SWAT: Global Strike Team is a tactical first person shooter video game developed by Argonaut Games and published by Argonaut Games and Sierra Entertainment for the Xbox and the PlayStation 2. It was released on October 29 in North America and December 5, 2003 in Europe. While the game retains some of the key tenants of the SWAT franchise, such as it's use of police procedure, Global Strike Team features faster paced, action oriented gameplay as a means of appealing to a wider audience.

SWAT: Global Strike Team is set in a futuristic 2008, where an international SWAT team called the Global Strike Team is deployed to neutralize terrorists and criminals the world over. Over the course of the game's single player campaign, players control a three person squad of SWAT officers consisting of Kincaid, the team commander and main player character; Jackson, a non-playable computer technician and bomb disposal expert; and Lee, a master sniper players control on several occasions. Players can utilize a few different weapons with a number of unlockable upgrades, as well as tactical aids intended to give the player an advantage or encourage suspects to surrender. Like the other games in the SWAT series, players are penalized for shooting hostages or suspects who do not present a threat, and instead places an emphasis on safely arresting hostiles and only using lethal force when needed.

In addition to the single player campaign, SWAT: Global Strike Team also features split screen multiplayer gameplay for two or four players. This includes a cooperative campaign, and several competitive deathmatch modes.

Campaign missionsEdit

Co-op missions Edit

  • TLD Takedown
  • Hospital Code 3
  • The Paris Connection
  • Hillside Precinct Wipeout
  • Perdition City Blues
  • When the Music's Over
  • Deadly Meat
  • Officer Down!
  • Zemlya Dawn
  • Zemlyan Siege