\""
  23. message 23 "You have no business in the Narcotics Division files."
  24. message 24 "The desk on the right has \"In\" and \"Out\" baskets, a telephone, but no nameplate."
  25. message 25 "\"Sonny,\" says Laura, \"Just after you left, a hooker by the name of Sweet Cheeks Marie (who called you 'Precious'), called from the jail and said she needs to see you as soon as possible.\""
  26. message 26 "\"But, before you go to the jail, Morgan wants to see you.\""
  27. message 27 "You'd better change and get over there."
  28. message 28 "\"Sonny, I just got a call from the jail. Hoffman's attorney is on his way over there with a half-million dollars to bail him out.\""
  29. message 29 "\"If you've found anything at all that we can use to hold this sucker, now is the time to use it.\""
  30. message 30 "\"Take whatever you have, get over to the courthouse and see if you can get a No Bail Warrant out of Judge Palmer.\""
  31. message 31 "\"Please feel free to research any and all files,\" Laura concludes."
  32. message 32 "You take the keys to the undercover car."
  33. message 33 "Narcotics Detective Laura Watts is a veteran narcotics cop and all business."
  34. message 34 "What keys?"
  35. message 35 "You hang the keys on the key board."
  36. message 36 "Not here, please! The keys belong on the key board."
  37. message 37 "The message is important, but not the paper!"
  38. message 38 "Nothing in Laura's basket pertains to you."
  39. message 39 "You'd better get over there!"
  40. message 40 "The keys hanging on the key board are for the Narcotics Department's unmarked cars. Below the key board hangs a clipboard."
  41. message 41 "The desk on the left has \"In\" and \"Out\" baskets, and a nameplate that says \"Laura Watts, Narcotics Detective.\""
  42. message 42 "There's no need to open the desk."
  43. message 43 "You see blue sky and green bushes."
  44. message 44 "The bookcase contains Official Departmental Manuals."
  45. message 45 "Reading a Departmental Manual is about as much fun as reading the fine print on a life insurance policy. You'd rather read the back of a cereal box!"
  46. message 46 "This is a map of the City of Lytton."
  47. message 47 "Hey! It's empty!"
  48. message 48 "Someday (if you ever move up to Narcotics) you may need keys to an unmarked car. But today is not that day."
  49. message 49 "Don't interrupt Laura when she's speaking."
  50. message 50 "\"Hello, Sonny!\" Laura Watts greets you. \"Lieutenant Morgan is waiting for you. %s9\""
  51. message 51 "\"Hey, Sonny,\" Laura Watts says, \"Sergeant Dooley is expecting you in his office, pronto!\""
  52. message 52 "\"Sonny! Are you going to be late for briefing again?\""
  53. message 53 "That's an entertaining idea, but you have work to do!"
  54. message 54 "Ah, the Narcotics Office -- where undercover cops roam!"
  55. message 55 "What? And spoil this wonderful air-conditioning?"
  56. message 56 "It's a genuine, LT&T black telephone."
  57. message 57 "Yes, there is a phone in the room."
  58. message 58 "There are two desks, a filing cabinet against the rear wall, and a bookcase in the far right corner."
  59. message 59 "The left wall holds a key board and a clipboard. On the rear wall is a bulletin board. A bookcase and large map of the City of Lytton are on the right wall."
  60. message 60 "\"How's it hangin', Big Boy?\" cracks Laura."
  61. message 61 "\"Hey! I thought you were supposed to go to the Hotel Delphoria!\""
  62. message 62 "Good idea!"


  2. message 2 "FBI MOST-WANTED LIST"
  3. message 3 "WANTED FOR MURDER"
  4. message 4 "187pc, Federal"
  5. message 5 "Warrant #219293-1985"
  6. message 6 "Jason Taselli"
  7. message 7 "ALIAS: known to use"
  8. message 8 "the last names"
  9. message 9 "Harris and Hoffman."
  10. message 10 "5'11, 195 lbs, black"
  11. message 11 "hair, brown eyes."
  12. message 12 "Has tattoo of a"
  13. message 13 "flower above left"
  14. message 14 "nipple."
  15. message 15 "Wanted for the"
  16. message 16 "murder of a Columbia"
  17. message 17 "national, suspected"
  18. message 18 "GRAND THEFT, AUTO"
  19. message 19 "1983 Cadillac Coupe"
  20. message 20 "deVille, black"
  21. message 21 "Stolen in Lytton, CA"
  22. message 22 "CA License LOP1238"
  23. message 23 "VIN C03456218"
  24. message 24 "1985 Yamamama 750cc"
  25. message 25 "motorcycle, cherry"
  26. message 26 "red, w/saddlebags."
  27. message 27 "CA License M65789"
  28. message 28 "VIN M09876543"
  29. message 29 "459pc BURGLARY"
  30. message 30 "action, oak stock,"
  31. message 31 "Ramington rifle,"
  32. message 32 "gold-plated trigger."
  33. message 33 "SERIAL #R12345678"
  34. message 34 "Ladies silk panties,"
  35. message 35 "57 pair, size 46-50,"
  36. message 36 "\"Fancy Pants"
  37. message 37 "blue, with zippered"
  38. message 38 "crotch. Stolen from"
  39. message 39 "Hog and dog food,"
  40. message 40 "2400 lbs. Taken from"
  41. message 41 "Fat Fred's \"Fat and"
  42. message 42 "9 large-mouthed,"
  43. message 43 "belly-bustin' stink"
  44. message 44 "\"Chink's Cast 'N'"
  45. message 45 "Catchit\" Bait Store"
  46. message 46 "BE ON THE LOOKOUT:"
  47. message 47 "Dog, 3', 145 lbs,"
  48. message 48 "Name: \"Buffie\""
  49. message 49 "Wedding rings, 8,"
  50. message 50 "stones. Taken from"
  51. message 51 "\"Jessie the Jeweler\""
  52. message 52 "Ah, ha!! \"Tattoo of flower above left nipple...\" You take the FBI Wanted Poster, knowing Judge Palmer will find it very interesting!"
  53. message 53 "Do you see a poster here?"
  54. message 54 "You've already taken the FBI Wanted Poster."
  55. message 55 ".22-caliber, lever-"
  56. message 56 "baits. Stolen from"
  57. message 57 "Feed\" Farm, Lytton"
  58. message 58 "black & white spots"
  59. message 59 "24-carat, w/diamond"
  60. message 60 "narcotics runner."
  61. message 61 "AKA \"The Consumer\""
  62. message 62 "Lingerie Emporium.\""
  63. message 63 "10851vc"
  64. message 64 "The clipboard must remain here in the office."
  65. message 65 "Ok."
  66. message 66 "You may also use the cursor keys to turn the pages."


  1. message 1 "This is LPD's Computer Room, complete with an outdated terminal just packed with valuable information."
  2. message 2 "\"Sonny, you should be out on duty, not fooling around here in the Computer Room.\""
  3. message 3 "\"Sonny! Are you going to be late for briefing again?\""
  4. message 4 "It works much more slowly when it's \"off!\""
  5. message 5 "It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood!"
  6. message 6 "If you're feeling stuffy, take a walk outside. Fresh air makes computers do funny things."
  7. message 7 "Mounted on the wall above the computer are two shelves holding approximately nine books."
  8. message 8 "You could rip the armpit out of your shirt trying to reach that shelf. Anyway, don't you know: no one reads computer manuals!"
  9. message 9 "A few outdated memos, filled with superfluous crap, hang on the bulletin board!"
  10. message 10 "It's a typical, acoustic ceiling with florescent lighting."
  11. message 11 "It's a plain, gray-tiled floor."
  12. message 12 "Under the table you see spider webs, dust and approximately eighteen wads of dried gum."
  13. message 13 "\"Nice talking to you, Sonny\" says Laura. \"See you later!\""
  14. message 14 "\"I'd like to dance with you Sonny, but, ah, not at the moment! Ok?\""
  15. message 15 "Laura Watts, of Narcotics, enters the room. \"Hello, Sonny,\" she says."
  16. message 16 "You have no use for the computer manuals."
  17. message 17 "On the table is an outdated (but workable) computer system, complete with monitor, keyboard and printer."
  18. message 18 "It IS off."
  19. message 19 "\"Go on, Sonny. Get out of here, and get to work.\""
  20. message 20 "\"Come on Sonny, get to work!\""
  21. message 21 "The office bulletin board hangs on the left wall, while the rear wall contains two bookshelves."
  22. message 22 "The computer's blank screen indicates it's off."


m1 = "It looks good enough to submit!"; m2 = "It IS open!"; m3 = "The door is closed."; m4 = "A sign on the door says, \"This door to remain open during business hours.\""; m5 = "Although you're anxious to get on your beat, missing Sgt. Dooley's briefing is not wise."; m6 = "You really don't need it."; m7 = "There is a table against the far wall below a photograph. The three doorways lead to Lt. Morgan's office, to the outside, and to the Narcotics Office."; m8 = "A group photograph of the Lytton Superior Court Justices hangs on the wall."; m9 = "You try to look through the window but you can't see in, since the blinds are shut."; m10 = "Knocking on the window brings no response."; m11 = "No way. Cops don't break windows!"; m12 = "It's another acoustic ceiling, complete with florescent lighting."; m13 = "Below your feet is a clean, gray-tiled floor."; m14 = "This window does not open."; m15 = ""; m16 = "So! Did you decide to just skip work today, or what?"; m17 = "On the table is a basket marked \"In.\" This is where you submit your reports and memos. Next to the basket is a pad of blank memos."; m18 = "The basket is empty."; m19 = "On the table you see a stack of blank office memos."; m20 = "You don't need to submit a memo at this time. But, if you did, this would be a perfect place to do it!"; m21 = "You look under the table and conclude..."; m22 = "...Everyone here must chew gum!"; m23 = "Climbing up on this table would rip the crotch right out of your trousers!"; m24 = "You don't need to write any reports right now, but if you did, this would be a perfect place to do it!"; m25 = "You write out a request for transfer to the \"Narcotics Division.\""; m26 = "You place your request into the \"In\" basket."; m27 = ""; m28 = "Sorry, but the \"In\" basket stays here!"; m29 = "They must remain on the table."; m30 = "Your prior request for transfer is still current."; m31 = ""; m32 = "Carefully you double-check your request."; m33 = ""; m34 = "Submitting a blank memo will get you nowhere."; m35 = "Your freshly-written request for transfer is in the \"In\" basket."; m36 = "Your request is being processed in the usual bureaucratic manner. Having been removed by the officially-designated individual, it is at this very moment being distributed, in triplicate, to the LPD brass."; m37 = "Your request for transfer has been granted. No further memos are required."; m38 = "You'd better return that radio extender. It makes an unsightly bulge in your trousers!"; m39 = "Sonny, you can't use the patrol car now. You'd better return the keys to the key board."; m40 = "";


m1 = "The people of Lytton are very proud of this courthouse, built in 1873 by descendants of the towns' first settlers. The marble was imported all the way from West Lytton."; m2 = "There are people inside. They wonder why you're staring in the windows, instead of walking inside."; m3 = "These doors open into the (sometimes) hallowed halls of justice."; m4 = "The door IS closed."; m5 = "The hot sidewalk is contrasted by a cool, well manicured lawn."; m6 = "You look up at a beautiful, cloudless sky and feel a gentle breeze ramble through your hair. You think to yourself, \"What a day.\"";


m1 = "\"How do you do, Sir. May I help you?\""; m2 = "\"I'm sorry, but Judge Kim Palmer's court is presently in session.\""; m3 = "\"I can only interrupt a court in session for an extreme emergency!\""; m4 = "\"Please wait a moment. I'll send a message with the bailiff.\""; m5 = ""; m6 = "For emergencies, dial \"911.\""; m7 = "\"The bailiff says Judge Palmer will see you, if you can make it quick! Go on into the courtroom.\""; m8 = "This door doesn't open."; m9 = "The door IS open."; m10 = "\"Good day, Sir. How may I help you?\""; m11 = "The door IS closed."; m12 = "This is the outer reception room of the courthouse. The Court Clerk's office is behind the glass window to the right. The courtroom is through the double doors."; m13 = "\"It seems obvious you have no business here, Sir. You're just wasting my time!\""; m14 = "You can't enter while court is in session. See the Court Clerk first!"; m15 = "The Court Clerk asks, \"Did you get what you needed?\""; m16 = "The Court Clerk responds, \"Very good, Officer. Go get 'em.\""; m17 = "There's nothing of interest, except that statue of Justice above the double doors leading to the courtroom."; m18 = "These doors lead to Judge Kim Palmer's courtroom."; m19 = "\"That's very nice, sir,\" responds the Clerk, \"but I have no authority in matters such as this.\"";


m1 = "Judge Kim Palmer addresses her courtroom..."; m2 = "\"Silence in the court!\""; m3 = "In a firm voice the bailiff speaks to you, \"Well? The judge is waiting for you.\""; m4 = "\"Mr. Bonds, who, or what, is this warrant for?\" says the judge."; m5 = "\"And, what information do you have to substantiate the validity of a warrant?\""; m6 = "You hand the evidence to the bailiff."; m7 = "Judge Palmer reviews the FBI flyer and the file. To your great relief, she issues a No Bail Warrant for Mr. Jason Taselli, alias Marvin Hoffman!"; m8 = "\"Here you are, Mr. Bonds. I hope you are not too late. Taselli's attorney is at the jail at this very moment, attempting his release.\""; m9 = "This court is in session. The bailiff proceeds toward you."; m10 = "\"For your information, Sir, this court is in session!\""; m11 = "\"You are most fortunate that I do not hold you in contempt!\""; m12 = "\"Bailiff! Show this gentleman out of my courtroom!\""; m13 = "As you are launched from Judge Palmer's court, the bailiff bids you farewell, \"Boy, is your face red!\""; m14 = ""; m15 = "Judge Palmer strikes the gavel, \"Silence. I will consider Mr. Bonds' request.\""; m16 = "\"Mr. Bonds, you may approach the bench.\""; m17 = "Who is that?"; m18 = "\"All right. Do you have any other information?\""; m19 = "\"For attempting to present evidence you do not have,\" Judge Palmer says, \"I hereby find you in comtempt of court!\""; m20 = "\"Mr. Bonds, I've a good mind to let you cool your heels in the City Jail for the next three days! But, since this court tries to go out of its way to help the Department, I'll suspend sentence. Just be sure you never interrupt my court without evidence again!\""; m21 = "\"The FBI wanted poster does arouse suspicion%m35"; m22 = "\"I remind you, Mr. Bonds, I have reviewed the file%m35"; m23 = "\"Mr. Bonds, you are keeping this entire courtroom waiting, while you attempt to establish your case!\""; m24 = "Judge Palmer motions the bailiff to retrieve the evidence."; m25 = "Your heart races as Judge Palmer evaluates your evidence. You think to yourself, \"This punk can not go free!\""; m26 = "Judge Palmer scans the items presented and questions, \"What makes you think these two men are the same person, Mr. Bonds?\""; m27 = "The bailiff and court reporter squirm and choke, trying to conceal their laughter, while you quietly tell the judge your tale of tattoos and nipples!"; m28 = "The Judge attempts to stifle her giggles, but fails."; m29 = "Judge Palmer whispers softly to you, \"Well, Mr. Bonds, it appears your friend 'has his tit caught in the wringer!'\""; m30 = "Stifling her laughter, Judge Palmer says, \"Congratulations, Mr. Bonds! Your request is granted!\""; m31 = "\"Here is a No Bail Warrant, issued in the name of Jason Taselli, alias Marvin Hoffman.\""; m32 = "\"Bailiff, deliver this to Mr. Bonds, and escort him out.\""; m33 = "Judge Palmer announces, \"Mr. Bonds, I will review these documents today and return them to your department this afternoon.\""; m34 = "\"Well?\""; m35 = ",\" says Judge Palmer. \"However, by itself, it is not sufficient evidence to detain Mr. Hoffman.\"";


m1 = "Laura says, \"Ok, Sonny, I'll move the car out of sight and monitor you for backup.\""; m2 = "Laura asks, \"What took you so long, Hot Rod? I picked up this loose end trying to take foot bail on you!\""; m3 = "You mumble under your breath, \"Yeah, sure, Laura! You probably just grabbed the first white male you could find!\""; m4 = "What's wrong with you?"; m5 = "From here, the park looks lovely. Perhaps you should enter it."; m6 = "The search reveals an identification card, and a small bag containing a white powdery substance."; m7 = "The contents of the bag appear to be cocaine!"; m8 = "Simms is reluctant but cooperative. You learn he has been selling to kids at Jefferson High School, including Officer Cobb's daughter, Kathy."; m9 = "\"I used to buy from a guy named Jose Martinez, but then Martinez introduced me to Don Colby here,\" Simms says, \"I haven't seen Martinez since.\""; m10 = "Colby refuses to answer any questions."; m11 = "After persistant questioning of Colby, you discover he buys his drugs from Leroy Pierson. He says Leroy's telephone number is 555-6537. He also asks that his cooperation be noted for consideration by the court."; m12 = "You search the trembling youngster."; m13 = "It might be wise to question these guys while they're still shaking."; m14 = "\"What's the matter? Let's get this show on the road!\""; m15 = "Laura comments, \"Lt. Morgan will be real happy with this bust!\""; m16 = "\"Let's get these boys to jail.\""; m17 = "You can't release these pushers here!"; m18 = "The door is already shut."; m19 = "Where are you going?"; m20 = "\"Sonny, go stake out the picnic area.\""; m21 = "\"His name is Don Colby, Officer,\" says the shaking youngster. Colby glares at the boy."; m22 = "The Jefferson High School Student Identification Card (in the name of Victor Simms) matches the general description of your suspect."; m23 = "You find nothing more."; m24 = "question colby"; m25 = "question simms"; m26 = "Laura searches her suspect."; m27 = "She finds his gun, an envelope of money and little else."; m28 = "\"Yes, sir!\""; m29 = "Laura says, \"I'll book this stuff into evidence.\""; m30 = "\"I place you under arrest!\""; m31 = "They can't hear you from here."; m32 = "The Jefferson High School Student Identification Card (in the name of Victor Simms) matches the general description of your suspect."; m33 = "Laura looks pretty good today."; m34 = "The young man is dressed in dark clothes."; m35 = "You would not buy a used car from this man."; m36 = "You key your radio, \"Dispatch, this is 83-Nora-10. Be advised, Code-4 with two in custody.\"";


m1 = "That drug-peddling punk just blew you%m46"; m2 = "You just blew that drug-peddling punk%m46"; m3 = "The old, redwood picnic table covered with bird droppings, ants, peanut butter smudges and assorted initials."; m4 = "The hedge is nicely trimmed."; m5 = "This wall is composed of 3500 bricks and 2000 pounds of mortar, and was built by the Mark Crowe Graphics Construction Company."; m6 = "This beautiful old, oak tree will give you shade but little else."; m7 = "You conceal yourself in the bushes, but with a clear view of the table."; m8 = "Your extender crackles, \"This is 83-Nora-10. Notify when you are in position.\""; m9 = "If you had a radio extender, that would be easy."; m10 = "You key your extender and notify Detective Watts that you're in a concealed position."; m11 = "She responds to your transmission, \"10-4! Will maintain radio silence until I hear from you.\""; m12 = "You're supposed to be hiding! No one will play \"Let's Make A Dope Deal\" with you milling about."; m13 = "Working a stakeout without a radio extender isn't exactly the way they taught it at the Academy."; m14 = "\"Keep it down. This is a stakeout, remember?\""; m15 = "You quietly watch a man enter the picnic area."; m16 = "He cautiously nears the picnic table."; m17 = "Another figure carefully approaches the picnic table. Could it be his drug contact?"; m18 = "\"Psst, Vic! Were you followed?\""; m19 = "\"No way, man. It's cool!\""; m20 = "\"I got the stuff. Did you bring the cash?\""; m21 = "\"Ya, right here.\""; m22 = "One suspect hands what appears to be an envelope to the other suspect."; m23 = "The second suspect returns a small plastic bag containing a white substance."; m24 = "\"Hey, Butt Breath! This ain't enough!! Where's the rest?\""; m25 = "As they argue, you realize the pusher is dissatisfied with the contents of the envelope."; m26 = "You quietly radio Laura, \"I'm moving in. You hook up anybody trying to take foot bail!\""; m27 = "You trade your career for a few seconds of heavenly bliss."; m28 = "\"Halt!\" you shout. \"Police officer!!\""; m29 = "\"Yeah? So what! Ain't nothin' wrong been done here!!\""; m30 = "You follow Simms to the patrol car."; m31 = "You 'cuff one trembling suspect."; m32 = "You'd better 'cuff him first."; m33 = "Pushing a little, you rush out, and frighten away the suspects!"; m34 = "You find nothing more."; m35 = "He is 'cuffed!"; m36 = "The search reveals nothing except his school identification card, and the small bag containing a white powdery substance that you watched him get from the pusher."; m37 = "The Jefferson High School Student Identification Card (in the name of Victor Simms) matches the general description of your suspect."; m38 = "The contents of the bag appear to be cocaine!"; m39 = "As you move, a dry branch snaps beneath your weight. Unfortunately, its loud \"CRACK!\" reveals you to the suspects!"; m40 = "Those two are sure paranoid. They're history now."; m41 = "Well, you blew that one! There won't be any drug deal here today!"; m42 = "Whoops! You're not going to get 'em this time! Failure to follow proper procedure leaves you in an awkward position. You'd better refer to your \"PIG\" manual!"; m43 = "This kid is so scared, that won't be necessary."; m44 = "Holster your weapon first."; m45 = "You can't just go off and leave your suspect."; m46 = " into \"Police Quest II,\" coming soon to a computer near you!"; m47 = "\"Ah, ha! Colby!\""; m48 = "You radio Laura, \"I've got mine in custody, and we're heading for the car. I'll meet you there.\""; m49 = "The bushes seem unimpressed with your bravado!"; m50 = "It's a little early for that!"; m51 = "Simms is reluctant but cooperative. You learn he has been selling to kids at Jefferson High School, including Officer Cobb's daughter, Kathy."; m52 = "\"I used to buy from a guy named Jose Martinez, but then Martinez introduced me to that guy, Colby,\" Simms says, \"I haven't seen Martinez since.\""; m53 = "\"It's a pleasure doin' business with 'cha.\""; m54 = "\"See ya next time, Dude!\""; m55 = "And then, they quickly hit the road."; m56 = "\"Laura! Grab him!!\""; m57 = "\"Hey, who's 'dat?\""; m58 = "\"(crackle... static... crackle...)\""; m59 = "Where are you going? Nobody's going to do anything illegal with you hanging around!"; m60 = "A little slow today, are we? Now you've missed your chance. Those two are history."; m61 = "You key your extender, \"83-Nora-10, this is 32-12. Are you in place?\""; m62 = "It seems they have resolved their differences, since the older man says..."; m63 = "\"I dunno. Let's get outta here!\""; m64 = "\"Jiggers! The fuzz!!\""; m65 = "\"Beat it!!\""; m66 = "\"Hey, Man! It's some guy wit' a gun!!\""; m67 = "\"I'm outta here!\""; m68 = "%m64 shouts the pusher, %m67"; m69 = "\"Don't shoot, Officer!\" shouts the young man, \"I give up!!\""; m70 = "Well, you caught yourself a nice, little fish, but you let the shark get away. Next time, try following proper police procedures."; m71 = "The beautiful park is caressed by a gentle breeze."; m72 = "The cool, green grass feels good under your feet."; m73 = "You see a beautiful blue sky, a couple of clouds, and an airplane way up there."; m74 = "You've resolved this stakeout in an interesting and creative manner, but surely you can come up with a more professional approach!"; m75 = "%m84 Trying to shoot an unarmed, high-school boy who's obviously scared to death is hardly the proper solution here."; m76 = "\"Hands up!\" you shout. \"Police officer!!\""; m77 = "He can't. He's handcuffed."; m78 = "You've got him under control. Just 'cuff him."; m79 = "\"You are under arrest!\""; m80 = "Carved into the table is \"DW + JW\" and \"GR loves CW.\""; m81 = "Where!?"; m82 = "The young man is wearing dark clothes."; m83 = "There is slightly older man talking with him."; m84 = "A little trigger-happy, aren't we?";


m1 = "Laura enters the jail and says, \"Hey, Sonny! I need to speak with you for a moment.\""; m2 = "\"A position has opened in the Narcotics Division, and according to Lieutenant Morgan, it will be filled by a veteran street cop.\""; m3 = "\"If you're interested, submit a memo to Lieutenant Morgan as soon as possible. It would be a great chance for you to get out of that uniform for awhile.\""; m4 = "The jailer yells, \"Hey, Hot Pencil! Come over here.\""; m5 = "\"I just hung up from talking to Dooley, and is he hot!\""; m6 = "The jailer continues, \"He wants you back at the office on the double!\""; m7 = "The jailer says, \"What can I do for you, Hot Pencil?\""; m8 = "\"What are you charging him with?\" the jailer asks."; m9 = "You remove and inventory the prisoner's personal property, then hand it to the jailer with the booking slip."; m10 = "The jailer takes the prisoner's property, then says, \"Ok, Monty, remove this gentleman's 'cuffs and place him behind 'door number one.'\""; m11 = "\"If he throws up on the floor,\" the jailer laughs, \"you're gonna clean it up, Bonds!\""; m12 = "\"Gee, thankssh a lot, Ociffer,\" says the drunk. \"I'm so happy, I could just s^%$!\""; m13 = "Just as Laura leaves, the jailer yells at you..."; m14 = "You remove the 'cuffs and place them in your handcuff case."; m15 = "\"Whew! Boy, that feels good,\" says the drunk. \"Those 'cuffs were so tight I thought my hands had fallen off.\""; m16 = "\"Well, are you going to remove his 'cuffs or not?\" asks the jailer."; m17 = "\"Are you deaf?\" prompts the jailer. \"I said, 'what can I do for you?'\""; m18 = "\"Are you going to book this dude or not?\""; m19 = "\"Listen, bud, I need to talk to you before you leave. Just drag 'em on over here.\""; m20 = "The jailer has difficulty hearing you at this distance."; m22 = "\"Ok, ok!\" says the jailer, \"I heard you.\""; m23 = "\"Any time now, you can remove the 'cuffs.\""; m24 = "Thinking about grabbing your gun, the drunk delivers a blow to the top of your head. You fall to the floor, unconscious."; m25 = "Suddenly he realizes what a bad decision he's made, but by then it's too late for you. You're a pile on the floor. Next time, lock up your gun before you enter a jail!";


m1 = "You remove the 'cuffs and place them in your handcuff case."; m2 = "\"Well,\" asks the jailer, \"are you going to remove his 'cuffs or not?\""; m3 = "After a short wait, the jailer asks, \"Are you going to book this dude or not?\""; m4 = "\"My goodness gracious!\" says the jailer. \"Here stands Bonds again on behalf of the people.\""; m5 = "\"This is one bad dude,\" says the jailer. \"What are you booking him for, Sherlock?\""; m6 = "The jailer responds, \"Ok, %w1 will do. Fill out the booking slip and give me his property!\""; m7 = "\"You can't book anyone on a %w1!\""; m8 = "Deep down you know this sleeze bag is not the man he claims he is. You book him as \"Marvin Hoffman\" anyway, hoping his numerous felony charges will keep him in the slammer long enough for you to ascertain his true identity."; m9 = "You hand the jailer the booking slip and the suspect's property."; m10 = "\"Ok, Bonds,\" the jailer says, \"you can remove his 'cuffs and place Mr. So-Called \"Marvin Hoffman\" into cell number one.\""; m11 = "\"You little meter maids can't keep me in here!\" he shouts."; m12 = "Hoffman yells, \"I'll be out of this tank before you finish your coffee break!\""; m13 = "\"Since my shift is over, I'll see you back at the station.\""; m14 = "\"I received a call from dispatch on the way over here. Dooley wants to see you in his office when you are done here.\""; m15 = "\"If you want to book this crook, I'll need a clue as to the charges.\""; m16 = "Jack says, \"Well, I see you got that slimeball pusher booked!\""; m17 = "\"Your penthouse awaits you, Hoffman!\""; m18 = "\"Shove it, Pig!\""; m19 = "\"The car's tucked away and all the evidence is booked. This is one clean bust, my boy!\""; m20 = "The jailer seethes, \"I hope you know, Bonds, at this very moment Hoffman's lawyer is in the front reception area, bailing that worm out.\""; m21 = "\"Hey, Sonny, come over here,\" says the jailer. \"I have something to tell you.\""; m22 = "You hand the jailer the No Bail Warrant just in time to keep Mr. Taselli from returning to the streets."; m23 = "\"Oh, man! This is great, Sonny,\" the jailer laughs. \"I hope you know this will slam the ol' boy's orifice shut.\""; m24 = "\"I bet you wish you had a No Bail Warrant on this guy!\" says the jailer."; m25 = "\"I'll be right back. This is gonna blow his attorney's mind!\""; m26 = "\"You know something, Pig? All you're doing is slightly delaying my exit!\" Taselli rants."; m27 = "\"Boy, that made my day, Sonny! You should have seen the guy.\""; m28 = "\"He started ranting and raving like a little kid who just had his lollipop taken away!\""; m29 = "In a desperate attempt to escape, the suspect seizes your weapon and blows you into eternity! Next time, check your weapon at the door!"; m30 = "\"Sonny, you already gave me the No Bail Warrant.\""; m31 = "Failure to search the suspect has cost you dearly! The LPD Widows and Orphan Fund will contact your next of kin!"; m32 = "\"What's your name?\" the jailer asks your prisoner."; m33 = "\"The name's, uh, Marvin Hoffman, you scum bag!\" he responds. \"And that's all you're gettin' outta me!\"";


m1 = "Officer Steve Johnson greets you upon your arrival at Cotton Cove."; m2 = "\"Good to see you, Sonny,\" he says. \"We've got a ripe one here, with no ID! Is this the dude you arrested?\""; m3 = "\"Since you're the guy who booked him, we hope you can identify him.\""; m4 = "You lift the white blanket and examine the swollen body. It resembles %s6, however, you can't be sure."; m5 = "The soggy shirt peels slowly from his chest. Above his left nipple you spot the flower tattoo which confirms your identification."; m6 = "\"I know he reeks, Sonny, but you'll have to get closer to do that,\" says Steve."; m7 = "You see as much as you care to!"; m8 = "You key the radio, \"Dispatch, this is 83-Nora-10. Report positive ID on body of one %s6. 10-8, Cotton Cove.\""; m9 = "Your radio crackles, \"10-4, 83-Nora-10. Dispatch copies 10-22 APB %s6.\""; m10 = "The water is nice this time of year, but swimming is deadly!"; m11 = "With an extender, you could radio dispatch from here."; m12 = "Your radio crackles, \"10-4, 83-Nora-10. Dispatch copies 10-97 Cotton Cove.\""; m13 = "\"Go on, Sonny. Get up there and take a look.\""; m14 = "You'd better report your findings."; m15 = "\"Thanks, Sonny. Be advised Coroner is en route. 10-19, per Lt. Morgan.\""; m16 = "You observe two patrol units parked with emergency lights flashing. They both appear unoccupied."; m17 = "You look around at a beautiful wooded area. The Clearwater River flows in the background."; m18 = "You see nothing that would help you."; m19 = "The Clearwater River looks refreshing."; m20 = "You're not close enough."; m21 = "Thinking your car is one slick machine, you admire it one more time."; m22 = "The two marked patrol cars with emergency lights flashing, and the covered body in the clearing, clouds the natural beauty of Cotton Cove."; m23 = "\"Yep,\" you respond, \"this is %s6, alright.\""; m24 = "You radio in, \"Dispatch, 83-Nora-10 10-97 Cotton Cove.\""; m25 = "\"Well, Sonny,\" says Steve, \"is this %s6, or not?\""; m26 = "\"Are you going to inform Dispatch?\" asks Steve."; m27 = "\"Thanks for your help, Sonny,\" says Steve."; m28 = "You don't need to uncover any more."; m29 = "The body is covered by a blanket."; m30 = "Gladly."; m31 = "The policemen stand near a dead body."; m32 = "Just walk right in, the water looks fine!"; m33 = "You radio, \"10-8 from scene.\""; m34 = "Marvin Hoffman"; m35 = "Jason Taselli"; m36 = "You've always thought this a lovely part of Lytton.";


m1 = "The jailer says, \"This is certainly a fine-looking group ya got this time, Sonny!\""; m2 = "You remove, inventory, and deliver the prisoner's personal property to the jailer along with the booking slip."; m3 = "You remove the 'cuffs and place them in your handcuff case."; m4 = "\"Ok, %w1 it will be,\" the jailer says. \"Fill out a booking slip and give me his property!\""; m5 = "\"I think you boys know where to go!\" you tell them."; m6 = "\"Up your's, Dick Tracy! You'll never make this stick!\""; m7 = "The jailer says, \"Ok, Sonny, remove their 'cuffs and put the little pushers into cell number one.\""; m8 = "\"What are you charging these dudes with?\" asks the jailer."; m9 = "\"I'm gonna sue you for makin' them 'cuffs so tight, Flatfoot!\" threatens your prisoner."; m10 = "\"Come on, Bonds,\" says the jailer impatiently. \"Take the 'cuffs off this pair!\""; m11 = "\"I'm still waiting, Bonds,\" says the jailer. \"What are you going to do with them?\""; m12 = "\"Sonny,\" says Laura, \"I'll wait here while you complete the booking.\""; m13 = "\"Hey, Bonds,\" yells Laura. \"I'll wait for you in the car.\""; m14 = "Move to the counter before making a case."; m15 = "The jailer heard you the first time!"; m16 = "The suspects should be booked first."; m17 = "The cuffs are removed."; m18 = "As you die...\n" "\n" "the last thing you hear...\n" "\n" "is the suspect mumbling something about...\n" "\n" "what he does to pigs..."; m19 = "\"My Mommy's gonna be bummin' when she finds out where I am!\" whines Victor Simms.";


m1 = "\"Well, it's about time, Bonds!\" exclaims the jailer. \"That gal in cell one has been whining like a lonely puppy for you!\""; m2 = "\"Do your best to calm that girl down, will ya, Sonny? I don't get paid enough to listen to that crap!\""; m3 = "As you approach cell one, Sweet Cheeks spots you and says..."; m4 = "\"Oh, Precious! I'm so happy to see you!\""; m5 = "\"Please come here and talk to me! I need your help, Sonny.\""; m6 = "\"I'm sorry, Sonny, but I got picked up by Operation Trick Trap.\""; m7 = "\"I know you warned me, but I thought the operation was over.\""; m8 = "\"I'll do anything to get out!\""; m9 = "\"Oh, Sonny! If only I had someone like you to call my own!\""; m10 = "\"Wow, Sweet Lips!\" you exclaim. \"Was that hot, or what?!\""; m11 = "\"I'm sorry, Precious. I just couldn't resist you!\""; m12 = "\"Oh please, get me out of this place.\""; m13 = "\"Oh, Sonny, I'll help you do anything. Thank you so much!\""; m14 = "\"Oh, please, tell me what to do.\""; m15 = "Embarrassed, you feel as though all the blood in your body has rushed to your face."; m16 = "You explain the arrangements of Sweet Cheek's immediate release to her."; m17 = "\"Sweet Cheeks, as soon as you're released, I want you to go to the police station for a meeting with Lieutenant Morgan.\""; m18 = "\"Hey, Sonny!\" says the jailer in a loud voice, \"You been messing with my female prisoners or did you just start wearing lipstick today?\""; m19 = "\"Lt. Morgan just called. He's sending a car over for Sweet Cheeks.\""; m20 = "She can't hear you from here.";


m1 = "This is the front entrance to the Hotel Delphoria."; m2 = "This sky is certainly clear today!"; m3 = "That's what servants are for!"; m4 = "The hot sidewalk makes the awning's shade inviting."; m5 = "The man is wearing the uniform of a doorman, which seems appropriate since that is his job. You notice nothing out of the ordinary."; m6 = "A quiet sort, the doorman offers, \"May I open the door for you?\""; m7 = "The red carpet leads through the front door of the hotel."; m8 = "The planters hold small, manicured shrubs and trees."; m9 = "The small, green, decorative shrubs are certainly well-maintained."; m10 = "The windows are not especially interesting."; m11 = "That will not be beneficial."; m12 = "The green and white awning protects the doorman from the elements, and helps him maintain that washed-out complexion.";


m1 = "\"Good day, Sir!\" says the desk clerk in his best, plastic voice. \"How may I help you?\""; m2 = "\"I hope you get your money's worth, Buddy!\" says the desk clerk. \"Hey, Sweet Cheeks! Remember: no more jello in the bathtub, okay?\""; m3 = "\"Thank you very much, sir. Here are your keys. I hope you enjoy your stay!\""; m4 = "After you fill out the register, the desk clerk says, \"Just take the elevator to the second floor. Your room is to the right.\""; m5 = "This is the lobby of the Hotel Delphoria. It is decorated in the style of the era in which it was constructed, its prime days long gone. There is a desk to the east and an elevator to the north."; m6 = "The marble desk top is empty except for a bell. Behind the desk are the hotel's mailboxes."; m7 = "The mailboxes are used by hotel personnel only."; m8 = "The desk clerk appears to be a neat and clean-looking gent."; m9 = "It's not yours. Leave it alone."; m10 = "You are already on that floor."; m11 = "You have no business here. Get back to the business of crime stopping."; m12 = "\"I'm sorry, sir, but we have no vacancies at this time,\" says the desk clerk. \"Please check back with us tomorrow.\""; m13 = "Don't get impatient!"; m14 = "Embarrassed, you admit to the desk clerk, \"Uh, it appears you've caught me a little short.\""; m15 = "You hand the clerk $100.00. He asks you to fill out the registration card. You do, under the name of %s3"; m16 = "The bell is metal and small. The button on top, when pressed, causes it to ring."; m17 = "\"We have a vacancy in Room 204, on the second floor. All our rooms are very clean and nicely furnished, with telephones and queen-sized beds,\" says the desk clerk. \"That will be $100.00, please.\""; m18 = "\"I'm sorry, Sir,\" responds the desk clerk, \"but you'll have to use the telephone in your room.\""; m19 = "No one heard you."; m20 = "\"I'll BET you're a little short,\" snaps the clerk, \"and not just in the wallet!\""; m21 = "Leaving the hotel, you drop the room key at the desk."; m22 = "\"Just ring if I may be of assistance. Goodbye.\""; m23 = "That's a pretty general statement."; m24 = "Jimmy Lee Banksten."; m25 = "Jonathan Doe."; m26 = "\"Hey, Baby! Let's go up to the room! Come on!!\""; m27 = "The front wall of the elevator has four buttons marked \"One,\" \"Two,\" \"Three,\" and \"Four.\" What could they possibly do?"; m28 = "\"D\""; m29 = "Majestic, isn't it!"; m30 = "Which floor number?"; m31 = "Your mission is in the Hotel Delphoria. Nothing elsewhere will help you in your capture of the Death Angel!";


m1 = "You have no way to inform your backups."; m2 = "%m5 second %m6 201 to 204 %m7"; m3 = "%m5 third %m6 301 to 304 %m7"; m4 = "%m5 fourth %m6 401 to 404 %m7"; m5 = "You are standing on the"; m6 = "floor of the Hotel Delphoria. Rooms"; m7 = "are on this floor."; m8 = "The door is already open."; m9 = "You whisper a soft \"Room 404\" into your transmitter \"pen,\" informing your backup unit of your location."; m10 = "You admire the plush carpet."; m11 = "The door appears to be made of heavy wood."; m12 = "You try, but the door is locked."; m13 = "You don't have the key to this door."; m14 = "You knock, and hear a muffled voice from within say, \"Mind your own business, dude!\""; m15 = "No one answers."; m16 = "You knock and hear nothing but screaming obscenities from within."; m17 = "After you knock, you hear footsteps, then silence."; m18 = "Your knock brings the reply, \"You can knock till your knuckles bleed, but I ain't opening the door!\""; m19 = "Clinking glasses and loud laughter drown out your knock."; m21 = "An interesting manuever on your part has separated you from your suspect. Now what will you do?"; m22 = "You hear a hollow, ringing sound.";


m1 = "You are already on that floor."; m2 = "\"Hey, come on, Darlin',\" Sweet Cheeks whines. \"I may do a lot of things, but stairs ain't one of them! When you been walking streets as long as I have, you'll use the elevator, too.\""; m3 = "The front wall of the elevator has four buttons marked \"One,\" \"Two,\" \"Three,\" and \"Four.\" What could they possibly do?"; m4 = "The door appears to be made of a heavy wood."; m5 = "It looks like something from an old, French movie. Don't you just love rococo ironwork?"; m10 = "You do not have a key for this room."; m11 = "Which floor number?"; m12 = "It is already open."; m13 = "It is already closed."; m14 = "This door closes automatically."; m15 = "%m18 second %m19 201 to 204 %m20"; m16 = "%m18 third %m19 301 to 304 %m20"; m17 = "%m18 fourth %m19 401 to 404 %m20"; m18 = "You are standing on the"; m19 = "floor of the Hotel Delphoria. Rooms"; m20 = "can be found on this floor. The door on the west wall opens to the stairway."; m21 = "An interesting manuever on your part has separated you from your suspect. Now what will you do?"; m22 = "You try, but the door is locked."; m23 = "You have no business here. Get back to the business of crime stopping."; m24 = "With your knock, the sound of heavy moaning and slapping leather fades into silence."; m25 = "After a short pause, a voice bellows from the other side of the door. \"Get out of here, you nosy PERVERT!\""; m26 = "Your knock can't penetrate the loud music coming from within."; m27 = "After you knock, you hear two people talking inside the room."; m28 = "\"Henry, someone's at the door! You didn't order another pepperoni pizza, did you?\""; m29 = "\"Just forget the door, Donna! Get over here and help me get my boots off!\""; m30 = "Either your knock is being ignored, or nobody's there."; m31 = "Your knocking brings no one to the door, but the noise coming through the door alerts your curiosity."; m32 = "After listening carefully, and trying to decipher the sound, you surmise... someone in the room is trying to launch the hotel bed into a low orbit."; m33 = "No one answers."; m34 = "It's not locked."; m35 = "You hear a hollow, ringing sound.";


m1 = "You observe a spacious, nicely-furnished, one-room apartment."; m2 = "Through the window you see the pulsating metropolis of Lytton."; m3 = "\"Hey, Sonny! Sorry if we interrupted you in the bathroom, there. Everything come out ok?\""; m4 = "\"Did you get anywhere with the bartender, Precious?\""; m5 = "\"In all my endeavors, I have found that only money makes the world go 'round.\""; m6 = "\"Maybe you should go back and try again.\""; m7 = "\"Do you have enough money to carry you through a gambling session, Big Boy?\""; m8 = "The men aren't interested in conversation. There is much tension here due to the seriousness of the operation."; m9 = "They're as ugly as a computer programmer!"; m10 = "Forget about that nail and start concentrating on nailing Bains."; m11 = "It's the kind of dresser you'd expect to find in a room like this."; m12 = "The nightstand is bolted to the floor."; m13 = "The lamp is bolted to the nightstand."; m14 = "It's hardly state-of-the-art. The first program it showed was a live broadcast of Uncle Miltie. It's got more tubes than an emergency room patient."; m15 = "The nightstand is very plain looking, with no drawers. If they didn't need something to bolt the lamp to, it probably wouldn't be here."; m16 = "The bathroom is very basic. It contains a shower, a small sink and a toilet."; m17 = "It's not something you'd want to look at for an extended period of time!"; m18 = "The curtains are of no interest."; m19 = "You feel a sense of pride when you see the city you protect."; m20 = "\"Hey, Sonny! How's it going?\" says the lead detective. \"I'm sure glad we found your room! I'd hate to have someone call the cops on us for breaking and entering!\""; m21 = "\"We're ready whenever you are, 'Whitey'!\" he concludes."; m22 = "\"Ok, Sonny, here's your voice transmitter. I've tested it thoroughly to make sure works properly.\""; m23 = "You detach the handle of your cane to expose the .22-magnum derringer. You double-check it, just to make certain it is loaded."; m24 = "\"We'll monitor your voice transmitter at all times. We're anxiously waiting to assist you in any arrests.\""; m25 = "The lamp is bolted to the nightstand, which is bolted to the floor."; m26 = "This may be a nice hotel, but they don't furnish bathroom telephones."; m27 = "There's nothing you should do here that can't be done in the light."; m28 = "It is already on."; m29 = "It is already off."; m30 = "You see a well-worn carpet."; m31 = "You've already done it."; m32 = "As much as you'd love to catch some old \"Dragnet\" reruns, you realize you must keep your mind on the case."; m33 = "If you insist. The toilet is quite a sight indeed. There isn't much doubt as to its function all these years."; m34 = "The bed looks like it's been heavily used. There is a large sag in the middle that's about the size of your boss."; m35 = "You open the drawers to the dresser and (as expected) find nothing."; m36 = "You nervously flush the toilet. Much to your relief, all goes well."; m37 = "You consider spreading out on the comfortable looking bed, but the case keeps running through your mind. You'd never be able to rest at a time like this!"; m38 = "The window is sealed shut for your protection."; m39 = "You hear a knock on the door, followed by the turn of the doorknob. Three men enter, two of them familiar."; m40 = "You utter a sigh of relief as you expel the eighteen cups of coffee that have been wreaking havoc on your bladder. You think more clearly now."; m41 = "Everything seems to be in order."; m42 = "You start to unzip your trousers, but decide this isn't a good location to initiate such an action."; m43 = "You ease down on the cool seat and meditate for a short time. Soon, everything works itself out. As you pull up your trousers, you feel noticeably lighter on your feet."; m44 = "A shower would be relaxing, but you have work to do."; m45 = "The shower is lined with brightly colored, imported tile."; m46 = "The small sink is made of porcelain."; m47 = "Detective Angland hands you the transmitter and a new supply of marked hundred-dollar bills. You carefully clip the transmitter to your pocket."; m48 = "Your backups will arrive with your voice transmitter soon."; m49 = "An abstract painting decorates the west wall."; m50 = "Why, that looks like a phone over there!"; m51 = "It's a genuine, LT&T touchtone model."; m52 = "You see lots of lint, but nothing you'd consider touching."; m53 = "\"I don't have the transmitter; Detective Angland does.\""; m54 = "\"Good luck, Sonny!\""; m55 = "\"Oh, gawd, Sonny! What will you do!?\""; m56 = "You instruct Sweet Cheeks to catch a cab and go to the police station."; m57 = "As instructed, she heads for the elevator."; m58 = "\"Take a look at this,\" says Angland. \"We just received a fax from Chicago that includes the mug shots of one Jessie Bains.\""; m59 = "Although the fax is rather fuzzy, you have the feeling that you've seen this face before."; m60 = "\"Oh, you!\" giggles Sweet Cheeks, \"that's all you ever think about!\""; m61 = "This hotel has no room service!"; m62 = "Your hands are now clean."; m63 = "You're clean enough for this job!"; m64 = "\"Oh, honey,\" says Sweet Cheeks, \"I'd be afraid to stay here all alone!\"";


m1 = "\"What'll it be?\""; m2 = "\"Ok. Coming right up.\""; m3 = "He's the kind of guy you'd expect to find working the bar in a place like this."; m4 = "The tables look ordinary, except for the wear of years of serious drinking."; m5 = "Sweet Cheeks is her normal, outgoing, bubbly self. She has dressed to the nines for her assignment, and is wearing an enticing perfume."; m6 = "Around the dimly-lit lounge, people sit at tables. Behind the bar stands the bartender."; m7 = "Constructed in the late 1800's, imported from France, this bar has had enough beverage passed across it to float the City of Lytton in alcohol."; m8 = "The walls are adorned in an attractive fashion."; m9 = "The only door is that darling, little, red, padded, vinyl number over there."; m10 = "Sweet Cheeks pretends she has just noticed you. \"Whitey, is that YOU?\" she shouts."; m11 = "\"Oh, Whitey, it's so good to see you,\" says Sweet Cheeks, playing her role to the hilt. \"It's been such a long, long time!\""; m12 = "\"Come on, Cheeks,\" you say, \"let's sit at that table over there.\""; m13 = "\"Here you are, sir,\" says the bartender. \"That'll be five dollars, please.\""; m14 = "You slip a marked hundred from your wallet and hand it to the bartender."; m15 = "\"Thank you, sir,\" he says. \"I'll be right back with your change.\""; m16 = "\"You know, Sonny,\" says Sweet Cheeks softly, \"I've seen four guys go in that door since I got here!\""; m17 = "\"Here is your change, sir.\""; m18 = "\"Well, how about it, Sweet Cheeks?\" the bartender says. \"Are you going to introduce me to your new friend?\""; m19 = "You swig the rancid fluid until you see the bottom of the glass."; m20 = "\"Woody, I'd like you to meet Jimmy Lee Banksten, but everyone I know calls him 'Whitey,'\" says Sweet Cheeks. \"Whitey's a dear, old friend that I haven't seen for over a year.\""; m21 = "The bartender asks you what you do for a living. \"I'm presently unemployed; just taking it easy, you know. Enjoying life, and looking for a good time,\" you tell him."; m22 = "\"I just finished doing a little time for embezzlement and haven't had a chance to land a job yet,\" you tell Woody. Acting surprised at your slip, you lower your voice and say, \"but I'd sure appreciate your keeping that information under your hat, ok?\" Woody assures you that you can trust him."; m23 = "Sweet Cheeks returns. Even after the drinks, and your conversation with the bartender, Woody Roberts is tight-lipped about any back room gambling."; m24 = "\"Say, Sweet Cheeks,\" you say loudly. \"How'd you like to go to Vegas with me for the weekend?\" Sweet Cheeks acts quite excited as she accepts your offer."; m25 = "Just before leaving the cocktail lounge, you ask Sweet Cheeks to remain at the table, while you try to get Woody to open up."; m26 = "You slip the bartender a twenty... and then, it happens!"; m27 = "In a suddenly soft voice, the bartender asks, \"Whitey, exactly what are you looking for in the way of a good time?\""; m28 = "\"Just about anything,\" you tell him, \"but women, gambling, and money top the list.\""; m29 = "\"Well, Whitey,\" Woody whispers, \"there IS a little card game in our back room that is available by invitation only. It's pretty serious; it'll cost ya two hundred just to get into the game.\""; m30 = "He continues, \"If you think you can handle it, come back a little later with the two hundred, and I'll see what I can do for ya.\" With your heart pounding, you offer him your thanks, and assure him you'll be right back after you finish with Sweet Cheeks."; m31 = "\"Gee! Thanks, Mac!\""; m32 = "Woody says, \"If you decide you want a drink, I'm at your service."; m33 = "\"Hey, Whitey,\" says Sweet Cheeks. \"When you've been walkin' the streets as long as I have, you don't need to climb stairs! What'cha say we take the elevator?\""; m34 = "It would benefit you to stay put for the moment."; m35 = "\"Here you go, Sir. That'll be on the house!\""; m36 = "\"So, you want to try your luck,\" says Woody. \"Come on, Whitey. Follow me.\""; m37 = "Sweet Cheeks says, \"Baby, you can go in that ol' storeroom if you want to, but I'm gonna wait out here!\""; m38 = "\"Nice to see you again, Mr. Banksten. Please, follow me.\""; m39 = "\"Just one moment, Sir.\""; m40 = "Push on it."; m41 = "OK. You do!"; m42 = "This is private property. It's locked; don't mess with it!"; m43 = "There are no empty stools at the bar."; m44 = "This is no time to fool around. Sweet Cheeks is nervously watching your every move."; m45 = "\"Excuse me, sir, but I'd rather you not sit in my lap. REALLY, dahrling! Some people!\""; m46 = "Great idea: make yourself unnoticed by sitting on the floor!"; m47 = ""; m48 = "You have to buy one first."; m49 = "It seems no one notices you."; m50 = "\"Come back later, if you want in the big game.\""; m51 = "\"Some people!!\""; m52 = "The floor is covered by a plush, red carpet."; m53 = "\"We're not interested, sir!\""; m54 = "\"Get lost!\""; m55 = "\"Can't you see this is a private conversation!\""; m56 = ""; m57 = "Remember the policeman's commandment: \"Thou Shalt Not Drink On Duty.\""; m58 = "\"So you can't pay, eh? Get lost, chump!\""; m59 = "\"Thank You!\""; m60 = "\"Thanks for nothing!\""; m61 = "\"I have no idea what you're talking about!\""; m62 = "\"Hey, buddy, this ain't no charity show!\""; m63 = "\"I told you, Whitey,\" says Woody, \"I've gotta see two hundred cash just to open the door.\""; m64 = "Woody glances left, then right. He looks you straight in the eyes and whispers, \"Come back after you ditch the broad, and I'll see what I can do.\""; m65 = "Woody says, \"Oh, that's all right, Mr. Banksten. You're good around here.\""; m66 = "\"Ok, Mr. Banksten,\" says Woody. \"Let's go.\""; m67 = "\"I'm here to push booze, Buddy. What can I getcha?\""; m68 = "\"You must not be all bad, Whitey; not when you know a cute, little number like that Sweet Cheeks!\""; m69 = "They're engrossed in their own, little worlds."; m70 = "\"Why, Sonny! What a wonderful thought; but now ain't the time, Honey!\""; m71 = "Sweet Cheeks squeals, \"Ooooh! This is so exciting, Son-- I mean, Whitey!\""; m72 = "Sweet Cheeks whispers, \"Having just a small part in this is SO thrilling!\""; m73 = "Sweet Cheeks smiles as she says, \"Gawd, this is fun!\""; m74 = "Hmm... the door is locked!"; m75 = "She then excuses herself to powder her (already heavily-powdered) nose.";


m1 = "You look down and see a gray-tiled floor."; m2 = "It is already open."; m3 = "Woody raps a staccato rhythm on the door."; m4 = "A panel in the door slides open. Woody whispers through the opening, \"I've got a new player for you.\""; m5 = "\"Go away!\" yells a voice from inside the door."; m6 = "The door is securely locked."; m7 = "\"If you'll just step aside, I'll get back to my bar.\""; m8 = "The panel opens once again. Woody explains to the mysterious person behind the door, \"I've brought a player for the big game in the back room.\""; m9 = "This time Woody says he'll escort you to the card room."; m10 = "\"Come over here,\" says Woody. \"I have to frisk you before you can get in. We don't want no trouble around here.\""; m11 = "\"Come over here, please, Whitey,\" says Woody. \"I have to frisk you again. It's just a formality, you understand, sir.\""; m12 = "Woody tells you, \"Ok, Whitey. Have a good time!\""; m13 = "This room is lit by a shaded lamp hanging from the ceiling."; m14 = "You don't need it."; m15 = "You surmise by the stacked boxes that this is a storage room."; m16 = "They appear to be boxes for shipping booze."; m17 = "The door appears to have a sliding window."; m18 = "Sure enough, the boxes are full of booze."; m19 = "You're on a wild goose chase. Further investigation here is a waste of time!"; m20 = "You try, but the window is locked from the inside.";


m1 = "You see some unfamiliar men playing cards."; m2 = "It IS open."; m3 = "This door is securely locked."; m4 = "\"I said later tonight, Banksten!\""; m5 = "There are no chairs at this table."; m6 = "\"Listen, bozo: you can have this chair when I leave!\""; m7 = "Angered at your interruption, the man says, \"Can't you see? We're busy at this table!\""; m8 = "\"If you continue to bother our game, you're outta here, Jack!\""; m9 = "\"Someone is sitting there, but he'll be right back. Take the other chair.\""; m10 = "It seems you've tried to sit on the floor before."; m11 = "This is no place to strech out on the floor."; m12 = "\"Yes, we're playing poker.\""; m13 = "\"We'll begin when our other player returns,\" says Otto."; m14 = "\"Good evening, gentlemen,\" you say to the men at the table. \"I'm %m15. May I join you?\""; m15 = "Jimmy Lee Banksten"; m16 = "\"Glad to meet you,\" you respond."; m17 = "\"Let's play poker!\""; m18 = "Solitaire is a good game to play by yourself. However, there is no action at this table."; m19 = "Find an open seat."; m20 = "Don't leave now! You might blow your cover."; m21 = "Frank says, \"Well, Mr. Banksten, it seems that poker is your kind of game.\""; m22 = "\"If you'd like to come back later tonight, we'll be playing a more private game with considerably higher stakes.\""; m23 = "\"Be sure to give Woody the password 'Frank sent you!' He'll let you in for free, and you'll gain admission to our private room.\""; m24 = "Woody knocks on the door at the back of the room."; m25 = "\"Gentlemen,\" announces Woody, \"welcome back Mr. %m15.\""; m26 = "Over each table hangs a shaded lamp."; m27 = "The carpet is worn, but clean."; m28 = "They appear to be professional card tables."; m29 = "You peek under the table and see knees, legs, ankles, and feet, but nothing unusual."; m30 = "You look under the empty table and see nothing."; m31 = "\"Luckily, you didn't speak loudly enough for anyone to hear. Otherwise, you would have blown this whole operation!\""; m32 = "No one can hear you from this distance."; m33 = "These men are too engrossed to talk to you."; m34 = "The men at the table greet you, and invite you to join them."; m35 = "\"If everything works out well,\" says Frank, \"perhaps we can talk a little business afterwards.\""; m36 = "\"Obviously, you're no gambler,\" says Frank. You're no longer welcome in this game."; m37 = "Well, Sonny. It seems you're not going to get anywhere disguised as a gambler until you learn how to gamble!"; m38 = "\"So, Mr. %m15, this game a little too intense for you?\" asks Otto. \"Come back later, if you change your mind and want to try again.\""; m39 = "Perhaps this would be a good time to take a break, Sonny."; m40 = "\"Welcome back, %m15,\" says Frank, \"I presume you're ready to resume play.\""; m41 = "\"Yes, you may, Mr. Banksten,\" says the man across the table. \"Have a seat.\""; m42 = "Otto introduces you to the newcomer, \"Frank, this is Mr. %m15. He's going to join us for a few hands. Mr. Banksten, meet Frank.\""; m43 = "\"I'm Otto, and to your left is Gene.\""; m44 = "\"Pleased to meet you, Mr. Banksten,\" says the newcomer."; m45 = "\"Shall we play?\" you ask."; m46 = "You take your position at the table.";


m1 = "Mr. Banksten"; m2 = "It's already open."; m3 = "Don't leave now!"; m4 = "\"%m1, we've got a chair open for you.\""; m5 = "\"Hello, %m1. Have a seat. Welcome to our friendly little poker game.\""; m6 = "If you sit here, you'll miss the chair and hit the floor."; m7 = "Frank welcomes you back to the game..."; m8 = "\"Hello again, %m1. I believe you know everyone here.\""; m9 = "This time, you look carefully at Frank as he shuffles the cards. Cold chills race down your spine and a blast of adrenalin surges through your body as you realize he exactly matches the description of Jessie Bains!"; m10 = "\"The Death Angel!\""; m11 = "You are "; m12 = "%m11sitting."; m13 = "%m11standing."; m14 = "\"Well, %m1,\" says Frank. \"You're a poker player after my own heart!\""; m15 = "Frank then asks, \"Whitey (if I may call you that), I understand you may be looking for work?\""; m16 = "\"Very good! I like your style.\""; m17 = "\"A simple 'yes' or 'no' would suffice, Whitey!\""; m18 = "\"How would you like to join me in my suite for a drink, Whitey?\" asks Frank. \"I've a business proposition to discuss with you.\""; m19 = ""; m20 = "\"Well, %m1? "; m21 = "\"Great! Follow me.\""; m22 = "%m20Are you interested?\""; m23 = "%m20What do ya say?\""; m24 = "%m20Let's go, shall we?\""; m25 = "Well, you blew that one!"; m26 = "Your undercover assignment has quickly ended, and now you're locked in a room with these guys!"; m27 = "Better luck next time."; m28 = "Three men are seated around a lone card table in the middle of the room."; m29 = "A single, shaded light hangs over the table."; m30 = "The floor is bare."; m31 = ", %m1!\" says Frank. \"Consider our relationship terminated.\""; m32 = "\"Hello, Mr. Banksten. Come on over and have a seat.\""; m33 = "You sneak a glance under the table, but see nothing unusual."; m34 = "If you do that now, you may not remember anything for the rest of your life."; m35 = "The game is over; greater things await you elsewhere."; m36 = "\"I have no respect for someone who plays poker as badly as you%m31"; m37 = "\"I have no respect for quiters%m31";


m1 = "Carefully, you admonish your suspect of his \"Miranda\" rights."; m2 = "\"You have the right to remain silent.\""; m3 = "\"What you say may be used against you in a court of law.\""; m4 = "\"You have the right to an attorney.\""; m5 = "\"If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be appointed to represent you before questioning, if you wish.\""; m6 = "Due to your failure to admonish your suspect to his constitutional right to remain silent, the information you just obtained will be inadmissible as evidence, and will be drop-kicked by the Honorable Judge Palmer across the Clearwater River.";


m1 = "\"That sounds like a good idea, Honey!\" says Sweet Cheeks Marie, \"but I thought we were on duty!\""; m2 = "Sweet Cheeks is, hmmmm, an intensely good-looking female-type unit. As you ogle her shapely figure, your imagination numbs your conscious mind, sending you into a lecherous dream world."; m3 = "SC %v242/%v243 "; m4 = "\"Whee!\""; m5 = "\"Isn't this fun, darlin'?\" Sweet Cheeks whispers into your ear."; m6 = "\"All I know is what I told you at Wino Willy's, Sweet Pea!\""; m7 = "\"Why, darlin', street corners ain't got phones!\""; m8 = "\"Honey, I only do mink-lined handcuffs.\""; m9 = "\"I'm with you Big Guy!\"";


m1 = "You admire the plush carpet."; m2 = "Is this an endless flight of stairs?"; m3 = "People who enjoy aerobic activity use the stairs."; m4 = "It's just a flight of stairs. Most buildings over one story tall have them."; m5 = "You know quite well you can accomplish two goals by using these stairs. You can get to the top and increase your heart rate at the same time."; m6 = "You look under the stairs and see cobwebs and dust. You think someone should discuss with the janitor about cleaning this area."; m7 = "You carefully look under the stairs and find nothing!"; m8 = "You look under the stairs and find that you have wasted your time."; m9 = "You can't! (It just looks like you could.)"; m10 = "It's an steel banister welded at the joints."; m11 = "This is heavy-duty, royal blue, short-pile, all-nylon, commercial-type carpet."; m12 = "Sonny! Are you a cop or a kid? If you're looking for a thrill ride, seek out your nearest amusement park!"; m13 = "They ARE boring, aren't they!?"; m14 = "And you thought there were no stairways in Lytton!"; m15 = "It looks like something from an old French movie. Don't you just love rococo ironwork?"; m16 = "You see ceiling."; m17 = "In a soft voice, you whisper into your \"pen,\" \"be advised, in stairwell with Bains.\"";


m1 = "Gene"; m2 = "Otto"; m3 = "Frank"; m4 = "Whitey"; m5 = "You have $%v170%v171. Pot is %v234 chips. "; m6 = ""; m7 = "All antes are in."; m8 = "\"What's your hurry,\n" "Whitey?\""; m9 = ""; m10 = ""; m11 = "One Pair"; m12 = "Two Pair"; m13 = "Three of\n" "a kind"; m14 = "Straight"; m15 = "Flush"; m16 = "Full\n" "House"; m17 = "Four of\n" "a kind"; m18 = "Straight\n" "flush"; m19 = "Royal\n" " Flush"; m20 = ""; m21 = "Wins "; m22 = "Folds "; m23 = "Shuffles"; m24 = "Deals "; m25 = " "; m26 = "%s2 calls."; m27 = "%s2 bets %v236."; m28 = "%s2 passes."; m29 = "%s2 raises %v206."; m30 = "%s2 stands."; m31 = ""; m32 = "How many $10 chips (%v207-%v152)? "; m33 = "%s2 folds."; m34 = ""; m35 = "%s2 takes %v158 cards."; m36 = "How many cards (0-3)? "; m37 = "Which card to discard (1-5)? "; m38 = "First card to discard (1-5)? "; m39 = "Second card to discard? "; m40 = "Last card to discard? ";


m1 = "You cautiously follow \"Mr. Jessie Bains\" up the flight of stairs."; m2 = "The door is already open."; m3 = "An interesting manuever on your part has separated you from your suspect. Now what will you do?";


m1 = "You cautiously follow \"Mr. Jessie Bains\" up the flight of stairs."; m2 = "An interesting manuever on your part has separated you from your suspect. Now what will you do?";


m1 = "You cautiously follow Jessie Bains up the flight of stairs."; m2 = "The door is locked."; m3 = "An interesting manuever on your part has separated you from your suspect. Now what will you do?"; m4 = "This door is labeled \"Basement.\""; m5 = "This door is labeled \"Cocktail Lounge.\""; m6 = "This door is labeled \"Second Floor.\""; m7 = "You have no key to fit this door.";


m1 = "Just then, the telephone rings in the next room."; m2 = "Bains draws his gun, and aims it directly at you! \"Hold it right there, PIG!\" he shouts. \"It seems one of our card-playing comrades recognizes your ugly mug from a minor misunderstanding he had with the heat a while back. You're about to find out just how much I hate cops!\""; m3 = "Just then, a knock on the door diverts Bains' attention!"; m4 = "You dive to the floor and struggle to remove the derringer from your cane. A loud \"CRASH\" and the door flies open. Your backups have arrived!"; m5 = "Bains is taken down in the barrage of gunfire."; m6 = "In the twinkling of an eye, the shootout is over. Sprawled unconcious on the carpet with a near-fatal belly wound, lies Jessie Bains, \"the Death Angel!\""; m7 = "You step up to the bar and peruse the selection of beverages."; m8 = "Unfortunately, you transmitted your location to your backups a few seconds too late. Bains has been stopped, but you died in the line of duty."; m9 = "\"Well, Mr. Banksten,\" says Bains, \"I have a little proposition for you that I know you'll love.\""; m10 = "\"I'm interested,\" you reply."; m11 = "\"Fix yourself a drink while I answer the phone,\" says Bains."; m12 = "You whisper a soft \"Room 404\" into your \"pen,\" to tip your backups of your location."; m13 = "You hope they have time to respond."; m14 = "You whisper a soft \"Room 404\" into your empty shirt pocket."; m15 = "Unfortunately, your failure to transmit your location has resulted in your untimely demise.";


m1 = "Don't bother. You'd just be spinning your wheels!"; m2 = "There is no answer."; m3 = "The door is locked."; m4 = "Someday you'd like to own a home in a neighborhood like this."; m5 = "This is private property. You have no business here.";


m1 = "Gene"; m2 = "Otto"; m3 = "Frank"; m4 = "Whitey"; m5 = "You have $%v170%v171. Pot is %v234 chips. "; m6 = ""; m7 = "All antes are in."; m8 = "\"What's your hurry,\n" "Whitey?\""; m9 = ""; m10 = ""; m11 = "One Pair"; m12 = "Two Pair"; m13 = "Three of\n" "a kind"; m14 = "Straight"; m15 = "Flush"; m16 = "Full\n" "House"; m17 = "Four of\n" "a kind"; m18 = "Straight\n" "flush"; m19 = "Royal\n" " Flush"; m20 = ""; m21 = "Wins "; m22 = "Folds "; m23 = "Shuffles"; m24 = "Deals "; m25 = " "; m26 = "%s2 calls."; m27 = "%s2 bets %v236."; m28 = "%s2 passes."; m29 = "%s2 raises %v206."; m30 = "%s2 stands."; m31 = ""; m32 = "How many $10 chips (%v207-%v152)? "; m33 = "%s2 folds."; m34 = ""; m35 = "%s2 takes %v158 cards."; m36 = "How many cards (0-3)? "; m37 = "Which card to discard (1-5)? "; m38 = "First card to discard (1-5)? "; m39 = "Second card to discard? "; m40 = "Last card to discard? ";


m1 = "Gene"; m2 = "Otto"; m3 = "Frank"; m4 = "Whitey"; m5 = "You have $%v170%v171. Pot is %v234 chips. "; m6 = ""; m7 = "All antes are in."; m8 = "\"What's your hurry,\n" "Whitey?\""; m9 = ""; m10 = ""; m11 = "One Pair"; m12 = "Two Pair"; m13 = "Three of\n" "a kind"; m14 = "Straight"; m15 = "Flush"; m16 = "Full\n" "House"; m17 = "Four of\n" "a kind"; m18 = "Straight\n" "flush"; m19 = "Royal\n" " Flush"; m20 = ""; m21 = "Wins "; m22 = "Folds "; m23 = "Shuffles"; m24 = "Deals "; m25 = " "; m26 = "%s2 calls."; m27 = "%s2 bets %v236."; m28 = "%s2 passes."; m29 = "%s2 raises %v206."; m30 = "%s2 stands."; m31 = ""; m32 = "How many $10 chips (%v207-%v152)? "; m33 = "%s2 folds."; m34 = ""; m35 = "%s2 takes %v158 cards."; m36 = "How many cards (0-3)? "; m37 = "Which card to discard (1-5)? "; m38 = "First card to discard (1-5)? "; m39 = "Second card to discard? "; m40 = "Last card to discard? ";


m1 = "Gene"; m2 = "Otto"; m3 = "Frank"; m4 = "Whitey"; m5 = "You have $%v170%v171. Pot is %v234 chips. "; m6 = ""; m7 = "All antes are in."; m8 = "\"What's your hurry,\n" "Whitey?\""; m9 = ""; m10 = ""; m11 = "One Pair"; m12 = "Two Pair"; m13 = "Three of\n" "a kind"; m14 = "Straight"; m15 = "Flush"; m16 = "Full\n" "House"; m17 = "Four of\n" "a kind"; m18 = "Straight\n" "flush"; m19 = "Royal\n" " Flush"; m20 = ""; m21 = "Wins "; m22 = "Folds "; m23 = "Shuffles"; m24 = "Deals "; m25 = " "; m26 = "%s2 calls."; m27 = "%s2 bets %v236."; m28 = "%s2 passes."; m29 = "%s2 raises %v206."; m30 = "%s2 stands."; m31 = ""; m32 = "How many $10 chips (%v207-%v152)? "; m33 = "%s2 folds."; m34 = ""; m35 = "%s2 takes %v158 cards."; m36 = "How many cards (0-3)? "; m37 = "Which card to discard (1-5)? "; m38 = "First card to discard (1-5)? "; m39 = "Second card to discard? "; m40 = "Last card to discard? ";


m1 = "Gene"; m2 = "Otto"; m3 = "Frank"; m4 = "Whitey"; m5 = "You have $%v170%v171. Pot is %v234 chips. "; m6 = ""; m7 = "All antes are in."; m8 = "\"What's your hurry,\n" "Whitey?\""; m9 = ""; m10 = ""; m11 = "One Pair"; m12 = "Two Pair"; m13 = "Three of\n" "a kind"; m14 = "Straight"; m15 = "Flush"; m16 = "Full\n" "House"; m17 = "Four of\n" "a kind"; m18 = "Straight\n" "flush"; m19 = "Royal\n" " Flush"; m20 = ""; m21 = "Wins "; m22 = "Folds "; m23 = "Shuffles"; m24 = "Deals "; m25 = " "; m26 = "%s2 calls."; m27 = "%s2 bets %v236."; m28 = "%s2 passes."; m29 = "%s2 raises %v206."; m30 = "%s2 stands."; m31 = ""; m32 = "How many $10 chips (%v207-%v152)? "; m33 = "%s2 folds."; m34 = ""; m35 = "%s2 takes %v158 cards."; m36 = "How many cards (0-3)? "; m37 = "Which card to discard (1-5)? "; m38 = "First card to discard (1-5)? "; m39 = "Second card to discard? "; m40 = "Last card to discard? ";


m1 = "Don't bother. You'd just be spinning your wheels!"; m2 = "There is no answer."; m3 = "The door is locked."; m4 = "Much urine, from many dogs, has taken its toll on the paint."; m5 = "You can't see it, but believe it or not, there is a light at the top of the pole."; m6 = "It's just an old, abandoned disco, left over from another Sierra game."; m7 = "This is private property. You have no business here."; m8 = "Fresno 41 miles.";


m1 = "Looking out over the ocean, you see perfect ten- to twelve-foot \"peelers\" sliding out of mirror glass, and realize this is a rotten day to be working.";


m1 = "The%s2door is open."; m2 = "The%s2door is closed."; m3 = "You arms are not that long."; m4 = "The back seat is reserved for prisoners and you have none!"; m5 = "Do you plan to crawl through the window?"; m6 = "\"Oh, no! I left my door open!\""; m7 = "You don't have the keys for this vehicle."; m8 = "The Department frowns on dumping suspects from cars at high speed. Try closing the rear door!"; m9 = "Nothing of interest is happening in that direction."; m10 = "You've already spent ten years on a foot beat. That should be enough walking for anyone!"; m11 = "Are you planning to release this criminal? This is neither the time nor place to remove your prisoner from the car."; m12 = "Taking a suspect into the station is strictly prohibited."; m13 = "Close your back door."; m14 = "You will never be a passenger in this car."; m15 = "There's nowhere to run, and nowhere to hide. You've got to face this guy."; m16 = " front "; m17 = " back "; m18 = "Just because this guy is a crook, there's no need to slam the door on his head."; m19 = "Closing the door on your suspect's head could blow the bust."; m20 = "c d"; m21 = "You notice a nightstick in a holder on the driver's door panel."; m22 = "Good move! Your wallet is on the seat."; m23 = "Why do you always get the car that needs cleaning!?"; m24 = "It's not here."; m25 = "You wouldn't want to leave your wallet here!"; m26 = "Since your suspect can't go through you, you might consider moving out of the way!"; m27 = "You won't be going anywhere without keys!"; m28 = "It's seems there's a job you've left unfinished here."; m29 = "You don't need to do that.";


m1 = "You managed to stop a reckless driver."; m2 = "You've made the stop. Now try getting closer."; m3 = "You need to be more specific."; m4 = "Seeing you don't have control of the situation, the violator drives off."; m5 = "You observe a small, red, sports car fail to stop for that red light."; m6 = "You activate your red emergency lights and observe the sports car pull to the curb and stop."; m7 = "You'd better check your \"PIG\" manual for proper stop procedures."; m8 = "You'll need the suspect's driver's license to do that."; m9 = "Enraged, the young woman shrieks as you drive off, \"Your Mama wears Army boots, you $%^&!head.\""; m10 = "You just made that broad's day, Studly!"; m11 = "The driver of the car you stopped wonders, \"Are all cops that lame?\" as she drives away."; m12 = "He slowly pulls to the right, jumps the curb, and comes to a stop."; m13 = "\"What about my car?\""; m14 = "\"Don't worry. It'll be towed somewhere safe. At your expense.\""; m15 = "Noting your persistence and driving skill, the driver of the Cadillac pulls it over after his attempts to lose you fail."; m16 = "\"If anything happens to my car I'll have my lawyer on you so fast, he'll...\""; m17 = "\"Keep it down back there, Slimeball!\""; m18 = "Jack comes on the radio..."; m19 = "\"Dispatch, this is 83-31 confirming Code-4 on felony stop, one in custody. 83-32 proceeding to jail. Request tow truck to location.\""; m20 = "Dispatch responds, \"Affirmative, 83-31. Code-4, tow truck en route.\""; m21 = "Upon your arrival at the scene of the accident, you observe a group of bystanders gawking at a green sedan that attempted to carve its own door in the side of a brick building."; m22 = "This accident looks serious! Where are you going?"; m23 = "Your first assignment, and you blew it."; m24 = "There is no reason to return to the accident scene! You have your orders, now move."; m25 = "You may as well return to patrol. That gal is mad!"; m26 = "You already have her telephone number, don't go back to make an even bigger fool of yourself!"; m27 = "No sense returning to the scene. Transport your suspect to jail!";


m1 = "\"%m6. Go ahead.\""; m2 = "You are on a difficult mission. You must save the City of Lytton from the \"Death Angel.\""; m3 = "You have no time for sightseeing now!"; m4 = "Your radio crackles, \""; m5 = "You key your radio, \""; m6 = "83-32,"; m7 = "The officers standing by at Cotton Cove request, \"Respond Code-2.\""; m8 = "%m4%m68 respond to Cotton Cove. Officers on scene need ID of 187 victim.\""; m9 = "%m4%m68, the Coroner has been dispatched.\""; m10 = "parked"; m11 = "%m19north"; m12 = "%m19northeast"; m13 = "%m19east"; m14 = "%m19southeast"; m15 = "%m19south"; m16 = "%m19southwest"; m17 = "%m19west"; m18 = "%m19northwest"; m19 = "traveling "; m20 = "%m6,"; m21 = "Parkway Drive"; m22 = "1st Street"; m23 = "2nd Street"; m24 = "3rd Street"; m25 = "4th Street"; m26 = "5th Street"; m27 = "6th Street"; m28 = "7th Street"; m29 = "8th Street"; m30 = "9th Street"; m31 = "10th Street"; m32 = "Clearwater Drive"; m33 = "Palm"; m34 = "Oak"; m35 = "Fig"; m36 = "Peach"; m37 = "Rose"; m38 = "Lilly"; m39 = "Poppy"; m40 = "River Road"; m41 = "%m5%s2 %s3 on Freeway 41.\""; m42 = "%m5%s2 %s3 under Freeway 41.\""; m43 = "%m5%s2 %s3 on %s4.\""; m44 = "%m5%s2 %s3 on %s5.\""; m45 = "%m5%s2 %s3 at intersection of %s4 and %s5.\""; m46 = "%m5%s2 %m53 traffic accident."; m47 = "%m5%s2 %m51\"OHMYMG.\""; m48 = "%m5%s2 %m52\"OHMYMG.\""; m49 = "%m4Currently registered, no wants.\""; m50 = "%m4%s2 dispatch copies 10-97.\""; m51 = "run vehicle, check on license "; m52 = "suspect license "; m53 = "at scene of"; m54 = "%m5%s2 %m51\"UL6942.\""; m55 = "%m4%s2 %m52\"UL6942.\""; m56 = "%m4Registered to 1979 Cadillac, junked in 1983.\""; m57 = "\"%s2 approach with caution.\""; m58 = "%m5%s2 %m51\"PRGRMR1.\""; m59 = "%s2 %m52\"PRGRMR1.\""; m60 = "Your radio crackles, \"83-32, repeating 10-20 of 11-83 is southwest corner of Fig and 4th.\""; m61 = "%m4%s2 personalized plate 'PRGRMR1' appears to be currently registered.\""; m62 = "%m5%s2 one%m64"; m63 = "%m5%m68 two%m64"; m64 = " in custody, en route to jail.\""; m65 = "\"%s2 request subject check on Don Colby, Charles, Ocean, Lincoln, Boy, Yellow.\""; m66 = "call"; m67 = "%m70%s2, possible hit, Paul D. Colby, DOB 12/8/61, 5'8\", 155 pounds. Served 18 months State Penitentiary '85-'87 for assault on a police officer and possession and sale of a controlled substance. Three year probation, still active.\""; m68 = "83-Nora-10,"; m69 = "Your 'Vette doesn't have a police radio."; m70 = "Dispatch responds, \""; m71 = "%m5%s2 10-20 at %s3.\""; m72 = "Hotel Delphoria"; m73 = "Carol's Caffeine Castle"; m74 = "Lytton City Park"; m75 = "Blue Room"; m76 = "LPD Headquarters"; m77 = "Cotton Cove Picnic Area"; m78 = "Lytton Municipal Court Building"; m79 = "Lytton City Jail"; m80 = "in pursuit of"; m81 = "%m5%s2%m80 attempting to overtake light blue Cadillac, suspect vehicle."; m82 = "%m5%s2%m80 attempting to overtake and stop light colored sedan, possible DUI.\""; m83 = "%m5%s2%m80 bright red sports car."; m84 = "That would be unsafe while driving!"; m85 = "%m5%s2 Dispatch, %s2 is 10-98 from the scene.\""; m86 = "\"10-19 the office, per Lieutenant Morgan.\""; m87 = "Dispatch copies your car-to-car radio traffic, \"%s2 be advised that 83-31 is off the air at Carol's.\""; m88 = "%m5%s2 Dispatch, 83-32 en route to traffic collision.\""; m89 = "You need to observe a violation first."; m90 = "Get closer to the suspect vehicle."; m91 = "%m5%s2 responding to Carol's Caffeine Castle.\"";


m1 = ""; m2 = "%m85 says, \"Sonny, I am extremely busy right now; besides, uniformed cops don't belong in Narcotics Division. Would you please hit the road and write some tickets?\""; m3 = "%m85 welcomes you to the Narcotics Division and explains the necessity of your new image."; m4 = "\"Sonny, I've decided to put you on the Hoffman case due to your involvement in the arrest. Your partner will be Detective Laura Watts.\""; m5 = "\"You can join Laura in her office now. Good luck on the case. And, welcome aboard, Sonny!\""; m6 = "\"Hello, Sonny. Please step over here to my desk.\""; m7 = ""; m8 = ""; m9 = ""; m10 = ""; m11 = ""; m12 = ""; m13 = "\"Sonny, step on over to my desk.\""; m14 = "\"I have devised a plan to infiltrate the gambling scene at the Hotel Delphoria,\" %m85 begins."; m15 = "\"Sonny, I want you to check into the Hotel under the name of Jimmy Lee Banksten,\" he continues. \"Meet Sweet Cheeks in the hotel cocktail lounge.\""; m16 = "\"Signal Sweet Cheeks that you're ready to begin the operation by ordering a drink. She'll pretend to recognize you as 'Whitey,' an old friend recently released from prison. She'll introduce you to bartender Woody Roberts, whom we believe is the contact man for the back room hustle.\""; m17 = "\"You'll be carrying a large sum of money (in marked bills, of course), and will pretend to be eager for action.\""; m18 = "%m85 concludes, \"Since Laura developed your disguise, I'll let her fill you in on its details.\""; m19 = "\"Sonny, I've picked out a white suit for you,\" Laura says, \"and, by the way, we've decided your hair must be bleached!\""; m20 = "\"You'll walk with the aid of this special cane. Its handle is really a detachable, .22-caliber magnum Derringer. When the need arises, you will carry a voice transmitter disguised as a plain-looking ballpoint pen.\""; m21 = "\"That's all I have,\" concludes Laura. \"Sweet Cheeks, do you have anything to add?\""; m22 = "In an excited voice, Sweet Cheeks says, \"Oh, Sonny, I'm so happy I get to work with you! Why, it almost brings a tear to my eye! I'm looking forward to spending tonight working with you at the Hotel Delphoria, my Precious!\" She winks at you."; m23 = ""; m24 = ""; m25 = ""; m26 = "Sergeant Dooley, his voice cracking, interrupts the meeting."; m27 = "\"It is my regretful duty to inform you that I've just received a phone call from Jack Cobb. His daughter, Kathy, just died without ever regaining conciousness.\""; m28 = "\"Effective immediately, Jack is on extended family leave. Jack's taking this really hard. His brother is staying with him and he requests no visitors. I'm sure our sympathy goes out to Jack in his time of need.\""; m29 = "Hatred wells up inside you. You vow revenge for Kathy's senseless death by tracking down the dope world animals responsible!"; m30 = "%m85 speaks softly, \"Sonny, the sooner you get into the scene at the Hotel Delphoria, the sooner we can neutralize those blood suckers.\""; m31 = "Laura adds, \"I picked up these supplies at the beauty shop. Take this bottle of bleach creme activator into the shower and bleach your hair.\""; m32 = ""; m33 = "%m85 instructs you, \"Sonny, after you bleach your hair and change clothes, report back to me. I have more instructions for you.\""; m34 = "\"It's good to see you, Sonny. Come over to my desk.\""; m35 = "\"I know you worked hard trying to keep that punk Hoffman in jail. What a shame that it was all for naught!\""; m36 = "\"It's frustrating when a man does the best job he can do, and some dummy screws it up! I wouldn't trust that tower guard to guard our water fountain!\""; m37 = "\"After reviewing the Hoffman file, I think we should take a close look at the black book that was impounded along with his Cadillac. Get it from Russ in the evidence lockup.\""; m38 = "\"Check it out, then get back to me. I have some other leads to investigate. When we next meet, I may have some new ideas.\""; m39 = "\"\""; m40 = ""; m41 = ""; m42 = "\"Come over to my desk. I have some things to discuss with you.\""; m43 = ""; m44 = "\"After you infiltrate the illegal gambling activities at the hotel, contact me. I'll send over a team of detectives to serve as your backups.\""; m45 = "\"This envelope contains a thousand dollars in marked, hundred-dollar bills.\""; m46 = "\"Use your head, Sonny, and don't forget: we want Mr. Big!\""; m47 = "Just then the office intercom squelches, \"%m85. Homicide detective Oscar Hamilton on line three.\""; m48 = "You patiently wait while %m83 grumbles on the phone."; m49 = "When the conversation ends, %m83 relates Hamilton's comments on the floater found this morning at Cotton Cove."; m50 = "\"Sonny, it seems that Hoffman/Taselli was shot execution-style before he decided to take his little swim.\""; m51 = "\"It looks like you're walking right into the dragon's lair at the Hotel Delphoria. Be careful, boy!\""; m52 = "\"Well, that's it here,\" %m83 says. \"Now, go meet Sweet Cheeks and get this campaign rolling.\""; m53 = ""; m54 = ""; m55 = ""; m56 = ""; m57 = ""; m58 = ""; m59 = ""; m60 = ""; m61 = ""; m62 = "\"Sonny, change into a more suitable garb, and Code-3 yourself back in here!\""; m63 = ""; m64 = ""; m65 = ""; m66 = ""; m67 = ""; m68 = ""; m69 = ""; m70 = ""; m71 = ""; m72 = ""; m73 = ""; m74 = ""; m75 = "\"Hello, Sonny. I hear your 'little' Sweetheart is in the can!\""; m76 = "\"Sonny, I think your friend, Sweet Cheeks, may be able to help us out.\""; m77 = "\"It seems our drug problem is emanating from the Hotel Delphoria.\""; m78 = "\"In lieu of her current state of affairs, I'd bet Sweet Cheeks would be willing to help you establish your cover at the Hotel.\""; m79 = "\"Go over to the jail, and see if she'll help you with the hotel operation.\""; m80 = "\"When you get back, I'll hold a briefing on the operation.\""; m81 = "\"I'll call the jail and arrange everything for you.\""; m82 = "\"I can't believe Judge Palmer fell for that bunk about a stolen ID.\""; m83 = "Morgan"; m84 = "Lt. %m83"; m85 = "Lieutenant %m83"; m86 = ""; m87 = "\"By the way, we learned from the fingerprint search that Hoffman is really one 'Jason Taselli' recently of Chicago.\""; m88 = "\"Sweet Cheeks,\" says %m85, \"why don't you head on over to the hotel. Sonny will follow shortly.\""; m89 = "\"Thanks for your help, Laura,\" %m83 says, \"that's all for now.\"";


m1 = "POLICE QUEST"; m2 = "Help"; m3 = " F1 displays this message."; m4 = " F2 turns the sound off and on."; m5 = " F3 retypes the last line typed."; m6 = " F4 goes in/out of car; to/from map."; m7 = " F5 saves your current game."; m8 = " F6 loads%m26"; m9 = " F7 restores a saved game."; m10 = " F8 draws%m26"; m11 = " F9 restarts the game."; m12 = "F10 fires%m26"; m13 = "TAB shows the status screen."; m14 = "ESC displays the menus."; m15 = "Ctrl-J sets up your joystick."; m16 = "Ctrl-R toggles RGB monitor modes."; m17 = " F1 or HELP displays this message."; m18 = " F6%m25normal%m29-1)."; m19 = "Ctrl-J sets up your joystick/mouse."; m20 = "For a Hint Book, call (209) 683-6858."; m21 = " F4, F6, F8, F10 vary throughout game."; m22 = "F10%m25fastest%m29-3)."; m23 = "F10 swings your PR-24."; m24 = "F10 turns the shower off and on."; m25 = " drive car "; m26 = " your weapon."; m27 = " F8%m25faster%m29-2)."; m28 = "Ctrl-D radios Dispatch."; m29 = " speed (Code"; m30 = "ESC displays the menus, as does\n" " the joystick button or\n" " the right mouse button.";


m1 = "Jessie Hiram Bains, "; m2 = "\"The Death Angel,\" "; m3 = "was brought to justice "; m4 = "and tried in the "; m5 = "Superior Court of the "; m6 = "City of Lytton on the "; m7 = "following charges: "; m8 = " "; m9 = "ILLEGAL GAMBLING"; m10 = "Hotel Delphoria bartender Woody Roberts turned State's evidence and, as a witness for the prosecution (in return for a suspended sentence and three years probation), provided convincing testimony concerning the gambling activities of Jessie Bains, Otto Lipshitz, and Gene \"the Bambino\" Bamboni."; m11 = "DRUG TRAFFICKING"; m12 = "Drug pusher Donald D. Colby turned State's evidence and, as a witness for the prosecution (in return for a suspended sentence and five years probation), provided convincing testimony concerning the Bains' narcotics distribution network."; m13 = "ATTEMPTED MURDER"; m14 = "Lytton PD Detectives Bonds, Anglin, and Smith, presented eyewitness testimony concerning the shoot-out at the Hotel Delphoria."; m15 = "FIRST DEGREE MURDER"; m16 = "Ballistic tests provided a positive match between Bains' .32-caliber automatic handgun and the weapon used to murder Jason Taselli."; m17 = "And now, the results of that trial..."; m18 = "The Honorable Judge Kim Palmer asks the foreman of the jury, \"Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, have you reached your verdict?\""; m19 = "The foreman answers, \"Yes, we have, Your Honor.\""; m20 = "Guilty as charged."; m21 = "\"Mr. Bains, please rise for sentencing. Do you have any last statement before I pronounce sentencing?\""; m22 = "Bains looks straight into your eyes. \"No, your Honor.\"\n" "\n" "Then, under his breath, he hisses across the aisle, \"Bonds, you're a dead man!\""; m23 = "Staring intently at Bains, Judge Palmer says firmly, \"Jessie Hiram Bains, you are hereby sentenced to a total of 97 years in the State Penitentiary, without possibility of parole.\""; m24 = "The courtroom erupts in spontaneous applause. You smile broadly, until you catch Bains glaring holes through your skull! You know your life is not yet free of \"the Death Angel!\""; m25 = "Three days pass.\n" "\n" "With Bains safely ensconced in the State Penitentiary at Vacaville, the City of Lytton is once again a quiet, peaceful community freed from the grasp of \"the Death Angel.\""; m28 = "Charge:"; m29 = "\"Bailiff, please read the jury's verdict to the court.\""; m30 = "\"Bailiff, please bring the jury's verdict to me.\"";


m1 = "Following a ticker tape parade down Main Street in your honor, a huge crowd has gathered on the Courthouse steps."; m2 = "Mayor Fuddrucker and Chief Whipplestick wait at the top of the steps, while you pass through the Department Honor Guard."; m3 = "\"Sonny Bonds,\" the Mayor reads, \"as Mayor, I wish to express the appreciation of the people of the City of Lytton for your service to them, and present you with this expression of our gratitude, the Key to the City!\""; m4 = "Congratulations. You've won \"Police Quest!\""; m5 = "You are a true, veteran police officer, proven in the line of duty. We hope you have enjoyed playing."; m6 = "If you liked \"Police Quest,\" be sure to play the other 3D, animated, graphic adventure games from Sierra: \"King's Quest I, II, and III;\" \"The Black Cauldron;\" \"Space Quest I and II;\" and \"Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards.\""; m7 = "You'll also enjoy our 3D \"Helicopter Simulator\" that allows you to have dogfights with your friends via modem, or just fly through many cities for fun."; m8 = "\"Oh, Sonny! My HERO!!\"";


m1 = "(209) 683-6858"; m2 = "911"; m3 = "411"; m4 = "555-4369"; m5 = "555-6537"; m6 = "555-4522"; m7 = "555-2622"; m8 = "555-7764"; m9 = "0"; m10 = ""; m11 = "(312) 555-3382"; m12 = "555-9222"; m13 = "555-6674"; m14 = "683-6858"; m15 = "555-1212"; m16 = "1555-1212"; m17 = " "; m18 = "2096836858"; m19 = "12096836858"; m20 = "1-209 683-6858"; m21 = "1 209 683-6858"; m22 = "Number to dial: "; m23 = "\"The number you have reached is disconnected or no longer in service. Please check the number and dial again.\""; m24 = "\"This is a recording.\""; m25 = "Hum! Busy%m41"; m26 = "Enter party's last name: "; m27 = "\"I'm sorry. There is no one listed by that name%m41"; m28 = "\"You have reached Directory Assistance. Thank you for using LT&T.\""; m29 = "Sierra, Inc"; m30 = "Sierra OnLine"; m31 = "Sierra"; m32 = "Hots"; m33 = "Pierson"; m34 = "Williams"; m35 = "Cobb"; m36 = "Morgan"; m37 = "\"The number is:\n" "\n" "%s8.\""; m38 = "You haven't finished your last call, yet!"; m39 = "The phone cord is not that long."; m40 = "Not now!"; m41 = "...\n" "\n" "Click!"; m42 = "\"Hello, Sierra On-Line Customer Support, Larry Weissenborne speaking. How may I help you? But hurry up, 'cause I'm leaving soon!\""; m43 = "\"You know those crazy programmers; they can't do anything right the first time!!\""; m44 = "\"Hint books are available for $7.95. Try calling this number to place your order, but next time use a REAL phone, not this game!\""; m45 = "\"King's Quest I, II and III, The Black Cauldron, Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards, and Space Quest I and II.\""; m46 = "\"Police Quest II and others are now in development!\""; m47 = "\"Thank you for calling. Goodbye%m41"; m48 = "\"Changed your mind, eh?\""; m49 = "For emergencies, dial 911. For information, dial 411."; m50 = "Hmmm. No answer%m41"; m51 = "\"Hello.\""; m52 = "\"Yes, Helen speaking.\""; m53 = "\"I don't know who you're trying to call, Sonny Bonds, but I recognize your voice! This is Helen Hacker, you pervert!\""; m54 = "\"'re in big trouble!!!\""; m55 = "\"Crime Lab, Detective Williams%m81"; m56 = "\"Hello, Sonny! What can I do for you?\""; m57 = "\"Yes, the prints on the gun matched that Hoffman/Taselli fellow.\""; m58 = "\"I heard he %s7! Bye now%m41"; m59 = "\"Cobb residence. If you are looking for Jack, he is probably drinking at the Blue Room%m41"; m60 = "\"Lieutenant Morgan%m81"; m61 = "\"Cops don't call 911!\""; m62 = "The phone is not ringing."; m63 = "escaped!"; m64 = "got released."; m65 = "Taber"; m66 = "\"Chicago PD, Detective Taber speaking. How may I help you?\""; m67 = "Detective Taber says, \"Oh, yes, we know your man, Jason Taselli, alias Hoffman, alias Pierson.\""; m68 = "\"He is linked to a big time card shark and drug runner named Jessie Bains.\""; m69 = "\"Both have dropped from sight in our area.\""; m70 = "\"Good Luck!%m41"; m71 = "\"Boy, it's amazing how these guns get around.\""; m72 = "\"That weapon was reported stolen by a local nightclub owner.\""; m73 = "\"I guess it's your problem now!\""; m74 = "\"I'll send you a mug shot of this guy Bains.\""; m75 = "The telephone in this room is a kinky gold."; m76 = "Lytton Cab"; m78 = "\"Lytton Cab Co. Where's the pickup?\""; m79 = "\"Ok. We have a car on the way. Thank you%m41"; m80 = "\"Call back when you find out where you are%m41"; m81 = ". Who's speaking, please?\""; m82 = "\"Hello, Mr. Banksten.\""; m83 = "\"Why don't you send Sweet Cheeks Marie back to the station by cab?\""; m84 = "\"Try to get behind the scenes in the Hotel.\""; m85 = "\"Your backup personnel will be arriving later this evening.\""; m86 = "\"Good luck%m41"; m87 = "Oh, my gawd! It's Police Commissioner Hacker's wife!"; m88 = "...and you are knee-deep in whale do-do!!"; m89 = "1-(209) 683-6858"; m90 = "1 (209) 683-6858"; m91 = ""; m92 = ""; m93 = "cab"; m94 = "cab company"; m95 = "taxi"; m96 = "taxicab"; m97 = ""; m98 = ""; m99 = ""; m100 = ""; m101 = "3125553382"; m102 = "312 5553382"; m103 = "312 555-3382"; m104 = "13125553382"; m105 = "1 3125553382"; m106 = "1 312 5553382"; m107 = "1 312 555-3382"; m108 = "1(312)555-3382"; m109 = "1 (312) 555-3382"; m110 = "1-312 555-3382"; m111 = "1-312-555-3382"; m112 = "There is no number on this telephone."; m113 = "\"Cobb residence.\""; m114 = "You offer your condolences to the Cobb family."; m115 = "\"Thank you so much, Sonny.\"";


m1 = "Fred Justinfletch"; m2 = "ARREST SUMMARY"; m3 = "1 Observed w/o front"; m4 = " license plate"; m5 = "2 Rear plate near"; m6 = " match w/suspicious"; m7 = " 187vc vehicle"; m8 = "3 Suspect attempted"; m9 = " to evade arrest"; m10 = "4 Initiated pursuit"; m11 = "5 Felony stop"; m12 = "6 Suspect in custody"; m13 = "7 Narcotics seized"; m14 = "8 Stolen vehicle"; m15 = " recovered"; m16 = "9 Veh. turned over to"; m17 = " narcotics division"; m18 = "eight mules!"; m19 = "Marvin Hoffman"; m20 = "PHYSICAL"; m21 = "LAST KNOWN ADDRESS"; m22 = "31 W 104th St"; m23 = "Chicago, IL"; m24 = "DOB 3/1/49"; m25 = "Caucasian"; m26 = "5'11 195' black/brown"; m27 = "IDENTIFYING MARKS,"; m28 = "SCARS, TATTOOS, ETC"; m29 = "petty theft"; m30 = "Tattoo small flower"; m31 = "above left nipple"; m32 = "TIME OF ARREST 15:45"; m33 = "DATE OF ARREST 9/7/83"; m34 = "CHARGES"; m35 = "Suspicion of murder,"; m36 = "auto theft,"; m37 = "narcotics possession,"; m38 = "evading arrest,"; m39 = "concealed weapon"; m40 = "reckless driving"; m41 = "BAIL $500,000.00"; m42 = "License #A472457, in"; m43 = "Expired ILL. driver's"; m44 = "name of \"M. Hoffman\""; m45 = "License #C84776356,"; m46 = "name of \"L. Pierson\""; m47 = "EVIDENCE FORM"; m48 = "5 lbs. marijuana,"; m49 = "est. value, $4,000.00"; m50 = "1 lb. cocaine, est."; m51 = "value, $250,000.00"; m52 = "1 S&W .45 automatic"; m53 = "handgun SN SW9764912"; m54 = "1 black notebook"; m55 = "VEHICLE INFORMATION"; m56 = "'83 Cadillac deVille,"; m57 = "blue (orig. blue)"; m58 = "Stolen from"; m59 = "Lytton, CA"; m60 = "LICENSE #LOP1238"; m61 = "VIN C03456218"; m62 = "Registered to:"; m63 = "Malcolm Washington"; m64 = "234 W Center St"; m65 = "Lytton, CA"; m66 = "Temporary CA driver's"; m67 = "\"Freddie the Freak\""; m68 = "Negro"; m69 = "ALIAS"; m70 = "NAME"; m71 = "5'3 219' black/green"; m72 = "WANTS"; m73 = "purse snatching"; m74 = "assault and battery"; m75 = "METHOD OF OPERATION"; m76 = "grabs victim, bites"; m77 = "neck, snatches"; m78 = "purse, runs away"; m79 = "James Jenkins"; m80 = "\"Jimmy the Junky\""; m81 = "Department."; m82 = "6'4 160' black/brown"; m83 = "Illegal flight to"; m84 = "avoid prosecution on"; m85 = "narcotic violations."; m86 = "Last seen heading"; m87 = "south like an out-of-"; m88 = "control rocket."; m89 = "Francis Malone"; m90 = "4'9 160' black/blue"; m91 = "Warrant #Q372"; m92 = "\"Short Fat Fanny\""; m93 = "steals anything she"; m94 = "can fit on her body"; m95 = "narcotics violations"; m96 = "Winford W. Watson"; m97 = "\"Winnie the Weasel\""; m98 = "5'8 180' bald/brown"; m99 = "numerous tattoos"; m100 = "narcotics, weapons,"; m101 = "and armed robbery"; m102 = "violations"; m103 = "LOCATION OF SUBJECT"; m104 = "has been seen with a"; m105 = "UPDATE"; m106 = "Last seen by several"; m107 = "witnesses early Wed."; m108 = "morning. Statements"; m109 = "indicate Freddie"; m110 = "Justinfletch was at"; m111 = "intersection of"; m112 = "Center and 3rd Sts"; m113 = "directing traffic"; m114 = "while totally nude."; m115 = "When officers arrived"; m116 = "\"the Freak\" could"; m117 = "not be found."; m118 = "Jenkins also wanted"; m119 = "for questioning in"; m120 = "several West Side"; m121 = "daylight burglaries."; m122 = "ADDITIONAL"; m123 = "If arrested, notify"; m124 = "Officer James Lucas,"; m125 = "Lytton Probation"; m126 = "UNUSUAL TRAITS"; m127 = "Halitosis to the"; m128 = "magnitude equal to"; m129 = "the breath of"; m130 = "APPROACH WITH CAUTION"; m131 = "will not hesitate to"; m132 = "knock you down and"; m133 = "spit in your eyes"; m134 = "while she breaths"; m135 = "heavily into your"; m136 = "your face, thereby"; m137 = "junkie hooker known"; m138 = "as \"Big Bonnie\""; m139 = "NOTE"; m140 = "has large red & blue"; m141 = "tattoo of sinking"; m142 = "ship on top of head"; m143 = "nauseating you to"; m144 = "the point of"; m145 = "unconsciousness."; m146 = "Marvin Hoffman"; m147 = "Male 6'0 194#"; m148 = "HAIR Black"; m149 = "EYES Blue"; m150 = "DOB 6/2/56"; m151 = "31 W 104th St"; m152 = "Chicago, IL"; m153 = "RESTRICTIONS"; m154 = "None."; m155 = "Leroy Pierson"; m156 = "Male 5'11 197#"; m157 = "HAIR Black"; m158 = "EYES Blue"; m159 = "DOB 4/28/55"; m160 = "1134 Beach St"; m161 = "Newport, CA"; m162 = ""; m163 = ""; m164 = ""; m165 = ""; m166 = ""; m167 = ""; m168 = ""; m169 = ""; m170 = "You may also use the cursor keys to turn the pages."; m171 = "Which file?"; m172 = "You can only read one file at a time."; m173 = "You're not looking at a folder."; m174 = "The file drawer contains five folders, each labeled with the name of the case."; m175 = "You remove the Hoffman file from the drawer."; m176 = "Good thinking; maybe this will be of use."; m177 = "You return the folder to the file drawer."; m178 = "You ARE looking at a file!";


m1 = "_"; m2 = "<"; m3 = "COMPUTER DOWN."; m4 = "No record for input."; m5 = "45 caliber,"; m6 = "automatic handgun"; m7 = "serial #SW9764912"; m8 = "reported stolen."; m9 = "Chicago, 12/4/86"; m10 = "Contact Det. Taber at"; m11 = "CPD, 1 (312) 555-3382"; m12 = "555-6537,"; m13 = "unlisted number"; m14 = "Leroy Pierson"; m15 = "1037 Grove St."; m16 = "Apt #334,"; m17 = ""; m18 = "Lytton, CA"; m19 = "Delphoria Hotel"; m20 = "Jason Taselli"; m21 = "FED Warrant: 123-1985"; m22 = "Alias: Marvin Hoffman"; m23 = "5'11\", 195', blk/brn"; m24 = "Tattoo of flower"; m25 = "above left nipple."; m26 = "1985 Motorcycle 750"; m27 = "Color: cherry red"; m28 = "Stolen: %m18"; m29 = "License: M65789"; m30 = "VIN: M09876543"; m31 = "459PC Burglary"; m32 = ".22-cal. lever-action"; m33 = "Ramington rifle"; m34 = "oak stock, gold trig."; m35 = "Serial #R12345678"; m36 = "Still outstanding:"; m37 = "Contact Lytton PD"; m38 = "Record not on file."; m39 = "Victim:"; m40 = "Fancy Pants Lingerie"; m41 = "57 pair silk skivvies"; m42 = "Blue, size 46-50,"; m43 = "Zippered crotch"; m44 = "Suspect:"; m45 = "Short Fat Fanny"; m46 = "2400 lbs Dog Feed"; m47 = "Fat Fred's Feed Farm"; m48 = "9 Large-mouth Belly"; m49 = "Bustin' Stink Baits"; m50 = "\"Chink's Cast N"; m51 = "Catchit\" Bait Store"; m52 = "Missing dog:"; m53 = "Name of Big Dog"; m54 = "AKA \"The Consumer\""; m55 = "3', 115 lbs, blk/wht"; m56 = "Approach with caution"; m57 = "is very affectionate"; m58 = "with uniformed police"; m59 = "officers."; m60 = "8 diamond wedding"; m61 = "rings."; m62 = "Jessie the Jeweler"; m63 = "Marvin Hoffman"; m64 = "Ill. DDL #A472457"; m65 = "2231 W 104th St"; m66 = "Chicago, Illinois"; m67 = "5'11\",195lbs,blk/brn"; m68 = "DOB: 3/1/39"; m69 = "1983 Cadillac deVille"; m70 = "Color: black"; m71 = "Stolen, %m18"; m72 = ""; m73 = "License: LOP1238"; m74 = "VIN: C03456218"; m75 = "Registered owner:"; m76 = "Malcolm Washington"; m77 = "234 W Center St"; m78 = ""; m79 = "Biologic intercourse."; m80 = "Anal release of an"; m81 = "elastic fluid."; m82 = "Solid waste matter"; m83 = "from the bowels."; m84 = "A yellowish fluid"; m85 = "secreted by the"; m86 = "kidneys, passed"; m87 = "through ureters to"; m88 = "bladder, from which"; m89 = "it is discharged"; m90 = "through the urethra."; m91 = "Any port in a storm!"; m92 = "Found on a male."; m93 = "Freddie Justinfletch"; m94 = "Alias:"; m95 = "Freddie the Freak"; m96 = "Physical:"; m97 = "5'3\",219lbs,bald/grn"; m98 = "Wanted for:"; m99 = "purse snatching"; m100 = "assault and battery"; m101 = "narcotics violations"; m102 = "James Jenkins"; m103 = "Jimmy \"the Junky\""; m104 = ""; m105 = "6'4\",160lbs,blk/brn"; m106 = "Francis Malone"; m107 = "Short Fat Fanny"; m108 = "4'9\",160lbs,blk/blu"; m109 = "WAR: Q72, petty theft"; m110 = "Winiford Watson"; m111 = "Winnie the Weasel"; m112 = "5'8\",180lbs,bald/brn"; m113 = "Numerous tattoos."; m114 = "Narcotics, weapons,"; m115 = "and armed robbery"; m116 = "violations."; m117 = "555-6537"; m118 = "555-4369"; m119 = "unlisted telephone"; m120 = "number of: Police"; m121 = "Commissioner Hacker"; m122 = "Enter search string:"; m123 = "Lytton Police Dept."; m124 = "On-Line Database"; m125 = "Good morning!"; m126 = "Didn't match %s1."; m127 = "Former programmer;"; m128 = "author of that cult"; m129 = "classic, \"Bop-A-Bet!\""; m130 = "Computer renaissance"; m131 = "man: artist, program-"; m132 = "mer, guitarist."; m133 = "Nice ol' family man;"; m134 = "former CHiP (not as"; m135 = "in cow)."; m136 = "Like a civil servant:"; m137 = "we can't fire him and"; m138 = "can't get him to work"; m139 = "15-year veteran, LPD"; m140 = "Helen Hots"; m141 = "202 Gyrate Ct,"; m142 = "License: OHMYMG"; m143 = "On-Line Help is no"; m144 = "longer available."; m145 = "ohmymg"; m146 = "dir"; m147 = "BDOS err on a:"; m148 = "convicted drug pusher"; m149 = "al lowe"; m150 = "greg rowland"; m151 = "jim walls"; m152 = "ken williams"; m153 = "Wanted for murder,"; m154 = "drug involvement,"; m155 = "prostitution."; m156 = "Last seen area of"; m157 = "Chicago, Ill."; m158 = "prgrmr1"; m159 = "Art Serabian,"; m160 = "No wants."; m161 = "m65789"; m162 = "m09876543"; m163 = "r12345678"; m164 = "sw9764912"; m165 = "lop1238"; m166 = "c03456218"; m167 = "ul6942"; m168 = "License: UL6942"; m169 = "Issued to:"; m170 = "1979 Cadillac,"; m171 = "junked in 1983."; m172 = "VIN: C0864213579"; m173 = "C0864213579"; m174 = "hots";


m1 = "3:00 lunch Robert G."; m2 = "$2,000.00 col. R.G. "; m3 = "set up H.D. gambling"; m4 = "blackjack X "; m5 = "initiate plan for "; m6 = " dealer R.O. X "; m7 = "meet J.M. & L.W. X "; m8 = "Cindy $100.00 X "; m9 = "Ammo X "; m10 = "meet N/W boss "; m11 = "discipline pimp 1 "; m12 = "discipline pimp 2 "; m13 = "terminate L.W. X "; m14 = "terminate J.M. X "; m15 = " Sunday "; m16 = "poker with J.B. X "; m17 = "evaluation of drug "; m18 = " saturation plan X "; m19 = "cash profit total "; m20 = "phone East Coast "; m21 = "meet Gutless Wonder "; m22 = "initiate Plan 3 "; m23 = "You leave the suspect's black book undisturbed, to be impounded with the car."; m24 = "You may also use the cursor keys to turn the pages."; m25 = "After browsing through the suspect's personal address book, you return it to evidence.";


m1 = "It's a Smith and Weston .45-caliber, automatic handgun."; m2 = "The serial number on the gun is SW9764912."; m3 = "You place the gun back in the car to be impounded by Officer Jack Cobb along with the car."; m4 = "Your partner will take care of the details back at HQ."; m5 = "When you're finished looking at the gun, return it to the glove compartment. %m4"; m6 = "After careful examination of the weapon, you return it to evidence."; m7 = "\"Hey, Jack,\" you shout, \"book this gun!!\""; m8 = "The evidence label bears a box marked \"Fingerprints,\" with the initials of Det. Frank Williams, of the Lytton PD Crime Lab.";


m1 = " THE LYTTON TRIBUNE "; m2 = " DOPE IN THE CITY \\| PRESIDENT HICKLE"; m3 = "The city of Lytton,\\|"; m4 = "once a beautiful, \\|"; m5 = "peaceful, quiet \\|"; m6 = "city with few major\\|"; m7 = "crime problems, is \\|"; m8 = "now experiencing \\|"; m9 = "rapid growth and \\|Smugsville, U.S.A."; m10 = "prosperity. But, \\|President Hickle"; m11 = "along with growth \\|was in Smugsville"; m12 = "has come an alarm- \\|yesterday evening,"; m13 = "ing increase in the\\|observing the"; m14 = "crime rate that is \\|annual migration"; m15 = " see Dope, pg 2\\| see Birds, pg 2"; m16 = " Birds, from pg 1\\| Dope, from pg 1"; m17 = "of the red-bellied \\|threatening the"; m18 = "swamp coddlers. \\|peace of Lytton."; m19 = "The President, who \\|Police Sgt. John"; m20 = "has been a bird \\|Dooley states that"; m21 = "lover since child- \\|dangerous drugs"; m22 = "hood, rates the \\|are showing up on"; m23 = "mating dance of the\\|the streets and in"; m24 = "coddler as being \\|our schools."; m25 = "\"as spectacular as \\|The homicide rate"; m26 = "the golden-crowned \\|and prostitution"; m27 = "scum sucker.\" The \\|are at a level the"; m28 = "President candidly \\|city has never"; m29 = "admitted that he \\|seen. The Tribune"; m30 = "once skipped the \\|has learned from a"; m31 = " see Birds, pg 3\\| see Dope, pg 3"; m32 = " Birds, from pg 2\\| Dope, from pg 2"; m33 = "Geneva Arms Conven-\\|reliable source"; m34 = "tion to watch some \\|that a big-time"; m35 = "old coddlers mate. \\|drug dealer with a"; m36 = "The President says \\|street name of"; m37 = "a bill is presently\\|\"Death Angel\" may"; m38 = "before the Senate \\|be responsible for"; m39 = "proclaiming Nat- \\|the drug traffic."; m40 = "ional Coddler Day! \\|"; m41 = " \\| LPD OFFICER OF"; m42 = " ESCAPED \\| THE YEAR NOMINEES"; m43 = "Lytton City Jail \\|Lytton PD Chief"; m44 = "reported the escape\\|Whipplestick has"; m45 = "of a female prison \\|nominated Sonny"; m46 = "inmate last night. \\|Bonds and Joe"; m47 = " see Escaped, pg 4\\| see Nominee, pg 4"; m48 = " Escaped, from pg 3\\|Nominee, from pg 3"; m49 = "Floreen \"Flustered \\|"; m50 = "Flora\" Paxton flew \\|"; m51 = "the coop by hiding \\|"; m52 = "beneath a pile of \\|"; m53 = "soiled prison \\|"; m54 = "laundry in a hand- \\|"; m55 = "pushed basket. \\|"; m56 = " \\|"; m57 = "KINGDOM OF DAVENTRY\\|Bonds and Walters"; m58 = "is now under siege \\|"; m59 = "by a renegade, 3- \\|Walters for LPD"; m60 = "headed dragon. One \\|\"Officer of the"; m61 = "unidentified gnome \\|Year Award\" due to"; m62 = "stated the kingdom \\|outstanding effort"; m63 = "is in a \"state of \\|and commitment in"; m64 = "emergency.\" \\|crime prevention."; m65 = "You may also use the cursor keys to turn the pages."; m66 = "Since your shift is beginning, you discard the newspaper."; m67 = "You ARE reading the paper.";


m1 = "This is not a good place to exit your vehicle."; m2 = "%m1 There is nothing of interest here."; m3 = "There is no reason to stop at this location."; m4 = "Ok. Now, find a good place to stop."; m5 = "Laura says, \"Sonny, if you blow this stakeout you'll be '86ed from Narcotics, real quick-like. Now, move it to the park!\""; m6 = "Laura reminds you, \"Sonny! Are we going on a tour? Get these pushers to jail!"; m7 = "Hello. Welcome to Lytton."; m8 = "Disobeying Sgt. Dooley is not a good idea. Better get back on patrol."; m9 = "Take your prisoner to jail!"; m10 = "Are you planning to buy this crook lunch? %m9"; m11 = "The Department Picnic is next month. %m9"; m12 = "%m24Blue Room! %m9"; m13 = "%m24station! %m9"; m14 = "Taking lawbreakers directly to court is highly efficient, but our justice system doesn't funtion that way!"; m15 = "Now, that's an idea. Give the culprit the ol' anchor test in the river. Nah, you'd better not."; m16 = "Laura says, \"Sonny, I have reports to finish. Head for the office.\""; m17 = "You have driven out of your jurisdiction. Time to whip a \"U\" and head back to town!"; m18 = "It is a lovely day for a drive, but this is no vacation!"; m19 = "You must stay in Lytton to defend its inhabitants from crime."; m20 = "Nice job, crash! That's one way to get a vacation!"; m21 = "You're driving a car, not \"Helicopter Simulator!\""; m22 = "It's back to driving school for you, Sonny!"; m23 = "You may only ignore intersection controls when operating a patrol car in Code-3 status, and even then only using due caution."; m24 = "Criminals are not welcome in the "; m29 = "Map "; m30 = "%m29A1"; m31 = "%m29A2"; m32 = "%m29A3"; m33 = "%m29A4"; m34 = "%m29B1"; m35 = "%m29B2"; m36 = "%m29B3"; m37 = "%m29B4"; m38 = "%m29C1"; m39 = "%m29C2"; m40 = "%m29C3"; m41 = "%m29C4"; m42 = "%m29D1"; m43 = "%m29D2"; m44 = "%m29D3"; m45 = "%m29D4"; m46 = "You are in front of "; m47 = ", but you need to find the parking area."; m48 = "%m46the Hotel Delphoria%m47"; m49 = "%m46Carol's Caffiene Castle%m47"; m50 = "%m46Lytton City Park%m47"; m51 = "%m46the Blue Room%m47"; m52 = "%m46the Lytton Police Department%m47"; m53 = "%m46the Lytton Court house%m47"; m54 = "%m46the Lytton City Jail%m47"; m55 = "%m46Cotton Cove%m47";


m1 = "You observe an erratically-driven vehicle and feel the driver may have had one too many."; m2 = "Dispatch relays, \"83-32, be advised. Possible stolen vehicle reported in your vicinity.\""; m3 = "\"Vehicle is light blue, late-model Cadillac, last seen near Jefferson High. Possible drug involvement.\""; m4 = "\"Approach with caution. 10-4.\""; m5 = "Did you see that red sports car run that red light?!"; m6 = "%m10Respond to 11-83, SW corner of Fig and 4th.\""; m7 = "Steve radios, \"83-32, this is 83-31. Time for 11-98 at Caffeine Castle!\""; m8 = "You cruise your beat, just aching to write a ticket."; m9 = "%m10Respond to a complaint at Carol's Caffeine Castle.\""; m10 = "Dispatch squawks, \"83-32. 83-32. ";

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